Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Might Miss Q2

We have been told that the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich updates, which have slowly been trickling out to users, may not hit a majority of owners until the weekend.

A source has informed us that while the Ice Cream Sandwich roll outs for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX have started hitting users devices in batches today, some customers might not see the updates arrive until this weekend.

Apparently, there is a chance that the updates could arrive on Sunday.

However, according to one Verizon PR rep, it will be available for all users starting tomorrow. At the moment though, he seems to be the lone Verizon representative reporting this and as we know, Verizon is a beast with many heads and it’s tough to believe something until it’s official.

And again, our source was adamant about Sunday being a real possibility due to an unforeseen delay.


Until the update does become available, there’s the possibility that some users might not get the update until after that promised Q2 release date. Q2 of course refers to the months of April, May, and June. The end of June marks the end of Q2.

Our source says some Droid RAZR owners might not see ICS until Sunday.

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This comes from the same source that told us that the updates would arrive for users by the end of today.  However, it now appears that the software has suffered a setback for unknown reasons.

We assume that Verizon is taking its time to deliver the updates to the masses because it wants to make sure the experience is as flawless as possible. And we assume that’s why the updates have been slowly rolling out since June 22nd.


It has become clear that Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners are in the midst of a soak test and not an actual roll out. A majority of users have yet to the see the software update arrive and there appear to be only a few people that have actually seen the update roll out.

Hopefully, Verizon is able to start pushing the updates to the masses starting later tonight but at this point, we can’t say for sure.

We’ll let you know when we hear something further.


  1. Droid-Life is reporting that a source from Verizon said the ICS will be available for manual download tomorrow, June 30th.

  2. Actually the Q2 deadline was for Motorola to release it to Verizon and all they keep saying for months is its coming soon so no deadline. Plus the soak tests ended the 27th we are just waiting on Verizon to release it to the public and with no deadline it could be this weekend or it could be next year. I got my Maxx back in January the day it came out and was promised ICS within 2 weeks. It was the main reason i got the phone cause i was promised the latest phone with the latest software but with rumors of the droid razr HD and google announcing Jelly Bean I feel like i got played. I almost got the Iphone 4s now I wish I did I’m tired of Android I have had Android since my first smartphone (Motorola Droid).

    • I’ve had the iphone 4s for 6 months and finaly sold it back to verizon and got the Razr Maxx. I couldn’t be happier. Free GPS,free apps, and not being made to use itunes, they can keep the iphone. I’ll never go back to apple.

  3. I think wishing you’d of gotten the iphone over the Maxx because ICS was delayed is a little strange. I mean the current software works great on the Maxx (which I have) and I doubt ICS is going to be that “awesome”. I’m sure there will be something that’s better but I think after a few days the newness will wear off and we’ll all conclude that ICS wasn’t really any better than our current software.

  4. The one main thing the software brings: THE END OF BLOATWARE!! You can now delete all that crap that Verizon, Google and Motorola put on your phone that you can’t delete unless you root your phone! That is the thing I have been waiting for.

  5. Eating my words here in Los Angeles. After expressing extreme doubt that I would see ICS prior to the end of Q2, I am happy to announce my Razr Maxx is being updated with ICS as I type this comment! Honestly, I’m so happy to finally get this update, I’ll gladly eat crow; which I’m finding doesn’t taste all that bad with an ice cream sandwich!

  6. Downloading!!! Lol 4.0.4 software version download available.
    it was all random. I apparently gave up waiting etc I didn’t care never got my hopes up again. So I checked settings. About phone. Check Updates. And bang!! It comes up.

  7. Downloading ics now finally had to go to settings about phone and check for update for it to pull it ..about time I got my RAZR when first came out

  8. Pressed settings and system updates for the 1000th time and shocked to see that the update was available, downloading it now.

  9. Why are you always referring to Verizon as the deliverer of these updates. If that was the case, then we who can avoid Verizon, ie live in the rest of the world, will never receive it. Motorola is the producer of this update ad they will deliver it OTA. Unrelated to verizon. I am swedish and I am also pressing system update all day… .:)

  10. At 2:58 am I checked for updat,es and I finally got it. My husband got it a week ago to soak test it and I’ve been anxious ever since. Nice.

  11. I’ve got the ICS update. Downloaded it this morning and can’t wait to see what it’s all about. So far so good!!!

  12. Got it in Florida this morning, now I just sit and look at it not sure which road I want to go with it. Now to learn the tips and tricks with this update. Well worth the wait. AWESOME update.

  13. Downloaded and installed this morning. Looks great and my Maxx definitely seems smoother. I did, however, have to redo my settings on multiple apps including email accounts.

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