Amazon: Kindle Touch Won’t Browse Web Over 3G

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  1. VPC

    That’s it, no upgrade for us unless the Touch gets 3g Browsing!

  2. MaryMc

    It definately isn’t much of an upgrade, although I did hear that the wifi browser in the Touch was both faster loading pages and simpler to use than the keyboard.  I use my Kindle as a backup for my netbook…easier to check email while reading rather than boot up another device.  But, sadly, I won’t be doing that.  I would’ve paid more than the 139 just to have the built in 3G… I paid 189 (if I remember) for my past 2 kindles….. it is great they are offering a cheaper device to bring ereaders to more people… but for those of us loyal to their eink devices, this was a take-away.

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