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  1. Ulysses

    Hi..>Can you please tell me the meaning of the symbols on the home screen which has 5 symbols – wifi, bluetooth and display adjustment. I do not understand the 3rd and the 4th symbol which looks like a scope and the other like refresh.

    • Laura

      The ‘scope’ is GPS, and the ‘refresh’ is sync

  2. Ulysses

    Thank you Laura.

  3. Pawan K Aggarwal

    Hi Can you please help me setting-up proxy in my Nexus-S updated with Icecream Sandwich. That’ll help me to use it in office network as well

  4. Jess Chen

    Any idea on how to search within Enterprise email app? I know how to do it in the Gmail app but can’t seem to find option to search in Enterprise. Thoughts?

  5. Grewal_varun

    i have already download the flash adobe and its working fine on samsung google nexus just want to know is it possible on android 4 and compatible google nexus

  6. Dennis

    My droid incredible received an update early this evening.
    Now you cannot turn off the droid without about ten or fifteen minutes later it turns itself on saying “droid”. It is not powered down, it is turned off as normal. Then it turns itself on again and says “droid”. This is the lamest OS ever, very annoying. is there a way to rid this device of this update?

  7. Robert Weeks

    Cannot get connected ti the internet. Am getting very frustrated with the tablet, and need some help.

  8. kk

    How the heck do I get 4.0 on my tab 10.1?

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