How to Fix Samsung Galaxy SIII Wi-Fi Problems

Many Galaxy S III users are reporting problems with WiFi connectivity on the new phone, and it looks like my AT&T Galaxy S III suffers from this WiFi bug as well.

I just got the phone yesterday and already saw inconsistency using Wi-Fi with my Netgear router. There are a number of different Galaxy S III WiFi issues that hamper the Galaxy S III experience.

There are a number of WiFi issues, as documented in a forum post at the XDA Developers Forum.

While the post is quite long, the Galaxy S III WiFi problems boil down to 4 main complaints.

  • Frequent drops followed by a reconnect – this is my issue
  • Inability to connect
  • Slow speeds while connected
  • Can’t connect to either 5GHz or 2.4GHz

For users experiencing any of these problems, here are the solutions to try. Like many users fixes, these solutions will not work for every Galaxy S III.


For my issue – frequent drops and reconnects – I just connected to a different frequency. My router offers both a 5GHz and 2.4GHz connection. I was using the 5GHz 802.11a/n connection on my router. Switching over to the 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n connection fixed the problem for me, so far.

service mode - turn button to off

A second solution some users tried involves opening the Phone app and dialing *#0011#. This opens a special “ServiceMode”. From here, tap the menu button and go into WiFi and then hit the ON button to switch it to OFF. Hit the back button twice to exit the screen.

Advanced wifi settings


A third solution that might help in addition to doing the above includes turning off a couple of Wi-Fi settings. Go into the Advanced menu from the Wi-Fi settings on the S III and uncheck Network notification and Auto connect.

Uncheck wifi settings

So one, two or all three of these fixes may work for users experiencing any of the Samsung Galaxy S III Wi-Fi connections issues. If not, then contact the tech support people for the phone’s wireless carrier and demand a solution. Many users reported at XDA that a replacement handset fixed the problem.


  1. I have 2 questions.

    My wifi works fine at home but once I go to say a Dr’s office or any place of business, I get no connection at all even phone service. Dead! What setting should be used?

    Is it better to use “auto” instead of 5ghz or 2.4ghz?

  2. Just a couple more items:

    1. Update your router firmware. While I use DD-WRT, I updated to the March 2012 EKO version of Mega for my 610nv2, and the connection is more steady but the phone doesn’t always like to connect.

    2. While the phone doesn’t like dual encryption, it does like Mixed protocols, so G+N on the 2.4 bands, A+N on the 5Ghz will keep you connected more often.

    3. ATT modem update that came with the OTA earlier this week appears to make networks look less powerful than they are, and has increased the power output of the wifi 10% (IMHO/examination of my router’s reported signal strength. As a result, I don’t have to turn off the service menu powersavings or hotspot/open notification. The phone’s regular powersave being off is sufficient (YMMV).

    • When you say router firmware your talking about the router at home correct? How does this solve the issue where certain locations signal strength is so weak you can’t connect to wifi?

      • Well, is your router in an optimal position? High rather than behind other items on your desk. Is it’s signal masked by metal ductwork or refrigerators and the like?

        If it has antennae perhaps you can do the foil/tin cup fixes found on the web to redirect the signal.

        There’s always a range extender if you have an old router laying about.

        If none of those things work then the *#0011* as a last resort.

  3. So I did the *#0011# to turn the wifi off. It still didn’t fix the problem. I went back in to turn it back on, and now my wifi isn’t turning on at all. Any suggestions??

  4. Im from Poland so my english might not be so good, but i hope to help you.

    I writed to samsung and ask about help but they said me to go shop/t-mobile and ask for warranty. I was sure that its a software problem, so i decided for reinstal softrare

    I solve the problem !!
    I bought SGS 3 in T-Mobile but my solution works for everyone !
    1. Hard reset for device
    2. Download ODIN and download this link (its a software)
    3. Unzip downloaded software.
    3. Run ODIN and go into Download Mode on SGS3
    4. Plug in device
    5. In PDA browse this *.tar or *.MD5
    6. Click Start and wait for program.
    7. Close ODIN.
    8. Download a Modem for a new software
    9. Unzip this.
    10. Run ODIN and go into Download Mode on SGS3
    11. Plug in device
    12. In Phone browse “modem.bin”
    13. Click Start and wait for program.
    14. Enjoy your new SGS3 Without brand, WiFi and Battery Drain Problems ;)

    I tested it on my SGS3

    Remember that you do this for your own risk.

    • Hej Kuba

      Your fix worked for me. BIG thanks from Australia! Wielkie Dzieki! :)

      Seriously guys this was the only fix that worked for me (Telstra branded phone in Australia – I think its the international version I9300-GT)…the *#0011# power save didn’t work, assigning a static IP didn’t work and adjusting the wi fi sleep settings didn’t work either.

      Now running JellyBean 4.1.1 with working wi-fi (FINALLY)…although Skype seems to play silly buggers with the connection …hmmm

    • Kuba

      The download link you provided above does not work. It says the site was shut down for copyright violations.

