HTC ThunderBolt Update Rolling Out Tonight, Will Fix Reboot Issues

It appears that one of the the nightmare’s plaguing HTC ThunderBolt owners across the country will end tonight as some good, physical evidence has surfaced indicating that the ThunderBolt will receive an update tonight that will take care of the reboot issues.

HTC ThunderBolt

For those unfamiliar, it’s been about two months since Verizon rolled out an update to the ThunderBolt that started causing the 4G LTE smartphone to randomly reboot with provocation and it has led many ThunderBolt owners to either return their phone or voice their frustrated opinions across the internet.  Well, those frowns will soon turn into semi-smiles as evidence from Droid-Life indicates that an update will be rolling out tonight at 8PM EST.

This is what the update is supposedly going to bring:

  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth® Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • View App Menu in tabbed layout.
  • People search function enabled.
  • Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
  • Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape m
  • NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.

It should be available to manually install at 8PM for those of you with HTC ThunderBolt’s. Keep in mind that this is not Gingerbread and is a maintenance update. Gingerbread shouldn’t be too far off though.

Keep an eye out and let us know when you see it.


  1. lets see if this is as real as the other screen shot we saw of the gingerbread update being released on june 30th and everyone running with it. why are they purposlly tormenting us? lol

  2. “Device power cycles” and resets? (I like how that was not listed atop the list to take attention away). “Device power cycles” and resets on a $250 phone?  How long have they been working with Android? They’ve made smart phones since 2003. I would have expected it from a cheap phone being pushed to the limits but cmon htc this should not happen on not-jailbroken very high end phones. Maybe each company should only make a few models so they can focus on getting each one ready for prime time. It seems like each company only focusing on a few phones will still give us a choice, but give us more frequent fixes and updates. Also is it me or do htc phone names sound like vibrators? The phone namer at HTC needs to step down. 

  3. It’s true, just left Verizon store ( where I was going to voice my opinion). They showed me their screen and asked if I wanted to come back to have them do it at 5pm pacific / 8pm est.

  4. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice this as attempt to add more bloatware…we’re all asking for gingerbread, and they are giving us pre-loaded V Cast videos and music…what’s up with that?

  5. im pissed, it also states the the dInc 2 just got an update yeaterday and it included gingerbread. WTF the TB has been out twice as long as the dinc2. its bad enought the droid x got it.

  6. LLol no difference in phone …. Except now Verizon has disabled mobile hot spot you have to subscribe for 30 dollars…. Omg that’s funny. Verizon you suck.!

  7. I loike some of you on here cant believe that after purchasing this phone have had so many issues…its also bs that verizon and htc are passing the buck back and forth and not giving any real answers to the problem or especially giving a liitle credit back in our pockets….so i did the next best thing…im currently downloading the new firmware that states it is supposed to reduce power cycles…REDUCE….so i called verizon…I called HTC…oh yeah…i sent an email to a lawyer in michigan about a class action suit…oops…did i say that…he said he is very interested in hearing the case especially after he went online and saw that what i was telling him was true…….so ime giving verizon one last chance to see what they have to say…cause i have a feeling this update will be like the last update…a waste of time…WHOSE WITH ME

        • 4g…shoot they sold the phone saying 4g in my area in 8 months now they say 2013…but told me when im in miami next month try it out and i would be blown away……….

      • i have contacted a lawyer….he actually replied to me today…i wanted to come and see about this update considering i heard it would be very soon…but my phone reboots on average 7-8 times a day…so i guess i will see what happens and see if im calling the lawyer back monday

        • i also asked htc and verizon about the 378 min of battery life with usage(6.3 hrs)…and they told me that if i didnt like my 3 hr battery suck it up and buy an ext battery…wow…buy a 274.00 and have to buy a ext battery right off the bat to use it…are you serious…and they also told me to cut down battery time just turn off all the features of the phone…i said really so turn off the simple features that are supposed to be on….make any sense???

      • I don’t want any money. I just want to punch that Verizon guy right in his face. Then shove this abomination of a phone up his hole where it belongs.

  8. It did’nt fix the GPS issue !!!! That really sux i’m piissed !!!! How can the droid inc 2 get GB before the TBolt ?
    VZW you really SUCK !!!!!

    • useless stuff they say they give you to keep ppl quiet…..waste of time…like i said what about battery issue??

