Motorola Triumph Headed to Virgin Mobile on July 19th?

At the same event that Sprint and Motorola renewed their vows with the Motorola Photon 4G, Motorola and Virgin Mobile also announced a fairly good looking smartphone called the Motorola Triumph. Like most smartphone announcements, both companies failed to deliver a release date. Today however, evidence has surfaced that indicates that the phone may be out in late July.

Motorola Triumph

Android Central has unearthed a clip from a magazine that seems to indicate that the Triumph will hit Virgin Mobile on July 19th.  Yes, that is a entire month from now so things could definitely change but that’s where we’re at. Motorola Triumph

The Triumph is a pretty good offering from Virgin and will pack an extremely thin design with some high-end features. It’ll have a  4.1″ display (800×480 WVGA), 5MP back-facing camera and VGA front-facing camera, 720p playback and capture, 1400 mAh battery, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of on-board storage, Android 2.2 Froyo, and a form factor that checks in at .4 inches at its thinnest point.

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, this is probably one of the phones that’s on your radar and you should go ahead and circle July 19th on your calender this moment. Seriously, go do it. Now.


  1. Cute ..I am a FAITHFUL Virgin mobile user .. been doing prepay before it was popular … I never like the droids they have currently .. kinda janky looking BUT I like this one … might be switching up my blackberry game

  2. Fantastic, but what’s the price tag?  I assume it will be a similar pricing to the other VM phones offered.  That being close to “full retail” ( I guess that’s what that price is).  No discount like a contract provider, since VM offers the inexpensive month to month plan – which I am currently using.  The unlimited data/texting is great.  I really hope that “Pay as You Go” continues to be offered with this phone.
     I am counting the days till I dump that little piece of &^$(@# Samsung Intercept phone.  Selling something so poorly put together, so unreliable  for 200 bucks should be a crime.  Oh well, I got taken with that one Live and learn.    It’s my first cell phone (after 20 some years I finally got one) is my first smartphone is the most frustrating thing I have ever owned.  (end rant)

  3. I had the Samsung Intercept it was real laggy after puttin music and downloading alotta apps. I never got to use it with Froyo so that could have made a difference, But I had the Optimus V by that time I loved my Optimus V but the touchscreen stopped workin after a few months. Now I’ve been reduced to the Rumor Touch,So I can’t wait til this comes out I dont give a damn how much it cost. I take that back it better not be 350 like the I whatever on Boost.

    • If the touch sdreen stopped working all you had to do was call VM customer service and they would have sent you a whole new phone! You don’t have to ship your old phone out first! They send the new phone and a pre-paid envelope to send back your old phone!!!! Do it today!!! Tell them it stopped working and you need a new Optimus V! You have a year warranty on the phone and the phone has not even been released a whole year so I know that you are covered. Don’t let them get away with you having a phone that doesn’t work… at least you will have a droid until the Triumph come out!!!

      • Wait hold on I had a warranty through VM. If I knew that I wouldnt have bought the insurance from radioshack. I really didnt want insurance because im not clumsy or nothing my phones my life I’ve never broken a phone, got a phone wet etc. I just got the insurance because it was all touch screen and you never know.

  4. Anyone know if it will be available at best buy?
    It looks amazing, hopefully the price tag is also amazing!

  5. I can’t wait until the phone comes out! Whatever the price…..I’m buying it because I will have insurance incase I break or loose the phone! But….the only thing that VM should do is make their rate comparable to Boost as far as the monthly shrinkage for 50! Even though they have th $25 plan…..I mean 300 mivutes just isn’t enough and I hate counting minutes and I may have to be on hold with AAA or the gas company a long time and if I do?????? OOOPPPPSSS there goes my minutes for the month…that’s not going to cut it for me but I like VM’s customer service better than Boost. But I’m so glad that they are getting a really nice droid with the two camera’s and the larger screen with the flash player. Now let’s work on dropping the unlimited price and they will have a lifetime customer.

    • Then get the $35 plan for 1200 minutes, problem solved.  VZW is so rediculously over priced I’m going  to check this out when it comes out.

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