Motorola Droid Bionic Ads Arrive Ahead of Launch

I’m not a big fan of the Mets but as many of you know, I am a big fan of the Motorola Droid Bionic and that’s why I was thrilled to hear that advertising for the device was discovered last night at New York’s Citi Field ahead of its September launch.

As you can see here, the Droid Bionic has appeared in a Mets-flavored advertisement at the ballpark, even though Motorola and Verizon have yet to officially announce the new design and release date. Not a big deal to most of you as we’ve already gotten a good look at it, but hey, cool to see it in an official capacity nonetheless.

Droid Bionic Ad

The ad reveals nothing other than the fact that we probably won’t see any more delays in regards to the Droid Bionic’s release date. I’m pretty sure if that happened, Motorola would have a serious mutiny on its hands.

In any event, we should hopefully get some sort of official announcement soon if that September 8th release date is to be believed. I have a feeling Big Red and Moto will probably want to have a pre-order for the Droid Bionic, something that they skipped out on entirely for the Motorola Droid 3.

Via: Android Central


    • Abutter12 says

      supposedly this was an acutal phone behind a plastic case….so it wouldve been nice if the picture taker wouldve took the phone and gave it to me…

  1. Wmfb says

    It’s great to have a new phone, with all the buttons and bells and whistles the problem is with the carrier telling you how great it is and then being in an area that doesn’t even have three g must less 4 g and you buy this great phone thinking it going to be “the one” and they can’t deliver the speed to make it work!!  Bought a Galaxy tab to play with works great on wifi, and later found out that the carrier doesn’t have the capability to make it work in the area I live in!  You don’t get a discount for having to suffer with 2 g but you are still expected to pay the full price for the service!!!

    • Tony Perez says

      I understand where you’re coming from. My daughter wanted the Thunderbolt for her B-day in April and didn’t want to wait. She’s in a 3G area sandwiched between two 4G areas (San Francisco and Sacramento) so at least she has reason to believe she’ll connect to 4G sooner than later.  
      However, Wmfb, if you’re in a 3G area that won’t get 4G for a while, get a DroidX2 and enjoy fast internal speeds on a dedicated 3G handset. In two years, you are likely to be covered by 4G. Just an option.  Who knows, by then the 4G handsets might run at 3 to 4GHz and have batteries that can last 24 hours! (Nice to dream…) 

  2. Tony Perez says

    I’m good with the idea that advertising dollars are finally being spent to promote the Moto Bionic but September’s next month! We’re seeing movie previews for films that will come out Summer 2012! I’d like to see more about the handset and it’s firm release date in September. I was a business major and I can’t understand why Motorola and VZW are restraining themselves. I’m tired of seeing the dumb ads about the speed of VZW 4G LTE. Rockets and a guy getting blasted by a fire hose don’t impress me or many other’s I’ve talked to. I remember some of the websites VZW set up for other Moto Droid handsets. Wow! We could play and dig out specs and capabilities and we usually had a firm date. 

    If the release IS next month, and the specs not likely to change, why don’t we have more info? If I were the VP in charge of this (for either company) everyone would know enough to set aside your $$ to purchase the Motorola Droid Bionic and every other release of their premium handsets! I’d be smart enough to get your proverbial mouths watering when imagining what you can do with the latest handset and you wouldn’t begin to consider going to another brand. Alas, Moto and VZW aren’t exactly busting down my door asking for my services. In the meantime, we’re still stuck with rumors. I’ve waited this long and I likely won’t buy the Bionic until October after others have purchased the Bionic, tested it, then reported on its quality. It’ll be up to Moto to produce an unbeatable handset with an attractive price. If they don’t make it worth the wait, I finally hear Apple calling as well as LG, HTC, Samsung…

    • Charlie Plummer says

      The specs have been leaked.  You can find them on different sites.  They do not publish the release dates, because you have 30 days to return a phone with no questions asked when you purchase it from Verizon.  If they published the release date in advance a lot of people who have been waiting for the Bionic would go get a thuderbolt or other 4g device and try it out for a month and then take it back when the Bionic or other device they want is released.

  3. Aza32 says

    Hate the mets… Love the phone! I’ve been tracking the phone since January and I am anxious for it’s release.

  4. Felix_leadfingers says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.  If the Bionic doesn’t launch with something new, like 720p, or Tegra3 it’s going to be a flop.

  5. Steen says

    Be serious…The launch will happen in early September. With the impending announcement of iPhone 4S, Motorola has to get it out before the return policy falls within it’s timeframe. Additionally, it won’t flop, there’s been enough hype; deservedly or not; that they will sell half-a-million in the 4th quarter. 

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