      • Completed the update, phone is now showing all the right SW specs.  However, I can’t find that or the desktop cradle thing.  Not that I care, but the NY Times bookmark didn’t appear either.

  9. Anyone still having reboot issues? The update seems to have fixed them for me. Battery life is still terrible though.

  10. So, I’m hearing from people and they’re saying that their ThunderBolt’s are rebooting during the update that is supposedly going to fix the problem. That is just so ridiculous.

    • That statement is ridiculous.  If a reboot “fixed” the problem then we’d all have been “fixed” ages ago. Obviously the reboots, all two, are needed to apply the update.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

      • I think my comment flew over your head, Richard. What I meant was that folks trying to install the update had their phone reboot during the installation process, before the update finished. It’s Friday, you’re forgiven.

        • same mine just dissapears as well. maybe it supposed to do that since there so meny reporting this. the way i figure there is a check update screen resident on the phone and phone checks and then displays verizon/htc message. maybe the reply message is blank due to the soon update because u are between updates. i dunno just a guess. only time will tell.  still no updates for me 12:00am 7-9-11 CT, USA

        • If you turn off your device, then restart by holding power and volume down button simultaneously…the reboot screen will ask if you want to install update. I had the same issue with the check updates window.disappearing and this trick worked for me.

  11. Ok i have a good question for those of you that have upgraded and lost the hotspot with it stating that you need to pay for it.  Does it mean for those of us that don’t update, do we get to keep it for free? My TB doesn’t reboot much, maybe 2 to 3 times a week. But it will close out apps without any errors showing.

  12. all i know is the update was like 75mb and i dont see any improvements or difference with anything else, other than no more rebooting. detaild call history? clock landscape mode? where is it? i see bloat ware and the my verizon mobile app is on there now and working. what ever. i sent HTC an emai;l yesterday not knowing about this update and they responded with check your system update thing. and they said as far as gingerbread goes that many of thier devices will have been updated but they dont know specific dates on the update releases of new phones. REALLY? the Dinc2 just got it and our phone has been out for twice as long……… just sayin.

  13. all i know is the update was like 75mb and i dont see any improvements or difference with anything else, other than no more rebooting. detaild call history? clock landscape mode? where is it? i see bloat ware and the my verizon mobile app is on there now and working. what ever. i sent HTC an emai;l yesterday not knowing about this update and they responded with check your system update thing. and they said as far as gingerbread goes that many of thier devices will have been updated but they dont know specific dates on the update releases of new phones. REALLY? the Dinc2 just got it and our phone has been out for twice as long……… just sayin.

  14. On the Verizon Facebook page it says that they are pushing out the update by serial number, so if your still waiting, be patient, it’s coming.

  15. On the Verizon Facebook page it says that they are pushing out the update by serial number, so if your still waiting, be patient, it’s coming.

    • Got it but lost hot spot unless I pay 30$ a month :( I loved that part and as far as other improvements the my Verizon app only shows usage all else is available…

  16. I installed the OTA at about 10:00 PM EDT in Columbia, SC. The only really new visible feature is the Data Usage widget – I like it. It feels like the reboot problem is fixed but will have to run it a day or 2 before I can breathe easy.

  17. For those of you who won’t shut the HELL up and wont stop complaining about no GPS fix or Skype, you have to remember, this update is based around the reboot issue.! Getting Skype, gTalk, Sense 2.1, and major GPS fixes will come with the Gingerbread 2.3.4 update. So stop acting as if this update should be the magical one that will fix everything. This update is 75MB. Verizon pushing more on this update could have really messed up your phone with the tremendous download size. So shut the fuk up and wait for Gingerbread.!

    • And everyone crying and saying “I haven’t gotten the update yet, where is it? this is ridiculous blah blah blah…!” Verizon CLEARLY stated on their Facebook page, that the update is released by your phones serial number. The update is not going out to every freaking phone at the same time! so just be patient and wait until it gets to you!!!

