Google Nexus with Physical Keyboard Could Woo BlackBerry Users

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  1. rorytmeadows

    Hellllllllllllzzzz yes!

    It’s good to hear that QWERTY demand is still there. Nothing is more accurate and efficient than a hard keyboard. I’ll need something to replace my MT4GS!

  2. DavidSBarney
  3. Corwin1681

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!
    This made my day!!!
    I had G1 and G2 (and a bunch of touchscreen only phones) and I still love physical keyboard! Can’t wait for it to come out!
    (G1 had the best keyboard ever, and I used to have a BB as well, so I know what I’m talking about!)

  4. Ian Campbell

    Yes but not a slider – old tech and too fiddly.

  5. Bigmouth


  6. Not Yahtzee

    Is this really a new patent? Look at how much bezel there is on the thing! Do we even need that much bezel now that the physical capacitive buttons are supposedly verboten? And that chin at the end there looks like a 2D representation of the G1.

    Nobody would welcome a good-specced Nexus QWERTY more than me, but this patent looks like the same old same ole'; a QWERTY with reduced screen size.

  7. Brerlou King

    I think I’ll go with the MyTouch 4G Slide

  8. stef

    Yes! the only reason ive stated with my blackberry is because i cannot abide touch screen QWERTY.

  9. Ed

    Come on, RIM. You have the best made keyboards out there. Just use an operating system that doesn’t suck (I personally would love a blackberry keyboard on a phone running webOS) on a phone with some nice specs, and you’ll be golden.

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