How Long Will the iOS 5 Upgrade Take?

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  1. Anonymous

    … still not coming

    • Adsfadfs

      its up

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, at first I got superb speed and about half it drop to very slow speed :(

    • Wdillon869

      I’m dl today, 15 hours. I have not the patience for this.

  2. Justin

    apple where is that f*cking update

  3. Jaret Frappier

    its here, but servers are so bogged down its taking forever to download

    • JamesFrap

      I’m downloading.  Says 40 minutes and I’m on my work’s network that can d/l at 10mps easy.

  4. Amplover

    its here!!

  5. Pete

    im downloading at a super slow speed… whats up with that ? 

    • Jaret Frappier

      It’s called stop downloading so I can get it faster… :P  Damn server overload…

    • Rsmartliving

      Hi just to let you know I have high speed Internet and it’s taking me 10 hours.

  6. ios5

    it has been live for 10 minutes now…

  7. Sumo_1983

    Downloading iOS 5 now

  8. iOS5

    for users whose iTunes are unable to prompt you for the update, probably you are not using the previous version (4.3.5). download the old version and go to your iTunes > help > check for updates. it will prompt you the latest version of iOS 5.

    • Chelsea

      how do i do that? i have the latest iTunes (10.5) but still nothing 

  9. Jpearso

    It is live.  I downloaded it about 10 minutes ago.

  10. Dan

    Finally downloading! 18:15 GMT – London. Yay! :)

    • Mg

      REALLY SLOW 4 hours remaining to download

      • Kk26995

        Me too….

      • John

        Yeah it’s taking me two hours. 25-88 minutes is bull crap.

      • Sharadkandoi17

        Its been an hr and still says 4 hrs more. stopped once in between and had to start it all over again. Arghhhh!!!! Its so depressing…

  11. FD.PRO

    i have to wait 48min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  12. Chelsea

    my iTunes does not say there is an update for iOS 5 !! what do i do???

    • Mg

      Did you update your itunes to 10.5?

      If yes click on your device in itunes and manually hit update

    • Carmenmaranda

      Click on check for updates wholes. Your phone is plugged up…takes a while to complete!

  13. Watdamu

    it says  6 hours …for ios 5 !!! 

    • Mg
      10/12/2011 connection timed out

  14. Smokinguitarist

    Do I need to sync with my main computer?  I am at work and did not bring my Macbook Pro with me. 

  15. Stage

    wow… backup has been going for about 10 minutes already, and i’m about 7% done. wtf?

    • Stage

      …I take that back, more like 5%, and hasn’t moved since my last post. Already took me an hour to download the update. This is ridiculous!

  16. Jeffequevilley

    finished the download and at the last minute it said server timed out wtf

  17. Dooey

    restoring has taken 40min….should I restart it?

  18. Phirun Cheng

    Does anyone knows why my backing up is taking so long?
    I sync my phone almost daily so I have idea why it’s taking this long.

    • Ilovemusicpeace

      mine is taking forever also..

    • Jhunt1216

      so is mine

    • Devlinteboyofsheep

      Overnight – still not backed up

    • Adc Biz


  19. Soxfancruz1

    Its been backing up my phone now for over 40 minutes. Is it stuck? Should i start over? 

  20. Anonymous

    I’m leaving it for tommorow, mainly because it 20:44 and it says I have 5 hours to wait. Just to download it.

  21. HorrorQueen

    I’m downloading it. Got 100mb/s internet and the download says 3 hours remaining!!!

  22. Rangelsamuel

    Mine keeps seeming like it is freezing on the backup up section

    • Sparklestar1998

      Mine has been on the backup stage for nearly an hour

  23. Buzz

    My jailbroken 3rd gen ipod wont update. please help. it says internal error.

    • Briellejade

      Restore it to factory setting (unjailbreak it). Back up files before you restore and then try your iOS update.

  24. Rangelsamuel

    Anyone had any success getting there phone updated mine keeps freezing and can’t tell if it is doing anything or not.

