Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Goes On Sale, Banks on Productivity

The ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo is finally up for sale on the Lenovo site. This Android tablet includes a collection of features you won’t find on every Android tablet like Netflix, handwriting recognition and a Thinkpad keyboard folio — to name a few.

The ThinkPad Tablet is a 10.1″ device that runs Android 3.1 and includes Dataviz Documents to Go so that you can be productive right out of the box. There are also other apps like Computrace Mobile by Absolute Software which allows the company to locate or wipe the device if it is lost or stolen.

We took a look at the ThinkPad Tablet last month, and have a closer look at the Android tablet in a video below.

The big sell for this tablet is the productivity which Lenovo hopes you’ll gain from the ThinkPad Keyboard folio, handwriting recognition and the Lenovo App Shop, which has a collection of apps that have been tested to work with the ThinkPad Tablet.

ThinkPad Android Tablet with Pen
ThinkPad Android Tablet with Pen

Normally, I’d be concerned for another $499 Android Tablet that has to compete with the iPad, but I think Lenovo has a chance at succeeding in the business market where corporate buyers are already comfortable with Lenovo products and Lenovo support. The focus on productivity will also help, but I’m guessing Lenovo will need to ship a few of these out to companies to get them to bite, and to get employees to adopt them — especially if they already have a personal iPad in use.

The ThinkPad Tablet retails for $499, or for $529 with the digitizer pen that allows you to use the handwriting recognition software. Businesses will appreciate the ability to purchase extended warranty options and priority support from Lenovo. The ThinkPad keyboard folio case retails for $99. You can purchase the ThinkPad Tablet and accessories starting today.

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    • I would agree with this as long as there are full featured apps that support pen input and note-taking such as OneNote.  I haven’t yet seen a demo of the pen input yet.

  1. Now THIS looks more like I’ve been wanting, for WORK and some play, instead of the other way round.

    I too look forward to seeing more on the pen.

    If the pen is good, I’d like to see a 8.9″ version without necessarily a matching keyboard (one can presumably use a BT folding keyboard to pair) that would enable it to be the practical handwritten notebook in my pocket and on my desk.

  2. Is it in fact going to be offered in the local retailers; IE: Best Buy or ?? If so, I was set to buy it yet one can only order it from Lenovo or Dyamism from what I found.

  3. I ordered mine at 2ama this morning, but Lenovo has already pushed the shipping date back to 9/12 from 8/29. Lenovo does this all the time. Why not wait to sell the product until it is in stock. They lost alot of potential sales to college students because of this delay. I will see about getting a discount since they changed my ship date without notice. I will be able to do about 95% of my work on this and leave my macair 1111 at home. Active digitizer, with handwriting recognition and a Thinkpad keyboard will be a productive combo.

  4. I’ve had this tablet for less than one month and am finding it very hard to put down. Battery was a disappointment but surprisingly has gotten significantly better. The scriptnotes recognizes 90-95 % of my chicken scratch and the same with my 7 yr old’s ‘hand writing’. Would recommend without hesitation. Remember, I’m still learning the many aps and will update if things change.

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