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  1. Jaswanth Koppu

    the screen is to big ..it doesn’t fit in pocket. we need to hold the device all the time …

    the biggest drawback .. the smartphone screen size should not cross 4″ so that we keep the device in our pockets.

    • Sam P

      It’s 10mm wider and 15mm longer than an iPhone 4.  If that doesn’t fit in your pocket, you probably can’t fit a wallet in either. Now, I prefer to not load up my pockets myself, but when necessary, I can usually fit a rack-sized paperback in most of my pants pockets, and even a B&N Nook fits in some.

    • I have a_iphoner

      Stick to your iphones, I recall all the iphone fanboys were saying that 4″ is way to big for a phone (3.5″ is the perfect size), but with all the rumor mill going on earlier this month, before the actual specs of the iphone 4s came out (supposely iphone 5 rumors to be a 4″ screen) now it’s acceptable, really? Then I have to sit here and listen to iphoners sayiing 4g LTE is a gimick, i don’t care for it, it kills your battery and such, etc….

      To me 4g LTE (as of now) is like nitrious oxide (NOS), used it only when you needed it. When you need the extra pep, pressed the button and enjoy the ride! Why do we even need it, you asked? Well try downloading a 400mb file/game through your little 3g phone? Exactly, welcome to 2010 buddy!
      I was able to achieved that in 5 minutes!

      But, we all have our opinions and freedom of choice to choose (unless you own a iphone, lol…. not) The speeds are getting faster, screens are getting larger and thinner, welcome to ever changing world of technology, that is all…..

  2. Jemmans

    Seems a little bias here there was no comparison here it was just bashing the iPhone.

  3. Dod

    This article is awful.. it doesn’t have clear points between two devices.

  4. Sensible Post

    I think all these authors get kick-backs from whichever company they shine the most light on. Bottom line is your either going to buy android, apple or whatever floats your boat or what you can afford.

  5. johny

    can u help me? i dont know if the motorola droid razr will be able off-contract before december and i wonder if i could unlock it to use with other company

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