iOS 5 Preview Video Delivers Magical iPad Experience

Steve Jobs is prepared to announce iOS 5 at WWDC in a few hours, but we had to share this iOS 5 preview video we just found. Unlike other early videos, this iOS 5 video delivers a truly magical experience that has to be seen to be believed.

While we don’t get a look at iCloud, a new iPhone or many of the intriguing WWDC rumors; we do get to see some revolutionary new technology.

OK, so that wasn’t a real look at iOS 5, but until Steve Jobs takes the stage we won’t know what iOS 5 and the rest of the new Apple innovations have to offer. Until then, check out our potential Steve Jobs replacements and a look at 5 reasons Apple won’t introduce the iPhone 5 at WWDC. If you’re an optimist, perhaps you’ll enjoy the counterpoint which lists 5 reasons Apple will announce a new iPhone at WWDC 2011.

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