What Google Buying Motorola Could Mean for the Droid Bionic

Earlier today, Google and Motorola announced that Google would be purchasing the latter for 12.5 billion dollars. Motorola will function as a separate entity from Google but that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes. In fact, Google states that it wants to “supercharge” Android. In other words, it wants to keep making Android better and it hopes buying out Motorola will keep them on that path.

But what does this mean for Motorola devices and more specifically, its upcoming flagship device, the Motorola Droid Bionic? In my opinion, the deal could mean two things might happen.

Both good.

Droid Bionic

First though, I want to be clear, I don’t see the Droid Bionic as a whole being changed by this acquisition. It’s too far into development, it’s currently out in the wilds in its final form, battery life is said to be great, and Motorola still expects it to launch in September.


I don’t think anything will be different a launch. However, I think the future of the Droid Bionic may have been altered by this purchase, a future that suddenly seems a whole lot brighter than it did yesterday.

Potentially Awesome Thing #1

Ice Cream SandoGoogle is not going to play favorites with Motorola phones because it’ll tick off other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung. Google even stated that Motorola will operate as a separate entity from Google.

However, you can’t dispute that this purchase will bring the companies closer together and because of that, I think that Motorola phones will be quicker to get major Android updates.

What does that mean for the Droid Bionic? Well, it means that Ice Cream Sandwich could come a whole lot faster when it’s released later this year. The point of the merger was to “supercharge” Android and I think part of that is Google wanting to get major updates out to phones not called Nexus in a much quicker fashion and the Droid Bionic could be the starting point.

Potentially Awesome Thing #2

In the past, Motorola phones have been extremely hard to customize because of precautions the manufacturer has put into place. Specifically, Moto has locked down the bootloaders on phones rendering customization nearly impossible. The practice  has definitely turned plenty of people to other companies who phones possess bootloaders that can could be unlocked more easily.


Google’s Nexus device have no such issues and Motorola has even stated that it will be unlocking bootloaders in the future and I think it’s possible that this partnership could speed up the bootloader process for the Droid Bionic.

Google now has the ability to put pressure on Motorola to put this into effect and with HTC already offering an unlocking process for the HTC Sensation, it would make sense to get Motorola on that level. It wants to “supercharge” Android after all. Now, will it have an unlocked bootloader at launch? I doubt it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come at some point after launch.

So, I don’t see Google buying out Motorola affecting the Motorola Droid Bionic’s present condition but I could certainly see how it might work wonders for the Droid Bionic in the future.

What do you guys and gals think?


  1. I cannot wait for this phone to come out. Luckily my contract is going out in 4 months when it will most likely be out. I hope it won’t cost a fortune!

  2. Once the deal go through it doesnt matter what they tell the media, they could do whatever they want… They could rename Motorola, google mobile if they so chose lol

  3. It will be interesting to see what Larry Page does with Sanjay Jha.  Will he be in charge of the Motorola division or given a golden parachute?

    I would love to know what percentage of people who have purchased Android phones have taken advantage of an unlocked bootloader when available.  I would also like to know how many people have actually rooted their phones.

    I think this deal could be a good deal for Motorola customers both current and especially future customers. I certainly hope that both of your potently awesome things become reality.

    • The only reason I didn’t root mine was because I was too worried about voiding my contract.  I take my phones in to get looked at pretty often (I text much more than average, and the keys on my OG droid get bloating, and coming off), and I didn’t want to deal with un-rooting, and rooting again. 

  4. For me, the acquisition just solidifies my decision to go wait for the Bionic vs. with something like the Samsung GS2. I agree that Google needs to be very careful not to jeopardize their relationship with the other hardware mfrs but let’s face it, there are bound to be some advantages of going having an “all Google platform”.

  5. Google, I have but one request: KILL MOTOBLUR!!! Motorola could differentiate itself by doing something revolutionary like being the ONLY major company to sell nothing but pure vanilla Android devices. Seriously, someone’s got to do it.

    • have you ever seen a social networking app/widget/all in one updating stream better than MOTO blur….i haven’t and it’s one of the reasons why i live moto. I’ve tried LG’s HTC’s and Sammy’s they all, IMHO, suck in comparison to MOTO’s social networking tool/s. and before anyone ask I”ve even purchased a few apps they still dont offer the function of moto blur at least on my x or x2 not sure about the bionic yet though…

      • Ok, I’ll give you that but they could offer these things as installable/uninstallable apps. Moto has apps in the Market (Droid light comes to mind) so they could easily offer these “features” as apps instead of using up space and cpu by adding it as bloat on EVERY handset. 

        What if someone does come out with a better AIO social networking app that you love? wouldn’t you rather be able to uninstall the one that you’re using currently, rather than having it just sit and take up space?

        I shouldn’t have said that I want Google to “kill” Motoblur. What I should’ve said is that I don’t feel ANY oem should be forcing their bloat on customers. The Market is capable of filtering results based on hardware so the manufacturers should submit their “themes” and “widgets” to the Market as exclusive apps for their customers. You could have a full Blur experience if you wanted, I could stick with Vanilla and the next guy could pick and choose.

  6. I’m very happy that Google has purchased Motorola.  Simply because it shows incentive and intention by Google.  They have been pretty quiet for a few months and I was getting a little nervous.  This acquisition tells me that Google has an idea, maybe a plan.  I can’t wait to see what happens because of it.  I’m looking forward to consistency and and maybe a standard.  I hope that it will unlock the potential that lives in Android quicker.

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  8. What would be best is if Google scrapped the MotoBlur inerface all together and released it with stock Android.

  9. What would be best is if Google scrapped the MotoBlur inerface all together and released it with stock Android.

    • That would be GREAT! Then there would be no real reason to root/ROM the phone because that’s the only reason people do it… To remove the skinned UI, because it Hurts the Performance of the Phone, Motorola! lol

    • That would be GREAT! Then there would be no real reason to root/ROM the phone because that’s the only reason people do it… To remove the skinned UI, because it Hurts the Performance of the Phone, Motorola! lol

  10. It surprises me that Google bought Motorola, but I love both of the companies, and I was waiting for the Bionic anyway, so this has to be a GREAT merger of companies for the mobile phone enthusiast. Particularly Motorola. I don’t have an upgrade available, so I’m going to drop the money it costs for the phone flat-out and I will be smiling while I do it. Who else is buying it flat-out, or do most people just have an upgrade they are waiting for?

    • buying two cash one to replace my X2 and the other to replace my wifes Charge….but i have a hell of a plan unlimited talk, text data two phone w/ insurance and road side for sub 200……

  11. potentially awsome thing number #3
    No more moto blur!

    Potentially awsome thing #4
    Sanjay jha gets fired by google for making the damn bionic take so long to hit the market

  12. Um, it’ll take another year just to conclude the purchase.  It will have no impact on the Bionic at all I’m afraid.  And little impact on the Droid RAZR.  Now the phones that come out in early 2013 maybe…

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