Poll: Has Your iOS 5 Upgrade Gone Smoothly?

Today was supposed to be a fantastic day for those with an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad touch. And that’s because today is iOS 5 launch day, a day that many of you have been waiting for since WWDC 2011 or longer. Myself included.

Unfortunately, the upgrade process has been anything but smooth for me and the rest of the iDevice users here at GBM and I get the feeling that those problems are probably mutual.

In fact, I am seeing all sorts of tweets and getting all sorts of emails about people that are having issues getting iOS 5 on their iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4. Let’s make one thing clear. You are not alone.

iPad 2 iOS 5 Update

I have been trying to get iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 for about four hours now. I’ve tried five times for both devices and each time, I can’t get past the point where iTunes needs to verify the back up information.


The error I’ve been getting is Error 3200.

Then, when I click on ‘More Information’, Apple fails to come up with a remedy. I’ve tried rebooting my phone and my computer. I’ve also fiddled with all sorts of stuff in iTunes, which by the way, has been updated to iTunes 10.5, something that Apple forced me to do.

Needless to say, the process has been mind numbingly frustrating and I’ve given up hope for the time being. I’ve updated my iPhone many times in the past and I’ve never had any problems, until today.

You’d think, because I write about stuff like this on a daily basis, that I would know what to do. But I don’t.

And Apple doesn’t seem to either.

So, that’s my story. I’d love to hear about yours.

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  1. Upgraded to IOS 5 and now only music purchased from iTunes will play.
    Any music not previously purchased through iTunes will not play.
    Any body else have this issue?

  2. Need a fourth option.  I haven’t tried upgrading yet.  And I don’t plan on it, not until at least the weekend and possibly not even then.  Like another article said, I’ll let the dust settle first.

  3. It took me 5 tries.  Now it is bogging down during the install process after verification.  Apple servers are just not up to the task apparently…  what else is new.  

  4. I keep getting that “Internal Error” , every time i get up to a certain point in the upgrading… what’s going on apple?!

  5. getting the same “Internal error Message” for both my iPad and iPod,  all my Macs updated fine. Glad to hear i’m not alone!

  6. I have been having a variety of problems.  Got my 3GS updated, but without any of the software I’ve purchased.  The Ipad 2 keeps failing on backup — same message as you — or because it says that the update server is not available.

  7. Kept getting all sorts of errors (with codes), but after 5 or 6 tries, was able to get it to work on my iPad2 (i had previously upgraded my iPhone 4 without any issues)

  8. Mine has now wiped the old software, and failed whilst installing the new one. My computer won’t register it, and i can’t turn the phone on or off no matter what i try. all i have is a black screen with the apple logo. there is nothing i can do, i can’t even restore my old settings. massive fucking N1 apple.

  9. ive literally been fucking with my iphone all day, first 2 times got stuck in recovery mode i thought i bricked it and went as far as to book an appointment at the apple store,until trying another USB port worked and itunes recognized it, now im stuck getting error 3014 whenever it tries to restore, error 3014 is an “unknown error” and when you click more information it takes you to this blank page http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275 what a massive clusterfuck by Apple. my phone is completely fucking useless!

  10. I spent 2 hours trying to download iOS 5. I finally did but one major problem. It won’t let me download apps from the app store. It lets me put in my password and then takes me to the home page. Then it just says waiting. I let it go for about 5 minutes. Didn’t change. Any help would be a great help!

  11. Numerous attempts, several error messages (3004), now ‘internal error’.  iPhone 4 now not working at all.  Can’t restore to backup.  Spinning wheel of death alternating with Apple logo.  DFU mode doesn’t help either. Using ‘option’ to restore to old iOS copy doesn’t work either.  Not exactly impressed so far :-(

  12. I got it installed. Took 2 hours complete start to finish. Only problem was all my email messages were missing after the upgrade bu everything else was OK.

  13. My iPad 2 is useless now. Nice showing Apple!!! Top notch!! I hope this is not a foreshadowing of Apple without Steve (RIP)

  14. Had trouble updating IOS 5 until I updated Lion, even though I had checked  for an update, Tuesday night there was one tonight.   After that everything went great.

  15. Everytime the software update finishes downloading, it keeps giving me a message that says that my ipad was corrupted and to try again later. Now, it’s my third attempt to update and I’m thinking it wont work out smoothly again. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

  16. iOS5 finally updated my iPad2, but wiped out all my pictures, all my music, and all my apps….I do have my email browser and network settings that were in tact…..

  17. I’ve given up altogether, after trying for over 24hrs to update my 3gs and reading a load of stories of iPhones not working properly after update I cant afford for my phone to not work I need it for my business. Will Apple sort any problems if it all goes wrong? No they will charge me cause my phone is 2 years old even though its their balls up. I am a massive Apple fan but Droid have been running most of the things in this update for years and now Apple have tried to match it and FAILED wonderfully! 

  18. I’m having trouble with the onscreen keyboard on my iPad 1 after the upgrade. It shows up in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom, which sometimes bucks out the window I am trying to type in. Anyone else?

  19. iOS5 installed with no problems-other than the fact that it wiped my itunes clean! my pictures were left on my ipod, but my music and apps were wiped off of not only my ipod but also my itunes library. It recognizes my ipod and I’m signed in to my apple account but nothing. It even wiped my pictures off of my computer, they were saved through itunes. Does anyone know how I can recover them? I don’t care as much about the music as I do the pictures/videos-I’m a mom and they’re of my kids!

  20. I upgraded and it re-loaded every email I have received since getting the iPhone4.  How can I delete them all at once

  21. I have iOS5 installed but I don’t think it was worth it at all. I lost probably 35-40% of my apps, and the apps I didnt lose I had to reload and reorganize. And yes I transferred purchases from my iPhone to PC first, sync and then updated just as apple told me to.

  22. I installed iOS5 and lost all of my contacts, my calendar, all music/videos and some apps. Restore from backup was useless as well.  

  23. I have lost all my calendar appointments. I have loads on there and can’t possibly remember all of them including past dates. I only managed to install the damn thing after 3 days, after I finally linked via a cable to the router and it still took all day and in failing to see what I’ve gained apart from somewhere to put bloody magazines and videos. Well I must say neither are particularly helpful to me at all. Needless to say in not impressed

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