Motorola Droid Bionic Not Launching Until September?

Over the weekend, a phone that may or may not be Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II device leaked out. The device in question has a slide-out keyboard, 4G LTE capabilities and a release date that might be closer than we think. Well, it appears there is a good chance that this phone might actually be 4G LTE filler before the Motorola Droid Bionic arrives on Verizon, possibly in September.

Droid Bionic


Here’s the deal. All along we’ve heard August 4th. Evidence has popped up today that again indicates that Walmart and Sam’s Club are still seeing August 4th as a scheduled release date. However, Droid-Life has also heard something else.

There is no physical evidence to back this up, keep that in mind, but someone told them that the August 4th release date might actually be an entire month off with September 1st being a possibility for a release date. That of course goes against what we’ve seen but this is certainly something to keep in mind considering the website that it is coming from.

Anyone going to wait until September if August 4th passes without the Droid Bionic?


  1. Scotty Braun says

    theres nothing else worth getting right now besides the Droid 3 or T-bolt in my eyes, and I dont think they are upgrade worthy right now.. I guess I can hold out for a bit longer, though Im getting more an more impatient as the days go by.. 

  2. Johnnym6 Jm says

    If motorola doesnt relese their phone between the dates of july 28 – august 16 they are making a huge business mistake ,i feel if agust 10 comes around and theres no phone there gonna find alot of ppl not buying the phone ,at tht point why not wait for the the new nexus or blackberry witch i heard is gonna be”revolutianry”,iphone 5,samsung gallaaxy 2,and im sure at those times theres gonna b more rummers abount new phones coming out,so did u mr.motorola make ur phone almost pointless to get now? I mean u cant have us waiting for a phone and teasing us for almost a year now .

  3. JoePa says

    I signed up with Verizon on July 5th to get grandfathered into the unlimited data plans. None of the phones really jumped out at me (was hoping for galaxy s2 or bionic), but I got the Iphone 4 because I knew I could resell it easier than any of the other phones and then get the bionic or S2 whichever comes out first…..hopefully its the bionic.

    • Mekanism1200 says

      If it doesn’t launch next month we might as well wait for the next generation of technology to come out! Quad core maybe? However, the launch date for the droid 3 was accurate on the leaked best buy document which showed the bionic aug. 4th date. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed!

  4. Ross Binkley says

    My upgrade comes up August 10. If SGS 2 is out then and Bionic hasn’t announced a date, I’ll get the SGS 2, though I find that scenario more likely. I’m guessing the opposite scenario (SGS 2 remaining unannounced and Bionic released) is more likely to be the case as of August 10. I hope that they both will release by or shortly after then so that I can look at both before choosing, but if not, I’ll probably get the one that’s out then (if either is out, that is.)

  5. Yanks3b says

    Droid Bionic was pulled back and delayed till October 2011 for further enhancement to make the user ownership a more enjoyable experience.

    Droid Bionic was pulled back and delayed till December 2011 for further enhancement to make the user ownership a more enjoyable experience.

    Droid Bionic was pulled back and delayed till February 2012 for further enhancement to make the user ownership a more enjoyable experience.

    Droid Bionic was pulled back and delayed till February 2012 for further enhancement to make the user ownership a more enjoyable experience….

    What nonsense…

    • Bizi says

      I agree 100%.   The War on Drugs will be over before Motorola releases this phone.  I’m all set screw Motorola.   I’ve waited this long I can do a couple more months and wait for the Nexus Prime.

  6. sickofwaiting says

    There is no way I will wait until September! Enough is enough! If there is any truth to this article then it looks like I will be buying the GS2!

  7. sickofwaiting says

    There is no way I will wait until September! Enough is enough! If there is any truth to this article then it looks like I will be buying the GS2!

  8. BrianB13 says

    I doubt they will wait until September 1st to debut the Bionic.  That’s too long a delay for a phone that was introduced in January at CES.  But, for those people that want to compare the Bionic to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S II its no big deal. 

