Google Nexus Prime Might Be Headed to Verizon

NexusAs of yet, we haven’t seen a Nexus device his Verizon’s network. Both the Nexus One and Nexus S have hit all three other major U.S. carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint which has left Verizon customers out in the cold. Fortunately, that might change with the upcoming release of the Google Nexus Prime as TechnoBuffalo is reporting that the device has made its way to the halls of Verizon Wireless.

No indication if it’s in testing or if some executive has been waltzing around with a mysterious, awesome looking device. That being said, the device is supposed to feature a 4.5-inch, full 720p display – that’s 1280 x 720 resolution folks – and will of course come with Google’s latest and greatest software, Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other than that, no details, but boy, does that sound like an appealing handset. As for a release, we’ve heard October, and that means that this could be a bigger launch then the previous devices.

If this launch does happen in October, Google will need to make a big splash. After all, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be coming out that month and the Goog is going to want to take away as many customers as possible from the new iPhone and iOS 5.

A full-fledged launch rather than one solely on T-Mobile or Sprint would probably be the ticket to do just that.

Who’s in for a Nexus Prime on Verizon?



  1. Anonymous says

    I for one am pretty damn excited, especially since I’ve been holding out on my upgrade. It was between a Bionic, SSGS2, or this. . I’d have to say that I’m def leaning towards the Nexus

  2. JP says

    A Nexus on Verizon: two great tastes that taste great together (as long as it has LTE 4G)! 

  3. Blueice1995 says

    My contract is up October 28 and if this phone releases that month I’m all in..I’m looking for 1.5ghz dual core or more of power though along with 4g, faster fps 1080p recording and a 4″ HD amoled.

  4. James says

    Hopefully this generation of devices has penta (or is it hexa) band radios so they can be used on any gsm/wcdma carrier (ie, I can use this new Nexus device on Wind up here in Canada, they use the same 3G frequency as T-Mobile).

    Frankly, that’s the one thing that has me most nervous about the AT&T – T-Mo merger, handset availability for us Canadians on the new carriers up here.

  5. Efrain3282 says

    Its soooo hard to decide! I WANTED the bionic, but not sure now with the delays and supposed price for a phone that is basically 8 months out dated!

  6. Astro461 says

    I hope verizon doesn’t load the nexus with their usual bloatware. Verizon coverage is actually bad near me; I usually cannot initiate a call. So I’m happy to see we will have a choice of network.

    • Joe Mamma says

      The point of the Nexus devices is that they don’t have any crapware. It’s vanilla Android and nothing else. Easiest in the world to unlock: “fastboot oem unlock” so rooting is a snap. Bleeding edge Android goodness and nothing else…ahhhh (:

  7. Enoel69 says

    It will be a big mistake if the new Nexus doesn’t launch on its original home Magenta and the other carriers that have carried and supported it since its inception. A lot of these Nexus customers are loyal to their carriers (won’t want to migrate to other networks) and love the pure vanilla Android experience offered by the Nexus. It is only logical for Google to bring the new Nexus to them and their carriers. Maybe a Nexus with multi bands and radios.. or one that will work on the two GSM carriers Tmo n Att and another for the CDMA carriers Sprint n Verizon. Either way i want the new Nexus on Tmobile.

  8. vbscript2 says

    Nexus Prime on Verizon would be great, considering they’re not launching the Galaxy S II. This, of course, assumes that said Nexus Prime is LTE. LTE + dual-core Android + HD AMOLED display = win.

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