5 Kid-Friendly iPad Alternatives For Kids Ages 4 – 13 And Up

Ever since it first came out the iPad has proved popular with kids as well as adults. There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps aimed at kids as young as 6 months old. However, the iPad is not a toy.

Anyone who’s let their small child near an iPad or any other piece of expensive tech knows just how fast a gadget can go from pristine to utterly destroyed or at least significantly damaged. Products like this baby-friendly case from Mattel go a long way toward solving that problem, but then your kid has your iPad and they’re not letting go.


Plus, if the child in question is a little older, then you have to worry about them racking up charges with in-app purchases or accessing inappropriate websites on the web, among other concerns. While there are some parental controls on the iPad, they aren’t comprehensive.

Instead of risking your expensive tablet or dropping $499 on one for a young child, consider one of these tablets made for kids. They’re not only less prone to breaking but also offer much better parental controls so you can let kids play and learn without having to look over their shoulder every minute.

LeapFrog LeapPad -- Ages 4 - 9 ($99.99)

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LeapFrog LeapPad -- Ages 4 - 9 ($99.99)
Since the LeapPad is made for kids as young as four, it privileges safety above slick looks. The chunky tablet is only a little smaller than the iPad overall but only has a 5-inch display. It’s drop proof to a point and easy for small, uncoordinated hands to hold. Since there’s no Internet connection kids can’t accidentally wander into inappropriate areas or rack up charges inside of games. Parents can load apps and games to the tablet via their computers or with cartridges. The USB connection also allows parents to track a child’s progress in learning games and apps, all designed to expand the mind while also letting kids have fun.
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