More Evidence Points to an 8/4 Launch Date for Motorola Droid Bionic

There are now two camps for the launch date of the Motorola Droid Bionic, a device widely believed to be Verizon’s flagship 4G LTE smartphone. One camp seems to think that the device will be launching sometime in September, while a second camp optimistically believes that the Droid Bionic will land in early August. The latest leak suggests that the qHD-enabled dual-core 4G LTE smartphone will in fact arrive for consumer purchase by August 4th.


A leaked internal document posted by Droid-Life suggests that stores will begin receiving marketing and promotional material by the end of July and those retail outlets will begin to receive inventory of the smartphone on August 1st. If true, Verizon could be launching the Droid Bionic on Thursday, August 4th, in time for the weekend.

In fact, one particular Verizon store is already making


room for the Droid Bionic on its display shelf.

Whether the Droid Bionic launches in August or September, consumers will have a number of new smartphones to look for around this late summer and early fall period. For one, the competing Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone will be coming soon and Apple is expected to release an update to its iPhone smartphone as well. The Droid Bionic, which would have been a killer 4G LTE smartphone with some of the most advanced specs a few months ago may be facing an even more crowded market with even stiffer competition when it launches in either August, as this latest leaked document has us believing, or in September according to prior rumors.

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  1. Shoulda, woulda, coulda … but didn’t.  Here is the epitaph that Motorola and Verizon helped to write:   “The Droid Bionic, which would have been a killer 4G LTE smartphone …”. I am finished with Verizon.

    • Get mad with Verizon because Motorola delayed a product. I am done with Ford because GM can’t produce a reliable electric vehicle.

      • The reason for getting mad with Verizon is that they “coulda” stepped up and made a statement concerning the delays and the reasons for them. What our president calls transparency. They chose not to.

        • I actually work for Verizon…like many of our suppliers MotorolA HAS CONTROL over what information we can release to the public. Verizon doesnt make the phones. We sell the service. Quit crying!

    • Its sad how all these Webb news feeds get their leads from a users forum that are all based on hear say and copy and pasted from other forums.
      We get the same thing copied and pasted over and over.

  2. It seems unlikely that an official Verizon document would have the word “it’s” misspelled. The document pictured has that word without an apostrophe, changing it from “it is” to the possessive form of “it.”

  3. This phone had the specs to destroy the iPhone 4 and any other phone on the market when it was revealed in January.  It is unfortunate that the arguably “first superphone” was delayed so long that consumers are already waiting for the next rumored device (Dinara) even before its release.  I’m disappointed with Motorola and Verizon as both of them have kept consumers in the dark.  I will now be waiting for the Galaxy S2 or possibly the Dinara unless it too is delayed into next summer.

  4. Wait till it’s released to find out if it is a lemon or not. As for Galaxy S2, It might not even be a 4G LTE Phone.

  5. I was planning on buying the bionic sight unseen online until I saw how smooth the gs2 runs. The bionic just doesn’t have the same allure it once had with all of the delays and now rumored dinara. I will still check out the bionic but at the same time look at other options, where as before I would have just gone for it. Motorola has their work cut out for them to get me back on board with their products.

  6. I’m sick of this next month no next month no next month no next month garbage. If 8/4 doesn’t materialize i’ll let my current contract expire and say goodbye to motorola products as a whole.  The day another carrier gets competitive to verizon i’ll say goodbye to them too.  When is the next guestimated release date?  September no October No No it’s November!!!

  7. By the time you make it to the VZW store to see the Bionic on the display counter, its fingerprint smudged to peices, people have downloaded and installed so much crap on it (live wallpapers and such) and all the wifi, gps and sync crap is on, that you would have to pretty much “factory data reset” the thing to get an accurate idea of the performance. Then like every Android phone I’ve ever owned, they slow down with time and cache build up. I’ve been reading about Bionic since before January. Moto needs to keep to making Razr’s. Seems that’s all they’re good at…

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