Instagram for Android Already Gets an Update

Earlier today, the long awaited Instagram for Android app arrived for users of Google’s mobile operating system. It was an app that had been rumored for quite so time so it was exciting to finally see it roll out. Over the course of the day though, we’ve heard from several Android users who were reporting that application was crashing on their device. Instagram listened and the developer has rolled out a bug fix update just hours after releasing the app.

According to The Verge, the application still doesn’t work properly on the HTC One X, HTC”s latest flagship smartphone.

Instead of going into the user interface, Instagram instead treats HTC One X users to a nice Camera Not Supported screen that states very plainly that the camera on the HTC One X is not supported but that Instagram will be updating the application to support other cameras in the future.

Instagram for Android Already Gets Updated

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It’s unclear at this point if the HTC One X is the only device that encounters this message or if there are still others out there.

As I said when I posted my first impressions about Instagram for Android, I can confirm that the software works on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid X2 and the Motorola Droid 3.

This is the second buggy launch of a major Android app this week.

Earlier this week, Imangi Studios released Temple Run for Android, an app that Android users were eagerly anticipating. However, on launch day, it became apparent that the app was buggy and didn’t work for some devices.

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Imangi, like Instagram, released an update soon afterwards offering more compatibility to go along with a promise to fix to all of the problems plaguing the Android application.

While it’s nice to see these applications arrive on Android, it’s a shame that they are buggy.

I haven’t experienced any bugs with Instagram on my Galaxy Nexus yet.

Are any of you having issues?


  1. I have a Samsung Transform, and Instagram doesn’t even show up in Google Play for me. It said that the app was not compatible with my phone. 

  2. I have the Droid Bionic and I cant take front facing pics with Instagram. Nor can I opload any of my existing front facing pics. It says ‘image too small” yet my camera is set on Video resolution. I can take pictures with my back camera just fine, but the front-facing camera is vital for me.

    • I have the same problem on my bionic with my back facing camera. I even tried adjusting the image size and it is not working. 

  3. I have a galaxy S and it keeps saying my picture is too small… i can not upload a profile picture. this sucks!!!

  4. Not working on my Samsung Intercept. It’s rumored to be the OpenGL ES but I don’t know how to update mine.

    • Same here. & when i looked why it said to change the camera setting on instagram and i dont even have that option to do so.

  5. I have an HTC Evo (Sprint) AND an Avail (AT&T). I have problems with Instagram on BOTH phones. With every photo I attempt to upload, it informs me that “the photo is too small”. I adjusted the camera settings and even changed the resolution of some of the pictures. Still doesn’t work. This is bullshit.

  6. really sucks .. first it works on me after i updated it i cannot upload it anymore the pictures always crash !!!

  7. i have instagram on my phone but every time i try to upload a picture it crashes and the application force closes.

  8. I have a Lucid LG and it works alright. It crashes every once in a while, but for the most part it is fine.

  9. I’ve installed Instagram on two different Android (ICS) devices today and it will not let me upload a profile picture. On both devices it seems to allow the selection of the photo but then, when I might expect to see an UPLOAD button, nothing happens and the profile photo shown appears blank. This is a pretty basic flaw in a social networking app.

  10. I have the samsung galaxy(AT&T) and the app doesn’t even show up in my google marketplace….I had to go on the website to see it….it says its incompatible with my device….kind of pissed off, I’ve been trying to get instagram since may and I still can’t get it….wtf instagram for android? Really?!

  11. Still not working on my Wildfire :-(
    BUT I console my myself with the fact that I have a Real camera and I know how to use Photoshop. Every cloud…

  12. my instagram doesn’t work for my android… the photo I choosed/took doesn’t appear.. it turn out blank.. what’s going on? I have a samsung galaxy ace duos.

  13. All da guyz out here have da same prob and i do have same prob that i have htc wildfire n dis instagram thingy is incompatible wid. It…..ughh just tell us da solution…not everyone of ys can change our fone sets

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