  9. Dave M says

    Sorry for the ignorance – but do we know if the US/Verizon SG2 (Function) will be LTE?  Hard to imagine releasing the flagship phone in non-LTE, but I reading different information on different sites.  

    Not sure I want to be on 3G for another two years. I am waiting for a dual-core Verizon 4G/LTE phone that is guaranteed to run gingerbread… tired of waiting.

  10. Adam Truelove says

    I will either be getting the Bionic, the SGS2, or the next Nexus phone.  If the Bionic shows up first and it sucks (it will most likely have a pentile display, which I CANNOT tolerate), I’ll wait for the SGS2 and the Nexus.  I’ll buy whichever comes first unless I get official release dates that they’re both coming out around the same time, then I would prefer the Nexus.

    • Mojer74 says

      If you are talking about the i phone 5… you have awhile to wait due to processor problems. I phone 4…good luck with that tiny screen.

  11. Dsimm says

    My current phone is two years old.  Ill probably go with the iphone if Aug 4th date is missed.  It’s like waiting on a UPS package.  If you have a firm delivery date then the wait isnt so bad.  But when the due date is still pending/uncomfirmed then wait is harder…my 2 cents.

  12. Rex_D says

    If I don’t hear official news of a solid release date on the Bionic by next week, I’ve decided I’m just going to get a Charge.  I was going to just go with a Droid X2, but learned yesterday that Verizon is turning on LTE in my “town” on July 21st.  My renewal date was in April and I have been very patient.  I read articles and blogs daily, I’ve even emailed Motorola.  I’m done waiting.  My partner got a Charge last week and I’ve had enough time with it to see that it’s a great phone and works nicely.  I’m sure the Bionic is going to be a good phone, but that doesn’t mean all other phones suck.  Had Motorola responded or updated their own webpages on the Bionic, I would probably hold out for 3 more weeks… but I have waited several times only to be disappointed.  I waited for the Thunderbolt, but was disappointed.  Since I decided on getting a Charge next week I actually feel some freaking relief.  I have been feeling like a Bionic addict fiend for the past few months.

  13. Adnaan Zaffer says

    This is such bullshit. 

    I’m pretty sure they put a great deal of time and thought into what they were doing before they put up this sign up page:


    • Simjimm says

      No, September’s not considered a Summer month, but Autumn doesn’t start until the 23rd…

    • Adnaan Zaffer says

      You know, you can always wait till December to get a quad-core Android phone too. I mean, what’s 3 more months after September? Nothing, right?

  14. Kornbeaner says

    If this handset does not get released in August, I will just get a couple of droid charge’s, I’m tired of waiting. this handset was shown in January and 7 months later no release. I’ve waited long enough, my Storm 1’s are super outdated and at this point getting any 4G handset will be a major upgrade. So Motorola has until August or I will pick another handset.

  15. Mihai Andrici says

    This is probably not even the droid bionic in its original form. I find it likely that that prototype is long dead and gone… This could and should be a totally different smartphone !

  16. Tiredofwaiting says

    This thing is already old and it hasn’t even been released yet!  I’m still chugging (slowly) along on my original Droid…my patience is wearing thin.  This is ridiculous.  IF they can’t get it right after 8 months, maybe it’s not a phone worth investing $300 and 2 years in…  …I’m just sayin’

    Motorola, Verizon… THROW US A BONE or something!!  …obviously y’all can’t get something right with it….  and why the secrecy?  Every day, Moto and Big Red are losing money and potential customers… …remember, SprintPCS still has unlimited…I’m sure people are bailing….

  17. muzicman61 says

    If it doesn’t drop by August 4th or they don’t give a confirmed release date, I not only don’t buy the Bionic but I drop Verizon.

  18. David Marzluf says

    I Have become an absolute bionic freak its all I do is read about it every day I check droid life like 30 times a day for the bionic. I am about to check myself into droid rehab.
    Bionic were are you I need my fix

  19. Craig B says

    Most Droid 1 userers are due and upgrade in August so I think it will be a huge mistake to delay any longer. August 18 either a bionic or a thunderbolt for me. You make thecall Motorola! !!

