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  1. whydidnt

    I have to say I’m surprised by the battery life you experienced. LTE must be a larger power hog than I thought. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the battery life on the international version. Looking at my power usage right now, it’s at 58% – 8hr 52 min on battery, 1hr 22 min screen time, about 25 minutes of calls, pushing a high volume (probably 75-100 messages) of Gmail to the device all day. 

    I think I’m going to be happy I decided to forego LTE and get this version, not only for the extra storage, but now also for the seemingly huge difference in battery life. I have found AT&Ts 3G/faux 4G speeds to be more than fast enough for my needs to date, thankfully, too!

  2. naishuhua


  3. davis belmiro

    why my gadget htc one x still doesnt work after auto shut down?

  4. Riley

    Nice review! I have the One X and have nothing but positive things to say about it. I like that it works on AT&T’s LTE new network; it seems to make every faster. It has outperformed my Dish co-worker’s phones in terms of speed. I like streaming live TV and recorded shows from my Sling Adapter connected receiver, to my phone. LTE makes it smooth, especially when I stream in HD. A few weeks ago, I was at the airport waiting on my flight, and I passed the time by watching the UEFA soccer games. I can see why this phone is so highly rated, and I would recommend it to anyone.

    • Joan Bailey

      Love, love, love it. I use it on 4G LTE and it ROCKS. As a hair stylist in Austin my whole life has changed being able to show my clients various styles from online (no magazines!). I use the 4G LTE technology via AT&T, too. Did I mention I love this device?

  5. Denis Bernier

    I really want this phone, but I just found out that Android does not offer any name display on people calling if they are not already in your phone book.

    I have a business, if someone calls and I need to call back, I want to see who this person is before making the call back.

    Apparently any Android phone does not do name display, only number display.

    Can anyone confirm this ?

  6. W110

    Its a good phone. No over heating as my GS2 does. Audio is good compared to GS2. Battery life is almost same as that. When you are on call and if it drops out, you will never know! sick…
    Missing many shortcuts that were there in GS2. So much used to the top notification bar shortcuts which you can only put in as a widget in htc. nothing special about it. better go with GS3.

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