  5. I have no probs with wifi on My s3 .. it’s set to auto, and despite a slightly longer than usual connect delay (5-8 secs) it connects to My dual band router on 5ghz at 150Mbps :)

    • you don’t change frequency.. you activate desired frequencies

      if you have a dual band router, then you should see config settings for both 2.4 and 5 GHz

  6. i have the same problem for my S3 Wifi, i tried *#0011# it still the same… can’t connect to wifi, it keep on connect and disconnected… any solution to solve this problem?

    • yeah, get Iphone! Seriuosly ! I got the S3 just recently and I’m utterly disapointed that the allowed a product with that poor quality. That wifi doesn’t work is totally unacceptable! I’m going to give another week then if it doesn’t work I’m changing to Iphone, not that I ant to but I would like a phone that works.

    • Hey i had the same problem so i rang up samsung and they told me to turn off my wifi then press n hold the home button then clear everything n click on task manager then close all aplication then click on ram at the top and then clear memory then turn your wifi back on it worked for me although i have to keep doing it once a week

  7. JUST BUY A IPHONE 5 , SOLVES THE PROBLEM GUYS . SAMSUNG HAVENT A ANSWER . i sold my s3 as samsung wont acknowledge this issue with wifi drop out .i bet you that the 4.1 jelly bean update wont fix it

  8. I had the same problem and fixed by goin into your router setup under WAN, change the defual user name the same as your internet login name, change the password also as your internet password, apply your new settings and save the config on the router. Restart your PC and modem and the problem should be fixed

  9. I had the same problem and none of the above fixed it. I went to Samsung service centre and they checked my firmware. The version I had does indeed have a known wifi issue as above. Even though my phone said no updates were available there is a new version of firmware “LH1″ They updated my phone and all is good now. Go see Samsung service they will fix your problem without any of the above tricks. Just remember to backup first.

  10. Hello,

    I have a question. I am on a limited data plan. Does the S3 automatically switch to using the WiFi connection when connected to it or should I switch my data services off first?

    Please reply ASAP,


  11. FYI – I experienced this, too.
    I just updated to Jelly Bean and am seeing a stronger WiFi indicator in the notification bar.
    This morning, in my bedroom, the other side of my house from the downstairs Virgin Media SuperHub router, I was seeing 0-1 bars and a 6Mbps WiFi connection.
    After the update, I’m seeing 2 bars and 13-26Mbps.

    Ironically, the Jelly Bean update took about 15 minutes. for only around 264Mb.

    This is on a SIM-free unbranded S3, over-the-air update.

    Now if only I could cure the terrible GSM signal the same way.

  12. lol at the ppl saying to ditch the s3 and buy a rubbsih iphone, why would anyone want one if those things! oh and I’ve never had any issues with the wifi on my s3, connecting to my 5ghz network at a nice 150mbps.

  13. Hey guys i have this problem with my s3, when i connect with wifi in a public place like the library. everyones device around shows on my phone. Like i can see other peoples pictures on my phone, and that makes my gallary slow and my music slow too. Now i cannot connect with wifi and listen to music because when i click on a song it takes forever to play unless i turn off wifi. plese reply if u got a solution for me. Thanks

  14. I fixed my wife’s slow wifi problem on the Galaxy IIIS when I noticed it was trying to use the same ip address ( as another wifi device on my router that was set as static on I switched that other wifi device to another static ip address other than and now the phone and device works. It looks like the phone tries to use ip addresses that sometimes are already used by other devices. Just a thought.

  15. Maybe it’s a simple translation error.

    After trying numerous suggestions and entering my network password many times, I tried entering my network encryption key in the phone’s network password field.

    Shazam! Works great (at least for the moment).

  16. I’m also having problem with my WiFi to works everywhere else but not in my home its like that video up top just keeps scanning and never logs on. I went into At&t where I bought it and they said its your router or your cable company and I knew its not my cable company and it not At&t but its the phone with the problems.

  17. Just got updated to 4.1.1 on Verizon and now I can’t even find the service mode (*#0101# doesn’t work…nor do any other code).

    Does anyone else have this issue?

  18. In last ice cream sandwich update, the option to choose between wifi frequencies has been de-activated. Anyone know how to solve it?

  19. i did 2 of the peoples on heres ideas turning off the power saving and going in and clearing all the active running tasks and the ram. didnt even turn off wifi… running just like if i was on 4g :D…. Thanks

  20. Same error still occurs on my Note II with 4.1.2 on it. …. Going with a static IP address helped and turning the power save mode OFF did it for me.

  21. i have a problem because i try to slide the wifi on and it keeps going to the off button does anyone know what to do please help!. thank you

  22. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Service mode thing has worked for me thank you sooo sooo much, I have been having this problem since i got the phone from about a month after it was released!!!! :D x

  23. Got mine working by setting a static ip on the phone and updating the router to reflect
    Have not had any issues since. Seems when the s3 is asking for an ip it never fully syncs to the network kind of like the old issue with the droid bionics..

