Dual-Screen ASUS Taichi Convertible Tablet Goes Both Ways

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  1. Darkmagistric

    I’m really hoping this is Wacom penabled…..this is like the most perfect Tablet PC concept ever. It utterly does away with the mechanical flaws of a traditional convertible.

    I doubt they’ll have N-trig in this, since the Transformer Book and Tablet 810 are going to have the same 11.6 and 13.3 size options. Would be odd of them to use Wacom for the two and N-trig for the other. The lack of the pen garage I would chauk up more to them keeping it so thin. Same deal with the S7S.

    However I am equally concerned over the battery life and how expensive this will be.

  2. Indigo

    Agreed. If it doesn’t have active digitizer I would feel better off just getting the EP121 Eee slate.

  3. HOng

    Yes, I have been using Fujitsu Tablet PC for 7 years and awaiting a right one to replace. Asus Taichi will be final option. As you are mention, I am more worry about Wacom pen support. It doesn’t matter that it is without pen holder (it is too thin to create a holder), but one can keep in the pouch as it is not always used except during presentation (or other purposes). Battery life can be something to be worried but with Ultrabook chipsets from Intel, that maybe not a big issue. I have consulted a friend who use Zen book (for about 6 months), the actual “operation time” is about 4 hours. Thouse Transfomer 810 is another good choice, but the 11.6″ does not match me as i am getting older, bigger screen is better (as it is as light as Zenbook, so weight is not a problem,…easily < 1.5kg)

    • Aman

      I saw photos of the Taichi tablet and noticed an N-Triq stylus for Taichi!thats bad news for precision artists.I hence want to buy the new Fujitsu 13.3 inch Wacom penabled Lifebook T902 Tablet PC instead and I would like to use it with a Motion Computing digitiser pen instead of a supplied pen for Cintiq like nib accuracy.

      • Aman

        But hey,Few days back I saw photo of the nib part of new generation N-Trig stylus available with Taichi.And I was surprised with how small & precise is the nib of the new Stylus provided with Taichi.N-Trig and asus both have reworked on the design and this surprises me.This is a good option for artists.If you like some more powerful graphics or memory,then opt for Fujitsu T992 Tablet with Wacom stylus or Modbook Pro tablet with Wacom stylus offering 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.All three of these have 13.3 inch Screens.

      • Aman

        T902,not T992,spelling mistake,sorry!

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