    • Oakcrest3

      My phone verifying iPhone restore with apple for about an hour now!!

  25. cmcfyjr2

    Took 61 minutes to DL, it’s been backing up iPhone for 15 minutes and the meter has barely registered….at this rate it will take hours!

    • Jhunt1216

      yea I have been staring at a little bar of green for hours

  26. Come on Apple!

    iOS 5 still downloading started it at two 50 and it says 5 hours still

  27. Philippe Lemay

    Mine told me it was going to take 12 hours, then after a while the ETA jumped to 24 hours, then it timed out and disconnected.  lol

    No surprise here at all.  Windows has always been horrible with iOS updates in my opinion.  about 66% the time my device completely crashes and I have to reinstall everything (iTunes included) and I lose all my data.  These days I manually back up all my contact info and my calenders, I just don’t trust iTunes to keep it safe.

  28. Dieselxx_

    My backing up has taken over an hour…….. im still waiting

  29. Kk26995

    4 hours reamaining????

  30. wethackrey

    Ninety minutes would be a godsend.  My iPhone 4 is taking FOREVER.  The restore failed the first time.  Finally got the thing onto iOS5 but the “syncing music” step is moving into hour four and is about 80% complete.  So far I’m 6 1/2 hours in.  This is on a new Mac Mini, the media server machine I syn my phone to.  On a separate endeavor, updating my iPad 2 on my MacBook Pro is moving into hour three.  Pretty nuts!

  31. Petersomjit

    It took me 30 minutes just to update to itunes 10.5 and its on a MAC pro with OS x lion and based on this effin post, I think its bs

  32. Mmartinez1503

    Man this update says 12 hours remaining!!!!

  33. Alclark19
  34. Huttell Burnett


  35. Ms Briggy

    My itunes says 6 hours!!! WTF

  36. Tucstwo

    The most hilarious part of this article is that because of how bogged down the servers are, it’s been over 4 hours and I still only have 70% of this 700mb file! iTunes estimates 6 hours total. What a joke.

  37. Rsmartliving

    Hello apple users for those of you who are wondering wth is going on with your ios5 update, apple has too many people down Loading their devices at the same time and the server can barley handle it! Apple is working on it! My download has taken a good 10 hours.

  38. Dorner96

    I’m just trying to dowload the IOS 5 to my IPod Touch 4G, but i an not having much luck, as well it is taking FOREVER!!!

    • Sparklestar1998

      Same here.. download took 15 minuites but the back up of my Ipod Touch 4G is still doing it and has been for over an hour

  39. Mars1216

    my backup of my iPhone is lasting 4 hrs

  40. jhunt1216

    I have been backing up my iPhone for 3 hours and only a little green in the box and it does not look like it is moving

  41. H Montavia

    My pc says 6 hours lololol i need it before 6:30 tommorow morning lol school

  42. jhunt1216

    now my back up stopped but it did not update the software

  43. Kayjbebout13

    33 hours to update my iphone wtf??????what is going on i cant wait 33 hours for this to download please help

    • JJ Castro Jr

      Really, WOW you know I left it downloading for 16 hours and got fed up with it so I had to take out. Now, I left it for 12 hours and It’s very frsutrating. Is it the internet connection or the servers from apple?

  44. yerich

    I think that it will take several more hours and a lawyer to read through the battery of user agreements.

  45. Austin Cooper

    Hi Folks, my Iphone 3gs has been restoring iphone software after ios 5 upgrade for nearly 3 hours and is only a third of the way through – can anyone confirm if this is normal?

    • Barrylew

      My 16Gig iPad 1 has been running the update for over 3 hours. It is now into the restore phase and I estimate another 3 hours. The Ipad has a pretty full hard drive but this backup and restore speed is unacceptably slow

  46. Tyler

    Ha I wish. I took me 2 hours just to download it onto my desktop. I still have yet to install it into my iPad.

  47. James

    5 hours so far and still no end in sight!