  24. I am also facing a problem with my new S3 that it doesnot connect to any of a wifi network and the problem lies somewhere in the wifi.i am using WPA and it doesnot connect to any of the router Ive done a factory reset as well but the problem still persists. The main problem which it has is it connects to a network but suddenly stucks onto acquiring IP address and then it doesnot connect meanwhile if u turn off the wifi while it is trying to obtain the IP address the fone automatically restarts. i need some kind advice as to how it needs to be fixed.

  25. hi, i have a poblem with my S3, i did a factory reset from that day cant connect to wifi, once you click on connect it request the password, once you enter the password it says password error, i tried in many places but same results, i made sure that the password enterd was correct , my i phone works…

  26. I have a problem with my S3 phone dose not holding Wi-Fi connection it is connecting and immediately off again connect and off not holding Wi- Fi net work

    • My S4 connects to my wifi with no problems. For my S3- I tried everything here; then found somewhere else to type in my password in all capital letters. This worked for me (my password does not contain capital letters at all and I am able to connect to everything else okay). Hope this helps.

  27. Hi i have problem with my samsung s3. Its new and i cant find my wi fi conection,i make refresh many time but I couldn’t foun eny connection,please help me.

  28. So I had the Wifi problem and none of the tricks would make it work. What finally made it find my wifi was to take out the SIM card and do a factory reset. Voilá the wifi is back. Some 10 hours after you put back your SIM it will be gone again though..

  29. hi was having same problem as many of you with my s3 i could connect to wifi but not the internet what finnaly fixed it was to change my ip address on my wifi conection first made it static and then added a few extra numbers to address worked straigt away

  30. worst and unhelpful after sales service, i f… will never advice anyone to buy a samsung and neither will i ever , after trashing this junk phone s3 which has a samsung created bug which surprisingly they are unable to change .this problem arose after factory reset . wifi simply does not connect.
    these guys lack behind iphone customer support which is prompt and no nonsense insane reasons for ineffeciency.

  31. I turned off the power saving settings and……bam! After not being able to connect to Wifi since I got my Samsung tab 3, I immediately was able to connect. We’ll see how long it lasts for.

  32. My problem is the opposite of everyone else’s. I use my samsung slll mostly for phoning and have minimal use of internet (the odd e-mail or weather forecast) but I am charged every month for wi-fi connections that the phone has made on its own account at all hours of the day or night. Why, and how do I put a stop to it?

  33. I had same problem with my S3 AT&T.I fixed the problem after I forced stop “AT&T WIFI Hot Spot” application. I was so close to do factory reset.
    The smartphone is working fine since then.
    I hope it helps.

  34. I performed all three of these fixes as advised and it resolved my problem. Note, the step for finding your ADVANCED wifi setting may be different, mine required pressing the menu button then selecting advanced.

    I don’t know which one or combination fixed the issues, but I now have access to my wifi enabled ION AirPro camera which has been unable to connect since January 2014. It had worked prior to that. I had been thinking it was either a faulty wifi card in the camera until my household internet started become unreliable to the point where the last few months I couldn’t connect at all.

    Thanks so much Kevin for your post.

  35. i dont know if im a little too late but here are some solutions i discovered from my search for a fix

    1. Try forgetting your network. Then turn off your device and take out your battery and insert back. wait for a few mins then turn on your device and finally connect to your network again

    2.goto phone and dial *#0011# and you will enter service mode. press the options button goto wifi. turn off wifi power saving mode

    3.forget your network and turn off your device. after u have turned it off, hold the volume up, home and power button all together. once your phone turns on let go of the power button but continue to hold the two other buttons. you will enter an android recovery screen. navigate using volume buttons and power button. do “Clear cache partition” or something and then reboot device. reconnect to network

    4.goto your wifi and goto your list of available networks. Forget the one you are using then reconnect but this time hold onto the network that your are going to reconnect to. choose static and re-enter the details that you see (might be in the background) put your password then reconnect.

    P.S im using a samsung galaxy s3 so these might look different sorry.

    if it only occurs on your mobile device and it does not affect any of your other devices then it might be cause of a ip address conflict im not sure. If this is the case then your last resort is try resetting your device first and if no go then reset your modem

      • Thats the only way?

        I mean like block it PERMANENTLY….
        I had to update my sons phone to one with a SIM card…on his old phone it had Data Blocker so there was no internet on it at all.

        Theres Data Blocker on this one also but him & his friends are still accessing through wifi and someone told me awhile back that wifi can be blocked but I havent talked to that person in over 6.5mths now.

        So is there a way to do that?! Please!!


  36. hi friend my phone can not connect wifi I tried to do ( *#0011#) it still can not connect again , who can tell me friend I think all friend will tell me about it . thank you.

  37. This worked for me!
    “opening the Phone app and dialing *#0011#. This opens a special “ServiceMode”. From here, tap the menu button and go into WiFi and then hit the ON button to switch it to OFF. Hit the back button twice to exit the screen.”
    Thanks,Kevin Purcell!

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