Google Nexus 7 Release Date Remains Unclear

The Google Nexus 7 launch just got a bit messier.

Originally, today was rumored to be the release date for the Nexus 7. However, yesterday, we learned that Google told at least one retailer to hold back stock of the tablet until further notice. Apparently, some retailers didn’t get the memo.

According to a report from The Verge, retailers Adorama and Ebuyer both began selling the Nexus 7 today only to be admonished by Google. Ebuyer quickly switched the Nexus 7 back into pre-order mode and Adorama confirmed that Google requested that the site stop all sales of the Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nexus 7, which went on sale for a short period today, still doesn’t have a release date.

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Adorama has apparently told some Nexus 7 buyers that it expects the device to be in stock again this Sunday. Ebuyer has an expected availability of July 19th.


Adding to the confusion is a post on XDA-forums where a Nexus 7 pre-orderer has indicated that his Nexus 7 has shipped out. He has even provided a bit of proof. However, as of right now, it appears that he is alone as other Nexus 7 pre-orderers have yet to see their device ship out.

Our own Kevin Purcell, who placed a Nexus 7 pre-order through Google, says that his status has not changed and that his device has not yet shipped out.

So, it’s unclear exactly when Google and the retailers that will be selling the Nexus 7 plan on shipping the device out. What is clear is that Google has a complicated situation on its hands and without any sort of official word, it’s no surprise that Nexus 7 pre-orderers and those interested in picking up the tablet are wondering where it might be.

Google has not yet given the device an official release date only saying that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet will be released in the middle of July and the company is still within that launch window.

Google’s own website lists the device as shipping out in 1-2 weeks so, at the very least, we expect the company to announce something relatively soon.

Has anyone out there seen their Nexus 7 tablet ship yet?


  1. Have got my tracking number from eBuyer for a pair of N7s, and it’s showing up on the Parcel Force tracking site as an AM delivery tomorrow B-)

  2. I’m about ready to give up on the nexus 7 and stop my preorder.i went thru the next week no wait its 3 weeks etc.with the galaxy s3.i was 2 days away from giving up.and had been reviewing the htc one x.even stopped at one store but they had sold out.manager said for the same reason i was there.went to best buy mobile the next day for a one x.and they had just got 14 galaxies in.better hurry nexus i’m losing patience and am researching other tabs.

  3. Just called google. Got confirmation that the first batch of n7’s has shipped and will be arriving as early as tomorrow.

    • Do you know the date range you had to preorder to be in the first batch? I preordered mine on 7/6, just curious to find out what batch I be in.

  4. I placed my order 7/6 and have called each of the last 4 days to see if I could change my order from an 8 gig to a 16 gig (just to see if my order had been precessed). Today they said it was listed as pre shipped and that it could no longer be changed.

  5. i pre-ordered my nexus 7 (16gb) on 06/30.. NYC.. still no updates from google about shipping.. i am TOO running out of patience and seeking other tablets.. =\

  6. I too am excited for my Nexus 7 to arrive, but I have to say…some of you are acting like spoiled children. So you want the device so badly that you are going to cancel your pre-order and buy a different tablet? No offense, but grow up. It will be here within a week or two and you will love it. So will I. If stores do sell them before preorders go out,, they are doing so against the wishes/orders of Google. Don’t blame Google for that, blame retailers. Just relax. It will be here soon and it will be awesome!

  7. Ordered mine on 27 and no shipping info do either you guys are lying about them being shipped or google is screwing loyal first customers.

  8. My ebuyer purchase has apparently shipped and is expected for delivery today :\
    Let’s see when it actually turns up…

  9. I ordered mine on 6/27, and nothing yet but I wonder if having them set up your Google account on the N7 takes them that much longer?

  10. FYI…

    I purchased the Nexus 7 on the 27th a couple hours after it was showcased.

    But, I called Google today (7/13), using the number on my receipt, and they said the nexus 7 will ship out for people who bought it from the 27th to the 29th between today, Friday, to next Monday and that we can expect the tablet at least by next Wednesday… However it still has not shipped out for me yet… :(

  11. Just finished talking with an Office Depot representative. He said that the Nexus 7 will ship on Monday and arrive on Tuesday for everyone who orders by today.

  12. This info on the google play website:

    When will my preorder ship?

    We’re now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. The first wave of orders are going out today and all preorders are scheduled to ship within the next 3 business days.

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