  48. Lolateehee

    I waited four hours for it to Dowoad and nothing happened.

  49. James

    13 hours later, it tells me that that the back up session failed

  50. Kamran_malik123

    im dying here about to pass out nw

  51. Pak00786

    if u want update put ur luee in the air

  52. Raul_sinzz

    hey people its sayin restoring firmware n it goin on for ages wat to do?

  53. Beck

    Man it sucks to be you guys, I just downloaded the whole update in 10 minutes. SHER HOPE THE RE-STORE GOES THAT FAST

  54. Jasonlrothfeld

    I tried it on my ipad 2 it said 4 hours and then 4 hours came by nothing not much progress. After 6.5 hours it said the network was down. I  have comcast/Xfinity and it is horrible so I blame comcast. But where I am we cant get verizon and the only other was optimum and they are horrible.

  55. Cease

    The download of the Itunes and to download the ios 5 was pretty fast… Now I am still waiting for the back up session… it looks like it froze… i barely see a little bit of the green bar… its been almost half an hour… does this happen to u? thanks,

  56. Klakjw1

    I just want to say that 90 minutes is not long enough. U should let it update overnight because it is telling me that it will tale about 7 hours. It took about 6 to update iTunes. Although my backup was quick. Why would you get a new phone if u updated your old one. It will be pretty much the same thing. That seems like a waste of money to me.

  57. Tammymont

    it says mine is gonna take NINE HOURS!!!!! THATS INSANE! NINE HOURS?!

  58. footdoctor

    Just got a new iPad2 – early xmas present! :-) Downloading iOS5, I know it will take a long time but since it’s my first time I’m just worried it’s not working. Is it normal for it to be showing the apple logo & intermittently bleeping, giving a glimpse of a screen saying iPad. Also it no longer shows up on iTunes as a device!

  59. Casey

    It took about 5 hours for me.

  60. JJ Castro Jr

    I’m currently downloading the IOS 5 and It’s damn frustrating. I left it for 12 hours now and still syncing!! I dont know If It’s the internet speed connection or problem with the Itunes. I had the new 10.5 version of the Itunes installed. Can anyone give me an advice about this issue or are you all going through the same problem?

  61. Liezlvzyl

    Trying to download IOS 5 saying 8 hours remaining and I have adsl line :(

  62. Thesteveo187

    Waste of time – Why can’t the competitors just come out with a decent copy of the i-phone – Apple updates are always a screw up!!

  63. Lynne_aB_o_O

    Sixteen hours and counting. Not very happy with this, means I’ll have to leave it running while I go out today :(

  64. Lancem_13

    Why does it say 51 HOURS remaining?! And then it keeps stopping and saying error?! So frustrating!!!!

  65. Desdrl

    Crap took me 5 hours, and my iphone apps were not restored to their previous state. I lost 4 weeks of medical app data. All this even tho i backed up before the update.

  66. Gret-john

    Perhaps 5th time is a charm?  Is it really supposed to take DAYS to updgrade to the 5.0 version on the I Pad?  No idea what I’m doing wrong…

  67. saren

    mine is stuck at the backup for more than 5 hours now..any way to speed it up? i am using 3gs btw

  68. Ryan_2009_48

    It’s been backing up for 3 hours. This is dumb.

  69. Crlmom23

    Literally took all day. I started the process at 9am and it finished at 5:30pm. Updated my calendar and tried to resync – had to stop it after 2.5 hrs.

  70. Pam

    This issue has gone on for a long time.  I myself have tried this update for my ipad 10-12 times.  I always get timed out.  Even apple care not helpful.  Anybody got any ideas?

  71. Tfehler

    so far it has taken 3 hours, and that was to get to a state with all my music and apps completely stripped off.  It said it would put them back on as part of the restore, but now i have to redo that all manually.  Apple sucks!

