HTC Holiday Photos Leak Out: AT&T 4G LTE, Massive Display

We’ve been waiting for the HTC Holiday to make another appearance and thankfully, our prayers were answered today when Engadget posted some more photos of the AT&T-bound monster showing off its form factor and a brief glimpse at its software.

This phone is likely going to be one of AT&T’s first, if not the first, 4G LTE smartphones and after hearing the specifications, I have a pretty good feeling that none of you will have a problem with that.

First things first. This is a massive phone. It’s going to feature a 4.5-inch qHD touchscreen akin to the Samsung Infuse 4G. A lot of you have been waiting for a 4.5-inch 4G LTE phone so this might be worth checking out.

HTC Holiday

In addition, it’s apparently going to feature a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera in the rear, 1.3MP front facing camera, and 1GB of memory. It’ll also arrive with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and HTC Sense 3.0.


As for the name, HTC Holiday might not be the retail name with HTC Waikiki apparently being the front runner for its actual name. Personally, I like Holiday better but those of you who love Hawaii will probably be excited to see a superphone named after one of its neighborhoods.

No word on a release date but seeing as though AT&T has yet to launch its 4G LTE network, I would assume that it won’t be arriving until the winter months.

Any one going to be holding out for this?


    • That was actually the first thing  that crossed my mind when I saw it. No idea why they did that. Maybe to house a huge battery? No idea but I agree with you.

  1. I agree.  The back doesn’t look too spectacular, but I’ll probably put a case on it.  I currently have a Captivate and have been waiting for the Galaxy S II, which Samsung will probably announce Monday (and I love Samsung products), but HTC makes solid devices and I’m anxious to see the two heads-up against each other…

  2. I owned a 5 lb. bag phone in the early days of cell phones.  This could be a six inch phone so far as I care and it still wouldn’t bother me.  People have gotten too spoiled with “small” and if cell phones are being repositioned to serve as mobile computers, then ergonomics is going to demand they return to a larger size out of necessity.

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