    • oh yeah why would we be complaining…oh thats right when you pay that much for a phone you already expect it to work…thats right…as far as the update…if you Pay attention it says reduce power cycles…this widget on became an issue about two days ago when the tiered data came in…him three months with a piece of crap phone that they cant fix…giving you an update with have the stuff you dont need….oh yeah here is a free widget…even though you dont really need it…i mean seriously dude you must work for verizon…cause i really dont know anyone that is happy when they are wasting money…and i definitely dont know anyone who is happy when they buy something and it dont work half the time…think about it…rduce the number of reboots…sounds like they are guessing with me…shooot…your probably lucky…you probably have a different phone then the thunderbolt….POSER

    • What the freak I just bought a thunder 2 months and none of the issues u guys cry bout happened on mine I love this phone

  18. my thunderbolt still no update. 11:51pm east coast. my phone is fairly new so if it being released by serial number i gonna have to wait. although i try to do a OTA update and it starts then the window just disappears like the update program on the phone just terminates.

    • Same exact problem with me. Smh, if there is no Gingerbread by the time the Bionic comes out, they had better give us that as a replacement phone! Fat chance of that happening though..

  19. its after 11pm In Kentucky and no update yet. Bs serial number my tail. No gb. I upgraded from dinc to dinc2 had issues from day one put a code infringement of all my contact numbers when calling out and said call failed. HTC couldn’t confirm when issue would be fixed. I traded it in twice same issue. Then switched to the bolt. LOL what do you know issues again. This is rediculous. Lies after lies. Verizon told us gb would be coming in 2ndQ what a joke its July and still no gingerbread not to mention this phone is last years equal in technology. Come on people its time to jump ship there are much better quality phones on other carriers Ala soul core HTC. Verizon always gets best phones last and they never are better quality plus the phones don’t even harness Verizon’s perks they blast on their adds on tv. Lets not kid ourselves we could have the HTC sensation now and I guarentee you tmobiles isn’t that bad were we would terribly regret the change. Sprint works over the same cdma we could go there aswell. Verizon isn’t as great as we all crack them up to be. Worlds largest network! LOL yes you are the largest network of outdated phones and unsatisfied custumers!

    • If you are so unhappy with Verizon, cough up $350 for early contract termination, switch carriers, get yourself the bestest phone in the whole world, and SHUT THE F#CK UP.!!!! [:

    • what you do is do what a lot of ppl are doing…write a letter to the bbb…they handle verizon…you get your money back for phones and services…then go to sprint and dont cough up nothing not your fault verizon sold you a buggy phone with htc name on it…i just called a lawyer to see about class action suit…he said he is extremely happy to hear from me about verizon…especially when he went online and saw what i was telling him was true…so i amd supposed o be contacting him monday or tuesday…

      • Please provide us with your attorney’s contact information. This is the second time you’ve brought it up.

        • are you referring as us as in other pissed off thunderbolt ppl?…jon sandquist…out of minneapolis mn…and if hverizon is not wanting to do anything again and htc passes the buck then it will be time to contact him again…gps doesnt work now…guess like htc said….just keep paying we will fix sooner or later….and battery still crap…but like verizon and htc said…if you dont like 3 hr battery life…go and spend money on a ext battery….great customer service…

  20. I am on the phone with Verizon tech agent @ 2312 CST… funny thing when I brought it up was that her first comment was “sir I dont believe there is any update coming out for the Thunderbolt, we have not received notification of one for the Thunderbolt” REALLY?

    • Same bull from all of them. I wonder if the requirements for getting a job at Verizon is ignorance and idiocy..

  21. We should of know better by now. We are use to this guys. Think about it! Verizon changes the mobile hot spot to were they want us to pay for it. As soon. As the switch is to take place July 7 what happened? Our update comes wow what a coincidence our update changes our hotspots to were we can’t use them for free anymore. What a joke. I’m surprised we customers who signed contracts for unlimited data hasn’t changed to tiered data. Also in the prosess. I’m very seriously considering droping Verizon they always have and always will guys have the worst phones. They handcars bright spot when they started using Droid tech. But keep in mind they went all in on the iPhone and ruined their relationship with other manufacturers. If we love HTC T-Mobile always has and will have a better relationship with HTC than Verizon. They will always have the best HTC phone first sprint second. Think about it guys we all have suffered with inferrior phones for long enough.

  22. LOL dork T-Mobile already confirmed they will pay my 350$ douche bag. I own a company and have four phones on Verizon’s network And good money $400 a month for this shitty service. I promise you for a contract worth $4000 plus a year they will gladly pay my cancellation fees. I can’t believe Mz turdbolt you stand for shitty service and outdated technology for your hard earned money.

  23. I spoke with a Rep the other day who indirectly hinted at gingerbread being pushed from the original release day of June 30 to July 15 and that information regarding the update should be available by the 12th of July.

