How to Take a Screenshot on the iPhone

Saving the image of what’s on the iPhone screen, or taking a screenshot is a simple process that requires no extra apps.

A screenshot is an image of what is on the iPhone screen.


iPhone users can take a screen shot of something they would normally print, to keep on hand in the camera roll. Some examples include sharing an in game achievement on Twitter or Facebook, capturing a still photo from a video saving an online work schedule or saving a recipe for fast access at the store and in the kitchen.

How to Take a ScreenShot on the iPhone

Taking a screenshot with the iPhone is a very easy task. Scroll to the part of the screen to save and simultaneously tap the HOME and LOCK buttons




If timed successfully, the iPhone screen will flash white and the iPhone will make a camera shutter sound. These two things are indicate a successful screenshot.

The iPhone stores screenshots in the camera roll and uploaded to PhotoStream for access on other devices. From here edit the screenshot with Photos or with the Skitch app on the iPad before sharing.

Taking screen shots is an easy way to share information, but make sure there are no phone numbers in screenshots before posting them to Twitter or Facebook. To clear out the barrage of iPhone screenshots in the camera roll, use this guide to delete photos on the iPhone.

What do you use the screenshot feature for? Leave a comment down below.