5 Thoughts on the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update

So, the worst nightmare of HTC Rezound owners has been realized. HTC and Verizon have missed the promised roll out window for the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich update, leaving owners wondering when the update will be rolling out.

HTC had imposed a July deadline on the Rezound’s Ice Cream Sandwich update and here we are, in August, without a Rezound ICS update.

Worse, the companies involved, which includes Verizon, have yet to say anything about why the update was delayed and when owners should expect it.

Read: HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Misses Deadline.

We have heard that today might actually be the day that the software rolls out, this according to someone who apparently talked to Verizon corporate, but we can’t confirm this yet. So, that means that the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich update remains a mystery and will continue to be one until someone announces something.


That being said, this mystery, like those of the HTC ThunderBolt ICS update and the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, has got me thinking.

So here are five thoughts on the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich update.

It’ll Be Out Soon

I think the HTC Rezound ICS update will be out soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe sometime this weekend. I can’t say for sure, but the fact that HTC and Verizon missed the deadline without saying anything leads me to believe that something is close.

I can’t see this Rezound ICS saga going on longer.

Why is that? Simple. If it were going to be delayed for awhile, I think we would have heard from one of them. I think they would have said, “Hey, we’re working hard on this update but it’s going to take until the end of August.” I don’t think either one of them wants to go a whole month listening to the frustration from Rezound owners.


A few days is more doable.

And I Bet It’s Relatively Bug Free

If I had to guess, I’d say that the reason that the software missed its deadline is because HTC and Verizon are still ironing out bugs. Both companies likely wanted to make sure that the software was more stable than the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates that were released at the deadline, filled with bugs.

Yes, they missed the deadline but hopefully it’s because they are trying to get this software as bug free as possible.

Imagine the backlash if they missed the deadline AND release software riddled with issues.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

HTC is zero for two over the last few weeks when it comes to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich promises. First, it struck out with the HTC Desire HD ICS update that it promised for 2012 but ultimately cancelled.

And now, it missed the HTC Rezound ICS deadline.


It’s also rumored to be in danger of leaving ICS off of the HTC ThunderBolt, another one of its Android devices that was promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

I know companies like HTC want to please their customers but don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Don’t announce an update or a release window when there is even a sliver of doubt.

Customers are happy when companies keep their word.

Don’t Expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

At this point, it’s clear that the HTC Rezound ICS update has an issue or issues. Maybe it’s bugs, maybe it’s how the software runs on the device. I don’t know. But those issues likely wont make HTC and Verizon keen on working on an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC Rezound.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean could be far away for the Rezound, if it ever arrives.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, the Rezound has powerful hardware, but I could definitely see the companies taking a pass in favor of upgrading and releasing newer devices.

So at this point, don’t expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to arrive. That way, when and if it does, it’ll be a nice surprise.

When Will This End?

I honestly wonder when this Android upgrade nonsense will end. If it will ever end. The Android PDK should help manufacturers become quicker at getting out Android updates but ultimately, it’s up to the carriers to push out the upgrades and clearly, American carriers haven’t figured it out.

Until they do, this cycle of promised upgrades and missed deadlines and frustrated owners will continue. Hopefully, companies learn some lessons from the HTC Rezound ICS mess and apply it to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade.

I am not optimistic.


  1. I never had “high hopes” for any upgrades and that is just fine. My Rezound is a “keeper” just the way it is.

  2. unlike the other two responses, my rezound does not work very well with GB. I have been counting on the ICS update to solve my problems. If it doesnt, i will be in the market for a new phone…

  3. Just chatted online to a verizon rep. I gave here all the info to access my account as well as phone baseband etc. She told me ics for the rezound wont come till late september with no exact date given. this sucks. by that time i can upgrade to a new phone. i hope she ends up being wrong.

    • I just received the ICS update for my Rezound last night. Use WiFi when downloading because it is a nearly 300 MB software update. Check for software updates on your Rezound regularly because some of you may have the update already,some may not I realize that. So far so good. I’ve had the Rezound 6 months so far and have loved it. Again,if you havent already,check for your software update. If I just received it then most of you should receive it before too long.

