Best Samsung Galaxy Note Cases and Covers

Even though the Galaxy Note only recently launched here in the U. S., there are already quite a few great cases and covers for the superphone. This is one of the few benefits to the long wait we had to endure between the European and American releases.

GNote owners have a wide range to choose from, including a cover from Samsung that adds minimal extra thickness and weight to the already large phone. Plus, the best cases take a cue from the Note’s versatility and do more than just protect.


Whether you’re looking for a flip cover-style, a case that doubles as a wallet, a combo cover and stand, or major protection, there’s a case in our roundup for you.

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Samsung Flip Cover

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Samsung Flip Cover
Usually the cases offered by a phone’s manufacturer are uninspiring, to say the least. This one is an exception. Samsung’s Flip Cover replaces the Galaxy Note’s back cover to minimize extra bulk and weight and keeps the front of the phone free of scratches thanks to a soft lining. It’s available in four colors: Navy, White, Brown and Orange.
Price: $29.99 @ Samsung and Best Buy
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