Interactive Smartphone Map Highlights iPhone and Android Demographics

As smartphones become an extension of us, way we identify ourselves in public and online, we are starting to see new demographic trends matching up to smartphone ownership.

Whether you have an iPhone, are waiting for an iPhone 5, or are toting an Android or BlackBerry, you can check out an interesting interactive smartphone map to see how your state stacks up with smartphone ownership.

Smartphone Demographic trends
iPhone Ownership vs. Wealthiest States

Even more interesting, you can see how smartphone ownership stacks up to,

  • Race
  • Income
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Population Density
  • Political Parties

While these results can’t be directly tied to the preferences of a particular demographic in a scientific manner, it is interesting to see how you and your state stack up to the rest of the smartphone owning public.

Head over to The Atlantic to use the interactive map and compare the different demographics against the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry ownership stats.

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    • Exactly. The fact that they use the term, ‘Droid,’ is a credibility issue. This confusing, glitchy demographic map appears to just be someone’s opinion or a regurgitation of what he/she read on the web

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