iPhone Hotspot Disappear After Upgrade? Here’s How To Quickly Fix

If you have paid for and set up the iPhone to be a wireless hotspot in the past, you might have been left wondering where your iPhone setting for creating it went when you upgraded to iOS 5 or got a new iPhone.

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And you’re not alone.Many people were frustrated and bewildered, including me, when we updated to find this feature that we were paying for absent from the new, shiny iOS.

Fortunately getting it back is pretty easy thanks to a tip from the guys at Tipb.com.


How to Fix Missing iPhone 4S Hotspot Settings

Just go into your Settings.

Go to General.

Scroll all the way down to Reset.

Choose Reset Network Settings.

Your phone will go ahead and shut down. When it starts back up, head over to Settings. You should see the hotspot setting back up and running.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, you may need to backup and do a full restore, but this is worth trying before you go down the long restore path.