HTC Vigor Sees 4G LTE, Global Roaming, and Real Name Confirmed

It has been awhile since we saw our old friend the HTC Vigor come to the surface so it’s refreshing to see that it’s still alive and ticking. The pulse comes in the form of a leak showing off Verizon’s internal system and it seems to confirm a couple of different things.

First, it tells us that the phone is going to have 4G LTE on board when it launches.

Second, it tells us that this will be a phone with global capabilities.

And third, it appears that we finally have the HTC Vigor’s real name which will, unsurprisingly, be the HTC Rezound.

HTC Rezound


None of that is set in stone as we haven’t had an announcement yet but it’s what you should expect when HTC finally reveals the device to the public. As for a release date or pricing, nothing of the sort is listed here so we’re still in the dark.

Last we heard, October 20th was the day, but seeing as though Samsung and Google will be announcing the Galaxy Nexus – a device that I think trumps the Vigor – on October 19th, it’ll like arrive days or weeks after.

So, how does the HTC Rezound sound?

Personally, I think they should have stuck with Vigor.

Via: Droid-Life


  1. I’m with you. With no Droid branding and a name like Rezound, I think I’ll wait for the Incredible HD or the Thunderbolt 2. Better yet, maybe I’ll go for the Galaxy Nexus Prime and not wait for an HTC phone with a decent name and/or brand. 

    • you are an extremely sorry excuse for a human being if you won’t buy something solely because you don’t like the name.

    • The name of the phone was what originally drew me to it.  I guess I’m another “sorry excuse for a human being” as well.

  2. I hope you aren’t serious that you base your purchasing decision on whether or not you liked a product’s name as opposed to its features or how it performs.

  3. “Last we heard, October 20th was the day, but seeing as though Samsung and Google will be announcing the Galaxy Nexus – a device that I think trumps the Vigor – on October 19th, it’ll like arrive days or weeks after.”
    I dunno how you can have the nerve to quote that article “comparing” the Nexus to the Vigor/Rezound…. Its such an ambiguous piece of laughable garbage I’m laughing about it just typing this!

    Perhaps I just answered my own question though?

  4. crap name but the phone will still be awesome nexus prime only seems better to people because of the ice cream os which is understandable but the only other thing it has going for it is the screen. vigor ftw 

  5. Other than being a “Vanilla” person… please explain how you feel that the Galaxy Nexus (or what ever it might be called) trumps the Vigor.

    Once again… talking out of the side of your face before you even have facts.

  6. Sorry, name means everything!! Would an iphone be a iphone, if it was name myPhone or theirPhone? Truth of the matter, name sells… my 2 cents…

  7. I could care less about what the name says on the phone. I care about the hardware that’s in it . Everyone is different ,but I think that it doesnt make any sence to possibly not buy a phone with some great guts and software solely because you don’t like the name.SMH!!!

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