  4. I just got off the phone with verizon wireless and the technical department told me that the ice cream sandwich update will be out tomorrow or the next day :)

  5. It would be nice to see ics update for the rezound it would hopefully fix some of the bugs …but other then that if they don’t make and update to fix the bugs I’m go shoping for a new phone….

  6. I just installed the leaked version of ICS two days ago and so far, it’s been perfect. Better WIFI connectivity, touch smoother, more options and a crap ton faster on benchmark tests. Don’t be scared to upgrade yourself. I was but got so tired of waiting and now I am happy as pigs in sh**. My phone was and still is completely stock and the leaked version just like the OTA will (assuming it ever comes out).

  7. Been running the leaked ics since the day the 2nd leak surfaced and am now running the 3rd leak for quite some time now, let’s just start by saying it has been flawless. I cannot understand how a leaked version can run so great but yet no ota update from Verizon or even an explanation as to why it has not been rolled out. My suggestion to all rezound owners is to just download the leak it takes a bit to do it but its so easy and it runs so amazing you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Chris / Joe, which leak and where did you get the ICS Update for the Rezound did you use? Was it from AndroidPolice this version, rezound_AndroidPolice_3.14.605.5_PH98IMG? Are there any gotchas with installing this leaked version ourselves? Will this update cause any problems with the eventual OTA update from VZW? Thanks

    • Steve, I am on .10 which is the newest so far and the same one that HTC has posted twice before Verizon called them and said “take it down, we need to sell some S3’s 1st”.Type this into Google, “Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.14.605.10 Leaks for the HTC Rezound” then click on the xda link and start reading. I found everything I needed in there. You will have questions so feel free to ask.

      • oops, I missed a step. 1st…Type this into Google, “Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.14.605.10 Leaks for the HTC Rezound” then go to Droid Life, scroll down and click on the xda link and start reading.

  9. Just why the FUCK can’t Verizon or HTC let us know what the hell is going on. FUCK them both in the asshole with out lube.

  10. to the two of you on the leaked version of ics, would you mind testing if wifi hotspot works on an app like foxfi or pdanet? as of now on gb tethering only works via blue tooth and a lot of apps dont recognize that as a valid connection. much appreciated if you could let me know. been hoping ics would fix that issue for me.

    • Chris,

      I have WiFi tether working fine on my Rezound with GB. You can’t get it on Googleplay but if you google it, you can find and install the APK manually but you must have a routed phone. I used all the default settings but checked the boxes for MSS Clamping and Routing Fix. Works great; no problems.

      • I take that back; FOXFI works. On GB it always used to bump me to bluetooth and now on ICS, the little blue wifi signal pops on and my tablet has 4g love.

  11. I deployed ICS leaked version, few month ago and it runs great. Much Better than GB. I haven’t experience any problems. So, why they just can OTA that version?

    Any how, I’m not waiting since I have it running already

  12. I deployed ICS leaked version, few month ago and it runs great. Much Better than GB. I haven’t experience any problems. So, why they just can OTA that version?

    Any how, I’m not waiting since I have it running already.

    BTW Hotspot work better than ever.

  13. First off, I’d like to say that anyone “who talked to a Verizon rep” and was told ANYTHING should ignore whatever they said. No salesperson at Verizon is going to know what’s going on. They’re told to shut the customers up. Secondly, 3.14.605.10 does have some minor flaws. It is causing Sense 3.6 to crash unexpectedly sometimes when the memory isn’t completely perfect. The OTA will NOT be 3.14.605.10 regardless of what anyone heard. And finally, if you’re going to install that leak, which I do suggest, don’t do it from the Android Police website. You’ll spend forever and a day at those download speeds unless you pay some ridiculous membership fee to unlock the download speed limit. Try here instead: http://www.androidfilehost.com/main/-Support_Files-/RUU/Vigor/RUU_Vigor_3.14.605.10_PH98IMG.zip

  14. I am frustrated. I don’t want to flash ics because I heard you can’t access that #*#* thing and I’m thinking that when it comes time for agreement to end I could use rezound on any cell phone company and just get a sim card… But worried that if I flash ics I won’t be able to access the screen to change signals and just be locked with verizon with this phone

    • Just tried the *#*#4636#*#* and the hidden menu does not pop up. I will never use it so upgrading the leak has been all pros for me.