    • the rep lied to you…get used to it…Verizon is a company that builds on lies and deception…

  24. Received mine but it says in the firmware update that it will reduce the number of restarts…? Huh? You mean if you were getting 3 to 4 reboots a day that with the update you should get only 1 or 2 a day? Really???

    • No, as a company they can’t fully claim it will get rid of the reboots 100%. The phone will reboo at least once a month, that is just the phone. Many other 4G phones reboot once every two weeks – a month. It is normal for high performing phones. They are stating it will get rid of the “random” reboots occurring 4 – 8 times a day

  25. Has anyone adressed the issue of checking for updates then the window just disappears this seems to be a new bigger issue also that Verizon has new data plans to work over your wallet more for new people. Thank god I have true unlimited Hehe

  26. WWell, still no update in Texas. If this means that I keep Mobile Hotspot, then I guess it isn’t so bad lol :]

  27. well how bout verizon thought they could trick me with this update no more mobile hotspot sike i think i got verizon jst received clnr when new phone was updating update finished no more skype video chat app i had and no more mobile hotspot guess what the clnr was not updated oh well verizon guess i wont acct ota on clnr fee hotspot and more skype video for me vz screw you what a useless update another way of syaing f**ck us thunderbolt users well u just got  fuc*** vz cause im not updateing clnr  free hot

    • Yeah you tell em. Verizon ain’t ripping you off by taking your free hotspot that was only a limited time offer. You just extended it and nothing they can do about taking care of that for you. Riiiiiight

  28. Everyone needs to stop bitching. If u don’t like what they did root and make it as your own. I am a low budget person. I dont make Mich money but yet I still afforded this phone. No the update is not gb but and I mean but this update did fix everything greatly. Before I was rebooting 5 plus times a day. And now two days after the firmware not a single reboot. And before gps would take me 20 minutes to lock a fix and not it take 10 seconds. My battery has never been bad. I use the phone a lot and it will last me 4 hours with a shit load of use. Sitting in my pocket with minimal use it will last me all day. Now since update I haven’t had to charge my phone since last night 10pm and its 9 am next day. So again stop being bitches. Htc is a business nothing will ever be sent out perfect 100% but of will be greatly operational as the phone is now. That’s how they make money. Its call business people. So like I’ve already said ,,, if u don’t like how they have programmed phone with there software there is plently other roms u can easily load urself. Download Rom manager and go download what ever Rom u want and load it threw Rom manager. It takes all of 5 minutes to load it. And if u want to root ur phone to remove unused apps download z4 easy root with this u can easily root and unroot with a touch of a button. I figured all this crap out myself with research I suggest everyone does it themselves if u want the full potential of this phone or anyphome just go to .

  29. So glad that after complaining enough they replaced my two T-Bolts with the two iphone 4’s. At least Apple has a little more control over their phones and doesnt let Verizon run wild with all of this bloatware and problems. The difference is, Apple doesnt need Verizon like Verizon needs Apple. Apple calls the shots with its phone not Verizon. Couldnt be happier after the switch. 

  30. Well I’ve been running Friday’s OTA a couple of days now and no reboots (it was previously booting at least a dozen times a day). So I feel that the reboot problem is definitely fixed. Also the GPS lock seems to be fixed as well. Seems to find a lock very fast now.

    The main place where they screwed us on this update was to put a patch in to disallow running the Skype app with video enabled. This was obviously purposeful and seems to be pretty petty on their part. Probably someone needs to get paid off to allow this to run.

    They put out an update that cripples your phone and you’re forced to take the update that purposely disables a perfectly running application that might compete on some business that Verizon wants to control.

    • I’m having the same problem. Check for updates… and nothing happens. I understand they are doing it by serial number but seriously, it should not take this long… I’m lucky i haven’t been plagued with the restart issue so this update isn’t totally necessary for me but i always like to be on top of things..

      • Same with me. I did the update, mr1, attempted to root, but failed. All my data was erased, but I guess that was a small price to pay for no reboots, and I got everything back.

  31. Hmm. Still no update….any ideas as 2 why? I go to software update n the same thing happens to me that everyone else has. Disappearing prompt. I love this phone. I was an I phone crossover. I’m getting frustrated over this. Ppl @ Verizon n HTC need to get their head outta their asses. If anyone else hasn’t gotten their OTA, please let me know so I know I’m not going mental.

