Video: iPad 2 Dropped Into Hot Lava

We have seen an iPad tossed out of a plane at 500 feet. We’ve seen an iPad dropped out of a plane flying 1,300 feet above ground. We’ve seen bowling balls dropped on top of Apple’s tablet. Today is a first though as it’s the first time that we have seen an iPad dropped into molten lava. The stunt, performed by the folks at ZooGue , takes place on the islands of Hawaii.

Oddly enough, the video does not feature any products from ZooGue.

What it does feature is an iPad 2 getting dropped into lava for promotional purposes. ZooGue makes accessories for several different gadgets, including a case for the iPad 2 that we loved.

The iPad 2, when close to the lava, sends off a temperature warning.


And then, when the device is dropped directly into said lava, it bursts into flames and is destroyed.

While I don’t agree with that they did here, I had a hard time turning away. Still, I hope this is the first and last time that we see a gadget senselessly destroyed for the sake of marketing.

Somehow though, I don’t think it will be.

Via: TechnoBuffalo


  1. I can see no better use of the money they litterally burned doing that. None at all. Proud for hyping it ?

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