Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Down Nationwide?

Throughout the day, I’ve been hearing from owners of 4G LTE devices on Verizon who are saying that Verizon’s next-generation network is down. And after a quick poll of GBM staff that own 4G LTE devices, I think it’s safe to say that something is amiss as our devices are also experiencing a data outage. It’s unclear at this point how widespread this outage is, or if it’s affecting every 4G LTE device.

Verizon, to my knowledge hasn’t said anything in regards to the problem.

Right now, we’re seeing HTC ThunderBolt‘s without data, a USB modem that has gone down, a Samsung Stratosphere that can’t get data, but it does appear that voice is still intact.

Verizon 4G LTE Outage

3G-only devices appear to be fine so it looks like this is an issue with 3G/4G devices only.


We’ll update this story when we hear from Verizon but right now, we have to ask.

Are you able to access voice and data on your 4G LTE device?

If you recall, the same thing happened right around the time the Samsung Droid Charge was supposed to launch, leading to a fairly lengthy delay. Might that be why those rumors about a Galaxy Nexus delay have been circling.

Could be.



Verizon Wireless is aware of the 4G outage, but does not have an estimated time of resolution (ETR). Unfortunately, this means 4G subscribers will have to make do with voice and text service until further notice.

The above Tweet was sent by the Verizon Wireless support team at about 12:45 pm PDT.

Update 2:

Verizon has issued this statement to us in regards to the outage:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices. 3G data and voice devices are unaffected. All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G. Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

So, looks like you could be without data for awhile folks.


  1. Pasadena, CA… no network connection, HTC Thunderbolt. Goes from no connection, picks up a 1x or 3g and immediately drops it.

    • Mine had the same problem. I changed my Network Mode option to CDMA/EvDo auto (rather than CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto.) Now I at least have 3g.

  2. Droid Razr, Bay Area, CA.  Only have sporadic 1x since about noon Pacific.  4G aircard has no connection at all.

  3. Out in Maryland. Verizon Wireless store say it’s been down all day. Switching down to 3g won’t work but 3g only phones work. No idea when will be fixed though and of course they don’t post anything online so we’ll know!

  4. Out in Minneapolis, 3G and 1X connect then drop. Started around 12:30PM CST. Called 611 on phone, recorded message said known outage ‘in my area’ (my ‘area’ must be USA) and that they were working on it.

  5. Seattle, WA – my wife’s RAZR’s 4g has been down since yesterday afternoon.  Verizon’s customer service has been very unhelpful and refuses to admit that it’s a network problem.

    • not a bit surprised with the response you were recieving from vzw. they irritate the poo outta me sometimes!

  6. Droid Charge in Portland Oregon (that I just activated and wanted to play with grr) can’t get data.  Called VZ customer service; they are “aware” of a problem with 4G.

  7. Samsung Stratosphere in Austin, TX. No 4G, intermittent 3G. Voice is still okay, but it’s dropping more than usual. Text is hit and miss.

  8. Bionic in Phoenix here.  No 4G, no 3G.  Signal bars full in white.  Under ‘status’ list shows I am connected to LTE with good signal strength.  Call seem to be working fine.

  9. Droid Bionic in 4G/3G Minneaplois/ St. Paul is out. Was told by Verizon customer service that they have no information on outage

  10. Outage in Denver. Trying to activate new 4G hotspot and rep indicated that 4G was down nationwide…

  11. No 4G in Chicagoland. Just called Verizon support and they confirmed that they are experiencing outages on 4G devices not picking up either 4G or 3G and my ThunderBolt will be ‘right as rain’ shortly. 

  12. No 4G or 3G in Chattanooga, TN either. It’s been down since I woke up this morning on my Bionic. Ticked off because I had to unroot my phone to take back in to Verizon only to find out that it was a VZW  issue nationwide.

  13. No 3G/4G service in Knoxville, TN right now either.  But it does appear the article is correct.  My wife’s, 3G only Droid Incredible, is working fine.  Seems it is SIM Card related.

  14. NYC. Motorola Razor out.  Can’t make calls, text or surf web.  phone is completely useless for teh past 24hrs. Verizon needs to gett ehir act togetehr and elt people know what the heck is going on and stop responding with these lame generic statements

  15. No 4G in Champaign, Illinois, lost it at about Noon local time 12/7/11.   Tried rebooting Bionic, picked up a signal, but dropped it immediately.  Thought it was interference from the hospital I was in at the time visiting a family member.

    • Out in stockton California why do we pay so much for such an unstable network? No 3g or 4g bionic.

  16. 4G down in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Thought it was just my phone and stopped in at a Verizon store.  They became aware of the outage while I was in the store (they thought I had a bad SIM card, as my RAZR gave a message indicating such).

    NOTE:  4G/LTE capable phones will NOT fail back to 3G during this outage.  They SHOULD, but they won’t.  They said that is a bug they’re working on. So, no data.

    Not sure if it’s because they replaced my SIM card today (during the outage) or not, but I can’t make phone calls, either–I get a message that I’ll be connected with an operator to make a credit card paid call.  Nice.

    • My 3G automatically came on. Took an hour, but it did it on its own. Bionic, Modesto, Ca.

  17. my droid charge is down in nashville :( sad day. what to do what to do???? ugh, i hate actually having to work at work

  18. 2 Bionics, 1 Xoom, 1 Thunderbolt in Florida Down.  Verizon advised that its a problem with 4G SIM cards – we have multiple 3G only (Non-SIM) devices and they are working fine on Verizon 

  19. Outage in Modesto, Ca. Droid Bionic. It finally switched to 3G on its own after over an hour!

    • nooo :( don’t make me lose hope. i’ve been checking mine every 10 or so minutes thinking they were about to get them all back online! DANGIT

  20. 4G mifi hotspot no internet connection in Salem OR; Verizon on the phone says nationwide 4G outage with no ETA for a fix

  21. 3G and 4G has been down around Seattle, WA for about an hour and a half. Own a Driod Bionic. 3G just came back on a few minutes ago.

  22. Verizon said “Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an
    issue with 4G LTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.”  I would like to know Verizon’s definition of “some”.  It appears it it affect most if not all 4G devices

  23. I just got the HTC rezound to find out 4g out I can’t even activate my new phone and my old phone had no network nomore

  24. In Denver I’m getting occasional sporadic 3G coverage. Have not had 4G all evening on my Droid Bionic. Wireless hotspots still let me have access to the internet. Voice and text appear unaffected.

  25. Started having problems in New York City last night around 6. Problems all day today in Chicago. Seems like it is getting better now at 8 PM. 

  26. For the prices that verizon charges, you would kind of figure the 4Gcalls network would be good to go. What a shame. Seriously considering transferring to a more dependable carrier.

  27. Disappointing, 4GLTE was one of the main reasons I purchased the Bionic instead of the iphone in SLC.

  28. This is fucking bullshit what are we paying these people for? 4g lte always down and no service like we were promised?

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