  72. Kaushik Bhattacharya

    Well my download got over properly in less than an hour but the story of back up process is going on, just an hour over and the status bar taking its own sweet time, God knows when would it be over, and what would be the outcome ?? Hope everything remains fine !!

  73. Kristal

    How big is the actually update??

  74. Caitlinisnotonfire

    25-88 minutes?! Mine has been on for 2 hours and it’s still got 23 minutes left! ._.

  75. Dee4505

    started 1 hr ago …….and still 4 hrs to go.  This is my 3rd attempt. Keep losing connection…what the heck is going on with this software update?

  76. Helenroberts2010

    had to stop my back up after 15 hours.  Have re-started the back up again but looks like it might take a good few hours again.  Can an assistant at an apple store not do this quicker for you?  really frustrating…

  77. Shenaalnonis

    iTunes says “Verifying iPhone restore with Apple” and its been like this for over an hour! Took 2 hours to download the update, 30 minutes to backup,etc and now im stuck! Should i disconnect or will that screw up my iPhone 3GS? =( Please help me!

  78. Crazy_little_whitegirl23

    mine says 24 hours holy cow this is not cool at all….

  79. Emmy0148

    still more 9hours to go after 5hours. this is a shirt

  80. frustrated mum

    We have been going for 7 hours is this normal??? as a parent trying to keep up with modern technology all i can say is go back to cd’s a whole lot easier

  81. Keith

    90 minutes? No way! Been at it like 16 hours and it’s not done yet. Be prepared for a multi-day ordeal! By the way my Android OS update took like five minutes – just like installing an app!

  82. mimogesa

    wow really 90 mins.? that sucks..mine is still not finished & it’s been 5 hours already? i guess it really has something to do with the contents of my phone…i”ve used almost 10 Gb in my iphone..oh well i guess i still have to wait..

    i never thought it would take more than 90 mins. to update.

  83. Joe

    It is almost 2 days. My computer was continuously busy to back up! Oh, just for this Upgrade, my PC can go FUCKED UP! Apple is a fucked up company. They produced iPhone what cant work without their own Mac. But, a cheating technique iTunes for Windows they have! How much really efficient iTunes? to load 235 MB Music from a Sony Vaio, it takes 15 hours! Tomorrow i will put my motherfucking iPhone in ebay. If I find Steves Jobs, i will kick his ass. A real asshole!

    • Mike

      Steve Jobs died?

      • Chanclas


  84. Alex

    Mine is going to take “170 hours” that’s what the notifier says.
    If i leave mine on over night 8:00p.m. – 7:00a.m. it get’s 1/8 of the way done. RIDICUOLOUS!!!!!!!!!

  85. happy tree friends

    finally finished after 9hrs now time for a nap

  86. juma matiki

    its frustrating updating this software Apple should do something about it takes longer than expected

  87. Steve

    Everybody has been referring to an approx download time that the system was providing you. I’m hearing all of these horrific number of hours. My problem is that I don’t know if it is even doing anything at all. All I see is a little popup box in the middle of the screen that says, “Contacting the iPhone software update server.

    Does that mean that it hasn’t even been able to connect to the server to start the download process. Its been sitting on this same screen for about 6 hours. I am updating a 3GS iOS to the 5.1. If it really takes 5,10,15,20 hours to complete like some of you are saying, then that’s what it is and I’ll have to deal with it. I just don’t want to wait for nothing if it hasn’t even started it yet. Where does it tell you how much time is left for the download. I can’t find that information. Can anyone help.

  88. AbbasAdejonwo

    That’s is a complete and utter LIE!! I am performing the software update at this minute, and it says that it should take just over an hour so in total it is much longer than what is stated.

    • AbbasAdejonwo

      It now says 2 bloody hours. P.S. I am downloading iOS 5.1.1. which only has a few more perks than iOS 5. Any decent, truthful help would suffice within the next 40 minutes.

  89. pems

    its taking me more than 20 hours to down load ios6. wtf

  90. pems

    is it ok to upgrade from ios 4 to ios 6 straight away?

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