    • Rex_D says

      Why such a drastic change?  You’d be happier with the Charge.  The iPhone is a small screen, not 4g, and soon to be replaced by a newer model.

  20. Otaku says

    The part about the Bionic not launching til September is less than based on fact.  Siting a line from the link:

    “My guess, is that this phone will be their late July
    or early August 4G LTE fillerwhile they prepare the world for the release of
    the Bionic (which may not drop until 9/1).”I don’t know if there was another post about it, but it just sounds like the person is assuming that it will come out in September.

  21. Tracy Edward Smith says

    I got tired of waiting. Bought the Samsung Droid Charge. Today’s my deadline for returning it. Not gonna. There’s nothing I truly dislike about it. Motorola biffed it big time. I had a Droid X & the original Droid (plus my wife has the Pro), but they gave me too much time to consider something else. Now their bigger problem is not if I’ll wait for the Bionic any longer (I won’t), but if they can win my loyalty back with my next upgrade. If iPhone comes out in 4G, I won’t even consider any Motorola product…

    • Rex_D says

      I did too!  I have been hardcore waiting for the Bionic for 5 months since my contract expired and I’ve gotten tired of waiting.  Got a Charge today after playing with the one my partner got last week.  I was expecting it to be a sub-par phone…. but I have to say I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would.  I played with the Droid 3 and the X2 AGAIN at the store just to make sure and really their UI just does’t stand out to me anymore.  I’ve been wanting the Bionic just because of the dual-core and RAM, but when I thought about what phones can do TODAY (not in a year), I decided that the Charge was enough phone to get the job done and more.

  22. Thatdroidguy says

    Moto…i know patience is a virtue but damn your wearing mine thin! Been following Info about the Bionic for close to a year now. 2 of my 3 lines are upgradeable w/ one being an og Droid and the other being an X. I’m disappointed the X2 has no front-face camera when entry level and mid android phones from HTC and Sammy got them. Moto I’m not asking for a star trek communicator for my lapel. Just a good “Made in USA” phone that meets and exceeds my expectations! Please? I convinced myself to stop my personal boycott of moto products after 6 years due to insufficient phones…. for the og Droid. So listen up MOTO I’m sure I’m not alone when I type this GET IT TOGETHER or there will be 2 for now and 3 all together less moto products at the end of my lines!!!

  23. HBLush says

    Haha! I was going to wait for the Bionic but saw the trend and jumped on the Droid Charge. I rooted it and now it is awesome(1700 Quad scores)!!!! I fully customized it and rock free tethering and hotspot with unlimited plan on 4g. I’ve got news for you, if you are always waiting for the newest tech, you will always be waiting. There has been so many advancements in the past couple of years no matter what you do, you are always behind. While motorola has taken a huge slump in their stock I due believe that when this phone does come out it will rock,  but at this point, most of the high end smart phones will have similar specs.

  24. Rexarus says

    Bionic was first seen in Jan ’11, and now as we near the beginning of August ’11, still no release.  One has to figure that at the rate technology is changing in this high paced market, the Bionic is not going to be state of the art for much longer.  Motorola will start to lose would be buyers of the Bionic like myself.  For people looking for the latest and greatest phone, the Bionic will start to fade into the sunset before it’s even released.  I already looking for the next big thing that will surpass the Bionic dream.

  25. Roberttko19 says

    I’m also tented to get samsung charge or the htc thunderbolt fu# i waited it this long might as well wait another month

  26. Justin Moore says

    Adam Mills: Stop trolling. Are you so desperate for some shred of scoop that you’ll take an unsubstantiated non-rumor (for it to be a rumor, more than ONE person has to be saying it) and write a blog entry about it to get people upset about another month delay?

    It is about 2 weeks from the August 4th date, which is about when things start falling out of the tree for Verizon devices (they leak this stuff on purpose, in case you couldn’t tell). It’s not going to be September first or September anything. Just hang tight for a few more days and you’ll see an official announcement.

  27. Can't think of a name. says

    With all these new leaks and speculations, you’re forgetting the only official information we have. Verizon and Motorola both told of a summer release! September is not summer! 

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