Galaxy Note Proves Big Screens Can Sell

On February 19th, AT&T released the 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3-inch device that is part phone and part tablet. And while it’s still unclear how many units AT&T has sold, Samsung for its part has revealed in comments to Forbes that it has sold more than two million Galaxy Note’s since the device launched back in October of 2011.

What this means is that Sammy has pushed more than a million Galaxy Note’s since the end of last year. The company revealed, right at the end of 2011, that it had sold over one million in the two months that it had been available.

The arrival of the Galaxy Note has been met with mixed reactions.

Galaxy Note Sells 2 Million Units, Proves Big Screens Sell

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  1. regina falangie says

    i pre-ordered mine on att. i just love it. Everyone is jealous of my sweet phone. so glad i left apple for it. 

  2. ausnote says

    The one device to rule them all, well done Samsung.

    Proud owner of the Galaxy Note from Day 1.
    I would only move if

    -quad core with 6″ high res screen. HTC should take note, they were pioneer with HD2, now they are followers

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