    • I have not received the update either.  I have had no issues with the Thunderbolt but would still like to have the newest update.  I keep checking and still nothing… oh well, the wait continues for this and Gingerbread

  32. Reboot problem is fixed, but I live in West Allis, Wisconsin and my phone’s GPS still thinks it is in Litchfield, IL  wtf ????  I live within 1.5 miles of seven towers and I get -104 signal in half of my city and cant even make a call when I’m outside.  I left Sprint for this crap?  Maybe it’s time I called my local TV station and let them run a news special on Verizon ripping people off every month for a cell phone their customers can barely use.

  33. First the Software Update window disappeared, and now it says No New Update Available?! Really?! Is this a joke, cuz I don’t get it..

  34. People don’t realize that most smartphones that come out have reboot issues.  They all usually get fixed through updates.  I had a droidx before I got my tbolt and it had the same issues.  My tbolt actually works just fine.  Almost every person I know has had a reboot issues with a smartphone.  Just be patient and the GB update will probably fix everything anyways.

    • it isn’t just hotspot they want 30 bucks more a month. Internet passthrough is also affected. Grrrrr

      Going to root or kill acct

  35. My Name is xxxxxxxxx I have been a verizon customer for several years, I have always be completely respectful of your customer service, not so much the wireless service per say, but have a strong respect for how your customer service has always treated me.
    > 4 months ago I purchased a HTC Thunderbolt, used for 3 months, one month i had it shut off due to financial troubles, for the past couple/ few  weeks I began to notice little things start to ferment with the phone. As there were issues prior, but understand, there is not perfect phone. Yesterday i had my final straw and went to a corp store in colorado springs and told them what had happened. They told me it would be best to reset the phone to factory specs, and see what happens, need less to stay, it did not resolve the issues.
    > I began to do some research on the my issues with the Thunderbolt, and was very surprised, that the thunderbolt took a sharp fall from consumer respect, to all most a hate towards the phone. I made several calls to customer service, and technical support, as well as HTC technical support, and was told the phone needs to be replaced, and HTC wanted me to ship the phone to them and be without a phone for several weeks.
    > When speaking with Verizon i was told that a used phone that was refurbished will be the replacement, and i refused for a number of reasons.
    > 1. my phone is 4 months old, should not be replaced with a used phone 2. The phone will not be manufactures specs 3. the issues with the phone were not resolved 4. Third party applications installed, outside the scope of the original installations 5. Different programing normally takes place when refurbing the phone.
    > I asked for my money back because i know verizon will not exchange for a phone of equal or greater “VALUE”, not just Dollar amount. I spent over $300 on the phone and here is what i have dealt with
    > 1. Battery power is below what is stated it should be at, even with an extended battery 2. Data connections consistanly dropping.
    > 3. Internt closing and opening on it.
    > 4. Google sync not always working
    > 5. Losing connection when tryign to access the web or email.
    > 6. Web pages displaying half the content, until pressing on the screen so the content reapears.
    > 7. Call quality comes and goes (most phones are like this) For me thunderbolt seems to be a little more 6. At times when receiving a call or making a call, the phone will auto mute, and i would have to end call, wait for call back, or if i have the number return the call 8. Some times i have to restart it a couple times a day for it to function.
    > 9. The phone locks during searches, and i need to open and close the browser for it to work, several times, if not restart it to take start working again.
    > 10. When the Agent reset the factory spec on Thursday the 5th (yesterday), i was told all info will be lost, i said that is fine, he backed up my contacts, reset the phone, and when i got home i noticed that half my contacts were lost, recuriters, old managers, all my job references are gone.
    > 11. All the pictures were removed, under full agreement, however now everything is re-appearing, so i know the reset did not take place.
    > When I spoke with HTC last night, and told the representative i was speaking to, the phone i had, all you heard was a soft (shiiiiiiiiit).
    > I new right then and there what was going to come.
    > When i was talking with technical support from verizon last night, we tried doing a couple things, and ultimately, Schoot lets replace the phone. I am not about to replace the phone for a used phone, and with a phone that has apparently been having issues, and none of them are being resolved. I spent several hundred dollars on the phone plus accessories, only to be told, we will send you a used phone. I have tried multiple channels, and speaking with multiple people, retention apparently will not tlak with me. and I tried exclusivley and professionaly to get the issues resolved correclty. Was unable to do so.
    > Now I am faced with a $329 cancelation fee, a phone that does not work that i will be shipping back regardless. I asked the agent to please send me out a return label.
    > I am going to take this letter and post it on local forums, and maybe something gets accomplished, and Verizon either finish pulling the phone, or make the issue correct with others.
    > Sincerely,

  36. ive been using a verison of skype on my phone for months now. it works awesome. 4g/3g and wifi. i got it back on 4/11/2011 i think from android police.

