Samsung Droid Charge Update Now Available

Yesterday, it became apparent that an update for the Samsung Droid Charge was going to be rolling out in the near future and guess what? Today, Samsung confirmed that the update for the 4G LTE smartphone has arrived.

Samsung Droid Charge

The update is a pretty substantial one and will bring a bunch of improvements among them better connectivity with Verizon’s 3G and 4G LTE network as well improvements to GPS. Here, again – in case you missed it – is a full list of what is included in the EE4 update:

Call Features
+ Improved battery life when placing a voice call.
+ Easily return calls within the call log entry by pressing the phone icon.
+ Outgoing calls from the Visual Voice Mail application will be placed properly.
+ Pressing and holding the ‘1’ key will automatically route the user to the Voice Mail service (*86).
+ Audio has been adjusted to avoid ‘No Audio’ or ‘Screeching Sounds’.

Web Browsing and Data Access
+ Accurately detect and connect to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE or 3G network.
+ Enhanced browser performance.


Email and Messaging
+ A new Email folder structure has been implemented. When a subfolder exists under a current Email folder, an arrow will appear to the right of the folder icon. When a user touches the arrow, the folder system will expand to show all subfolders available for selection.
+ When an Exchange password has been modified, the device will direct the user to the password screen to adjust the saved password accordingly.
+ Improvements in the Email and Calendar sync.

Additional Device Features
+ Restoration of Mobile Hotspot capability.
+ When in USB Mass Storage mode (UMS), the device will be recognized immediately when plugged into a PC.
+ Device recognizes ringtones purchased from the Verizon Wireless website.
+ Improvements in GPS performance.

You should be able to pull the update manually if you head into the settings on your phone. Let us know how the update works out. Hopefully, it doesn’t make the phone start rebooting randomly.


  1. I just updated my droid charge. I like the improvements already. So far so good! And finally the mobile hot spot is working again :)

  2. Updated…while Internet may be faster completely disabled my SD card even after taking it out and putting it back in…hmmm

  3. Got mine. Seems faster and better battery life. Getting data connections where there was none before. Pleased with the battery life. Used to be horrible.

  4. I got mine..when trying to check my bank account and a couple other websites..its telling me there are data connectivity issues. I am able to go to other sites though.i am also getting force closes now whereas i wasn’t before. Not to thrilled with the update…any ideas on why im ohaving issues?

  5. got my update this morning @ 8:56 but its after the phone restarted itself it stayed at the boot cycle page and it has been lik dat for 5hr…NOT HAPPY AT ALL….can somebody tell me wat the problem mit be???

  6. I have the new update and have noticed that my Y! Mail account seems to be syncing or loading a lot longer now then before the update.  Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not.

  7. I did my update a couple days ago. Since I’ve had issues with my contact icons not syncing with my facebook. Also, when I go to my text messages my contact icon also is not showing up. I didn’t have an issue with these before. Please help

  8. The wallpaper doesn’t scroll anymore…which is good. There’s more bloatware. My phone is randomly rebooting…it didn’t do it before. Not really noticing anything great..yet.

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