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  1. John Barone

    I don’t think that any of the new Mango phones have micro SD slots.  Would be pleasantly surprised if you succeed in finding one.

    Looking forward to finding out how things go for you.

  2. Justin Taylor

    Im about to go through the same transition, but from the Incredible 1 that ive been running Launcher 7 off of for the past 3 months. My question is if i set up my windows live/Office360 will there be any additional charges or fees to the office 365 on the phone or on my PC because i just got done purchasing office for my laptop and another 99$ program would not be fun after paying 199$ for the Titan this upcoming sunday?

  3. Anonymous

    Look into “Sliding Keyboard” as a possible replacement for swype.. for the time being.

  4. Dig The Noise

    @Justin:twitter  … I have Office 365, my wife just uses Live’s cloud office suite, and we both use Skydrive and Office on our phones (quite a bit).  We don’t incur any office suite charges apart from my Office 365′s subscription cost ($6/mo for 365 … Live’s suite is free … I need 365 because I also collaborate with offline documents in two other locations located hours away).  I must say, too, OneNote is now a must for both of us.

    @Chris … You have multiple contacts because they came from different sources and there was some ambiguity in the contact information that made it too difficult to match them up.  Look into “linking” your contacts in WP7.  I uploaded my company’s Outlook, my personal Outlook, gmail, hotmail, and Facebook contacts when I first brought up my phone.  I then moved all of my gmail to hotmail, then used WP7′s link feature to get rid of duplicates without having to delete and re-enter contacts.  This is the cleanest my contact list has been in years (decades, really … LOL), and where I used to dread looking up a contact now it’s a breeze.

  5. Daniel Lawson

    The official Twitter app is junk… look at some of the third party apps for push notification.

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