  37. I can confirm that HTC and their coders has no idea what they are doing, and Singer is correct. After emailing them, I got this response:

    “Dear XXXX,I’m sorry to hear that your HTC Thunderbolt is rebooting on you, XXXX.At this point in time, this is a known issue that is affecting many HTC Thunderbolt users since it’s most recent software upgrade. We are currently aware of this issue, and the only update that I can provide you with is that we are still currently investigating the root cause of this issue. Our software/hardware engineers are currently aware of this problem and are working diligently to find a resolution.Unfortunately, the June 30th estimate is why we don’t give out ‘expected’ launch dates, because of the uncertain trial and error nature of debugging software. Thank you for taking the time to contact us, XXXX. I apologise for any inconveniene that this may cause.”

  38. Had the same version of skype on my phone. worked fine until the new update. If skype is important to you, DO NOT update to the new software. 

  39. [email protected]

    Same with me Wtf is this shit. Except I’ve never experienced reboot issues so idk how important this is for me.

  40. I have restarted many times tried to update in 3G/4G and WIFI took battery out sim card out SD card out and still it just started happening last week wtf?

  41. Mz. Thunderbolt you sound like almost as big of a piece of shit as this phone is. For a device worth $250 and an extended contract to work this poorly is simply criminal. My droid and droid2 never powered off in the middle of phone calls, dropped data coverage, dropped service coverage, or had any problem locating GPS satellites. This phone was supposed to be an upgrade. This is unacceptable. It’s not about switching carriers at this point. It’s about getting my money back for a scam of a product. Pull that verizon cock from the back of your throat and look around you. I’m sure when you screw up you make excuses and bury your head like a little bitch, but Verizon needs to own their disaster.

  42. How do you know GB is coming out then? Just asking because I have heard it was coming out before…..then it didn’t. Hope your right. I just wish Verizon and/or HTC would come out and say something so people would know what was going on. All the rumors just piss everyone off when they are not true.

  43. You must work for big red or htc. Are you the one that can’t figure out how to fix your shitty product? So let me get this right I bought a phone that doesn’t work and I have to be the one unconvinced switching numbers and all official bills because they can’t get it right. Love the way you think mz.t you ass clown !

  44. You are an internet Rambo…I would love to meat you face to face…we would see who the “Lilly Ass Poon” is…

  45. And for all you “how do you know about Gingerbread coming and blah blah blah” Verizon representatives (Yes, representatives, no just one!) stated that the reason GingerBread WAS NOT released June 30 is because HTC tested the update for themselves, and discovered MORE bugs, that affected the native dialer and messaging apps this time. This pushed the update back a couple weeks so HTC can get it right this time and fix the bugs! So stop crying! They said we will see it before Droid Bionic is released!

  46. Holy crap with as shitty as this gps on this phone is I don t think I want to try and tackle the thighs of despair of a fatty. I might get lost. Now we know why mz.t is so attatched to her phone … Its also her lover..:. Vomit vomit

  47. Dear mz.thunderbolt you are a fine example of why big red is getting away with this kind of shit.

  48. Dear mz.thunderbolt you are a fine example of why big red is getting away with this kind of shit.

  49. Except Verizon locks you into a contract, so you can’t just switch.

    If nobody complains, HTC won’t fix the problem.
    If it only rebooted once a week, nobody would care.  Multiple times a day is insane.

    You complain about how tired you are of these comments, we are just as tired of the reboots.
    You complain and it is fine, anybody else does and it is a crime.

    Looking past your obvious double-standard, HTC sells a phone that has had countless problems and people have every right to complain.  If you don’t like it, read a different blog or don’t read the comments.

    Stop Trolling.

  50. It is embarrassing when the thunder crackles on a reboot in the middle of a meeting. There is no way to turn it down.

  51. I agree, you have a point there. It’s just that I made a personal promise that I would never buy an iPhone. I apologize for that previous post.

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