Report: Windows 8 RT License Fee at $85 Per Unit

Reports are circulating that Microsoft’s ARM Tablet OS, better and curiously known as Windows RT is going to cost OEMs an average of $85 per unit to license. The source for the report is VR-Zone. It’s writers were talking to OEMs at Computex Taipei on the differences between building Windows and Android Tablets and the price range they were hearing was between $80 to $95 per unit.

If the report is true, and of course Microsoft isn’t talking, that piles up some pretty steep overhead on a Windows RT Tablet before you even start counting the beans it will cost for the hardware.

Like others, I find the report possibly on the sketchy side for several reasons:

Price point has got to be a selling factor for these Windows RT Tablets. If it isn’t Microsoft starts off with a real problem out of the gate.

I’m not sure why the OEMs would be speaking this freely about the pricing structure at this point, unless it is intended as a slap at Microsoft. And that’s probably not a smart move in any regard.

But then again, this kind of move wouldn’t be that out of character for Microsoft.



  1. Windows RT will include Microsoft Office. That addds to the value and cost.

    I think MS is trying to make this something to distinguish W8 RT tablets from iPad and Android.

    I doubt that the general public will appreciate this or see the value of Office. (After all there is a cheap, underpowered, app for that – or 4 or 5) I am even more doubtfull that sales people will be aware of it or be able toexpalin it. The general computer blogger/columist (GBM excepted) will not even be aware of it.

    Untill MS sets a price and releases Office for Android and iPad, we will not know its value and the relative value vs cost for W8 RT.

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