“Mac is kicking ass!” – OS X Install Base Now Over 54 Million

At WWDC 2011 Phil Schiller took the stage after a brief into by Steve Jobs to announce the huge numbers of OS X users.

Schiller said:

We now have over 54 million Mac users around the world and growing.

Mac Install Base
Mac install Base is now at 54 Million Users

That is a big uptick since 2006 which saw an install base just over 20 million users according to the chart shown. Last fall they bragged that 20 percent of all new notebooks was a Mac.

Schiller didn’t stop there saying that year-over-year growth shows that while Apple’s user base is growing significantly, the PC install base has actually shrunk, down 1% while the Mac has grown by 28%. Three quarters of all Mac sales are notebooks.


Notebook v. Desktop Numbers

In jubilant form he said what is obvious by these numbers. “Mac is kicking ass!”

Developing story. For more Apple news from WWDC including iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion, follow our Apple News.

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  1. MAC is kicking ASS!!!! Wow, so good to hear! 54 million users for OS X. Leopard? Tiger? Or maybe Panther? Or is it a mouse pretending to be a tiger? 54 million against 350 million Windows 7 install base – in just 18 months after windows 7 release? I guess, windows 7 ass got SUPER-KICKED!@#%^& Poor microsoft and windows basking in the glory of the Apple Macs. C’mon people lets all “get-a-mac” and help apple’s bottom-line. Perhaps we all should email all of apple’s “get-a-mac” ads to all windows users errr…. losers, so we all could be cool, sipping coffee at starbucks and proudly showing off our apple logos. Maybe we could now get “lauren” to buy a mac, because she was previously “not cool enough” to be a mac. Let all of us spend our hard-earned money, if there are any left, during this economic depression, and blow it on a mac-book-pro at $1199, instead on lowly DELLs, HPs, ACERs, ASUSs. Let us be a part of the ALL-COOL 54 million users errr…. winners……YEAH……LETS GO……GO APPLE GO……. 

  2. 54 million Macs sold since when? Since the company started in the 1980’s? They need to put that number in perspective, give us a timeframe. Apple has been around for over 25 years, and all this time they only sold 54 million Macs worldwide? Video game consoles sell more than that! If we’re talking about lifetime numbers, then that’s absolutely terrible.

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