Android 4.0 for Nexus S Brings Battery Life Issues – Google Halts It

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t the only device that is plagued with poor battery life as the Nexus S, which was recently updated to Android 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich, is dealing with battery life issues of its own. Google is aware of the problem, so aware in fact, that the company has apparently halted the update in several regions in order to “monitor feedback.”

Which regions, you ask?

Sadly, Google’s Community Manager Paul Wilcox neglected to reveal that information. However, it’s clear that some of you out there with a Nexus S might be waiting a little while longer for your precious Android 4.0 update to arrive.Android 4.0


Others may have seen the update become available only to see it disappear. That’s because, according to Wilcox:


“If you received an update notification a little while ago but the update isn’t currently available for your phone, this is likely the result of Google pausing the update in your area while we monitor feedback. The Android 4.0 update is continuing to roll out around the world so your phone will receive another update notification when it’s available again in your region.”

Nexus S owners have been complaining, and we’ve heard from a few ourselves, about the update’s impact on not only the phone’s battery life but on the Nexus S’ CPU. Battery life has taken a massive hit and it appears that the phone’s CPU is seeing usage spikes.

Not good, not good at all.

When we find out which regions are affected by this, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, stay patient. We assume Google is hard at work trying to make this right.

Via: DroidDog


  1. i have a nexus s running on ics. how come google did not see this? during employee testing. battery issue is very obvious.

  2. My Nexus S won’t last a day on battery after I got ICS OTA upgrade. This is really an issue for me.

  3. I always wonder how the Google employees who were testing ICS didn’t notice this. If it’s so easy for me to notice it, then people who work with Android all the time should definitely notice it.

  4. I do not have ICS, I am still running on 2.3.7 gingerbread. but just recently over night my battery life has gotten so bad it hardly lasts 5 hours on a full charge with no usage at that. I wonder if it was trying to update then halted leaving me with this very inconvenient problem… 

  5. My battery life is horrible and the phone itself does not work well since the update.  I loved this phone on 2.3 now I hate the way it functions.  When is google expected to fix this?

  6. I am on my second nexus S via warranty and the Battery life consumes my day from one charger to another. they are going to fix it or replace this phone this week or I am going to leave Sprint.

  7. Following upgrade of OS from 2.3.6 to 4.0 battery life was seriously reduced.
    Exchange process seems to take to much CPU and battery…

  8. Just updated to 4.04, noticed battery life is low, charging every night, battery counter not accurate, and total loss of signal is a random occurence. Am not a heavy user of most features either. Overall i like the product, but Google do need a more observant test team. Am getting by.  

  9. I have nexus s with 4.0.4 android ICS ver. The battery life is Horrible.. my cell needs a charge every night and battery drains within hours.. I cannot count on the  battery if I am out of house for a full day.. my cell dies off…m experiencing  connectivity issues after upgrading to ICS. I am from India. 

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