iPhone Hotspot Disappear After Upgrade? Here’s How To Quickly Fix

If you have paid for and set up the iPhone to be a wireless hotspot in the past, you might have been left wondering where your iPhone setting for creating it went when you upgraded to iOS 5 or got a new iPhone.

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And you’re not alone.Many people were frustrated and bewildered, including me, when we updated to find this feature that we were paying for absent from the new, shiny iOS.

Fortunately getting it back is pretty easy thanks to a tip from the guys at Tipb.com.



How to Fix Missing iPhone 4S Hotspot Settings

Just go into your Settings.

Go to General.

Scroll all the way down to Reset.

Choose Reset Network Settings.

Your phone will go ahead and shut down. When it starts back up, head over to Settings. You should see the hotspot setting back up and running.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, you may need to backup and do a full restore, but this is worth trying before you go down the long restore path.


  1. I just stumbled upon your article as my issue has resolved itself silently (4S/5.0) and I’m trying to find out how is that possible. I haven’t done anything you’ve mentioned to fix that.

  2. This is the matter of battery usage and not a software problem. The function simply disapears when the battery level drops or the phone is not connected through the power cord

  3. its really frustrating just got the new iPhone 4S and my most useful item was the hotspot, its gone.
    it has nothing to do with the battery as it is full. I reset my network setting, reset the whole thing, and NOTHING

  4. You can get the hotspot on the iphone 4s, they have moved
    the hotspot setting into the network settings, and all you have to do is: in
    settings go in to general then in network and select personal hotspot and turn
    it on.

  5. Guys, I’ve just found out that this f…g option is not visible until you enter Personal Hotspot Credentials in Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network 
    under “Internet Tethering section”

    If only you fill in the APN, Username, Password for the section, this option becomes available again!

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi the settings with APN works fine. You don’t even have to provide the real ones. Just imagine the APN name for yourself and setup user and password. You have to restart your phone to apply the changes. Thanks a lot :)

  7. Don’t listen to all the rest , hotspot is on settings / general / cellular / then turn personal hotspot on

  8. As you said to rest the network on I did bt still hotspot is missing how can I bring it back and why it has gone

  9. hi guys i did reset i ipohne 4s setting and then the personal hotspot disappeared i tried to to reset network setting but still don’t appear what can i do to get it back???

  10. All I did is went to general then cellular then turned on data roaming went back and I got hotspot back then went back and turned off data roaming and still had hot spot

    • for me the ‘general, reset’ didnt work but when i went to general, mobile data and set roaming to ‘on’ the hotspot reappeared. Iphone 4s running vers 6.1.1

  11. Hi All,
    Here is the simple answer for iOS 5 on an iPhone 5:
    Settings/General/Cellular/Personal Hotspot/turn on.

  12. […] If you upgraded to iOS 6 or made another change and there is no Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone, the device may have a bug preventing it from showing. This can happen on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or other carriers. If there is no Personal Hotspot option in iOS 6 you will need to follow these steps to reset iOS 6 hotspot settings. […]

  13. i am solve your problem (missing hotspot)
    just open settings-cellular-cellular network then fill personal hotspot APN and username and password
    its perfectly worked

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