AT&T Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available

It appears that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich roll out has finally arrived.

We have received a couple of tips that indicate that the AT&T Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update is now available through Samsung Kies, an update that will take the phone from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It doesn’t appear as though the update is rolling out Over-the-Air which means that users will have to travel over to Samsung’s website, download Samsung Kies, and manually install the update that way.

It shouldn’t be too difficult of a process and the device should start running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in no time at all.


AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update comes shortly after T-Mobile released Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II. Rogers, a carrier in Canada, rolled out its Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update today, also through Samsung Kies.

In addition to the features of Android 4.0 itself, we assume that the update will bring enhancements and bug fixes to owners of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II. AT&T hasn’t provided a full changelog but we assume that the update will have some fixes on board, major Android updates generally do.

AT&T’s roll out means that Sprint Galaxy S II owners are now the only onesĀ  left waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. Sprint has yet to give any specific plans as to the timing of the update which means that owners must still toil away not knowing when the update is going to arrive.

As for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II owners, welcome to Android 4.0.


  1. Brannon says

    I downloaded Kies and it says that I have the latest firmware, yet I have 2.3.6 right now.

    • artyoda21 says

      thanks. I hate all this misinformation. It’s my birthday and I got really excited about the update. FAIL.

  2. Christian says

    Well, I plugged mine into Kies, it stated that a firmware update was available, and it even mentioned that I should backup my data before upgrading to ICS. After it downloaded it told me to charge my battery first, so I unplugged it and did, when I plugged it back in it says I already have the latest firmware, so confused, guess it’s a false alarm.

    • Brannon says

      Just like with the freakin Infuse Gingerbread update for my dad’s phone, gah. I hate AT&T’s slow updates. For crying out loud, we have the GS2 variant that is nearly identical to the global version. How hard can it be to get it compatible with AT&T’s bloatware? I think it’s been 3 months since it started rolling out to global GS2s.

  3. Victor Hall says

    TRUE. well a lot of threads are saying now that it will be out Saturday.. wether this is true or not its a coin toss. iPhone problems: Non Personalization friendly Andriod problems: SPAM VIRUS and anything else you can think of. sad life man

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