    • Didn’t have much luck with 4G Toggle, but LTE OnOff works fine (running the Nil’s Business ICS 5.7 rom). I stay on the ‘GSM/WCDMA, CDMA, and EvDo (PRL)’ setting unless I’m trying to stream video, Pandora works fine on 3G. If I want to stream Netflix I switch to ‘CDMA/EvDo/GSM/WCDMA/LTE Auto’, and I’m back on 4G.

  15. Fragmentation, the one thing, along with poor battery life that may send me back to the iPhone. Have to respect the fact that Apple rolls out their updates to everyone at the same time without interference from carriers. I like the Rezound, 4G/LTE, the larger clear screen, and customization. But it gets a little irritating when you sit there with GB, waiting for ICS, know JB is about to deploy. Along with the fact that we were promised ICS in early 2012.

  16. wow…what reading. please share something we all are not thinking.
    also, isn’t this one of those suck sites that posted a document that said the update was gonna happen on sunday?
    how about get your facts and info correct and apologize for getting it wrong and posting a fake document.
    go away suck websites!

  17. My phone just told me to update… So I did. Looks nice. Haven’t had a chance to play with it much. But the rumors ARE true… You will get it very soon from Verizon.

  18. I am downloading the firmware update for ICS right now. So it must be being released now. It might trickle down like it did for the razr maxx

  19. I got the update last night. It’s pretty cool…I haven’t found everything it updated but so far the voice recognition is phenomenal also the face lockout is pretty neat. that’s all I’ve seen so far. It’s working great

  20. I downloaded the update yesterday and it’s awesome. I don’t mind that I had to wait. I’d rather it be right than have problems.

  21. I just don’t understand why the carrier does the updates now, and not the manufacture. That was just pointless, seriously what was the point of doing that

  22. I’ve got the update… And its KILLING my battery. Read on another forum that it wasn’t really the battery dying, it was the battery indicator giving a faulty reading. Not so much! Yesterday my phone died completely at 1:00 pm (came off the charger at 6:45 am) with a grand total of one phone call, 6 texts, and minimal other use since I was at work.

    Seriously??? WTF?

    I’m loving ICS but I’ve gotta find some kind of fix for the battery-life-sucking-glitch!

  23. If you love your Rezound as much as I used to love mine then DON’T DO IT!!! I had no issues with my phone at all. I’ve had it since December of ’11. I updated to ICS 6 days ago and I have had nothing but problems. I keep losing wi-fi signal when I am at home and can’t connect to anything until I shut it off. And a lot of times I also lose 4G away from home and data does not work. I have re-booted many times. My husband has the same phone and updated the same day. Same issues. He fought the same issues with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus and went though 3 of them before giving up and turning it in for a Rezound. Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of ICS once it is installed?

    • Ice Cream Sandwich is killing me!!!! I am literally going to have a mental breakdown soon. I can’t do anything without it switching back to the HTC splash screen and then a loading icon that rotates like it’s doing something for a minute or two…every damn time!!!! I emailed the HTC support and they told me that I need to hit the home screen instead of the back arrow..wtf? Same thing. They also said to uninstall my task killer which didn’t work either. Is there a way to go back to the old OS?

    • I was forced updated. I have had nothing but problems as well. did you ever figure yours out? I’ve been dealing with mine for about a month and I’m about to give up and get a different phone. The phone was PERFECT before and as you said, I loved mine too, now I HATE IT!

  24. The Wifi kills the battery now and 4G uses less battery! Completely opposite than before. Thankfully I am still unlimited and dont have to use Wifi!

  25. excuse my language BUT FUCK THIS UPDATE! Bug FREE? nothing BUT BUGS! FREEZING, CRASHING. MUSIC MISSING. Music interrupted by calls when my phone is on silent -_-. beats audio now ONLY ENABLES with “music” NOT pandora and NOT youtube. -_- Im seriously going to trash this phone if I can’t get the old OS back.

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