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  1. GTaylor

    One definition of a contract is ‘An outline describing a business relationship between two parties under the stated conditions.’
    The common caveat in contract law is that if there is no meeting of the minds, there is no contract.
    Considering the above and the rather extensive policies, End User Licensing Agreements, and privacy policies that are so common in the electronic frontier, All of this seems to be no more than a position statement by a corporate entity big enough to throw weight around. there is no contract or promise because of these points you make, Warner.
    It is interesting to me that there is very little support for practices that an individual can employ to keep personal information off of the web.
    The legal position in privacy matters is often stated as ‘ If you put you property or information in a public place then you have no expectation of privacy. And that means none.
    To paraphrase the great philosopher, “Pray I do not change our agreement further!”

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