Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to Sprint in Late July?

The Samsung Galaxy S II is an extremely popular device already and it figures to become even more popular when it arrives in the United States. The only problem is, we still have no idea when that is going to be. Well, that is until today when it became apparent that Sprint’s version of the device – likely to be called the Samsung Within – might be hitting shelves during the latter half of July.

Samsung Galaxy S II

It has become clear that Samsung is going to be releasing several variants of the device here in the U.S. with Sprint’s device being the Within, AT&T’s the Attain and Verizon’s the Function. It’s not clear what T-Mobile’s device is going to be called.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact date pinned for the release on Sprint or any exact pricing although it appears that it might cost $350 before an MIR.

The Samsung Within will join two other exciting devices set for launch on Sprint this summer, a list that includes the already announced HTC EVO 3D which may launch on June 24th as well as the rumored Motorola Photon 4G which may or may not be introduced on June 9th.

Anyone holding out for Sprint’s Galaxy S II?

Via: AndroidSPIN


  1. i dont know about this phone but i am still going to hold off and wait when windows phone 7 nokia will have new device in Sept. I love windows phone 7 due to it’s being a great personal and business phone. Android or iphone are not business phones and is why it just an entertainment phone. boring….

  2. “Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact date pinned for the release on
    Sprint or any exact pricing although it appears that it might cost $350
    before an MIR.”

    I hate when you folks post an article as if you are the only one going to read it – WTF does MIR mean and would it have taken you that much longer to type out the acronym? Jeesh!

    • mail in rebate.  pretty common acronym and not hard to figure out given the context. in the time it took you to post an angry comment you could have just looked it up.

      • If you had any literary experience or training you would know it is proper to assume your readers just flew in from Mars and know nothing about the message you are trying to convey. As such an acronym should be defined in parenthesis and thereafter in that same article used just as an acronym.

        Regardless you are an idiot – I posted that over a week ago. Instead of posting a comment about the article you showed up just to reply to my comment? And I checked – apparently this is the only comment you ever made and you probably came back and clicked your own Like button! Hilarious!

  3. NM – went to another Web site and found out it probably means Mail In Rebate. What a fail and won’t be coming back here for anymore news.

  4. I’m especially waiting for the Samsung Within. along with the new Nexus and the iPhone 5, will be the superphones of the yr.

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