AT&T HTC One X Android 4.0.4 Update Starts to Roll Out

AT&T and HTC are apparently in the process of rolling out the HTC One X Android 4.0.4 update, an update that brings an extremely useful feature along with it.

According to Android Central, the AT&T HTC One X Android 4.0.4 update is hitting some devices Over-the-Air (OTA) right now, though, it doesn’t appear as though everyone is seeing the update as of yet. The changelog for the update has also yet to arrive.

The update is massive, checking in at 270MB. That means that those HTC One X owners who are lucky enough to receive the update today should expect a fairly lengthy download and installation process.

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That being said, once that process is over with, the HTC One X will be a much improved device.

The HTC One X has received a crucial update.

The HTC One X on AT&T has, since day one, had an annoying feature called the menu bar which served in place of a menu button. When an app opened that didn’t have compatibility with Ice Cream Sandwich, the device would show three useless little dots instead of actual navigation buttons.

Thankfully, this update changes things, allowing users to long press on multitasking button to use it as a menu button. That may not sound like much to those that don’t own an HTC One X, but it’s a dream come true for those that own the device.

It also looks like the software might break root. So, those that are using a rooted HTC One X should probably avoid this update as it may contain security fixes that don’t play nice with rooted devices.

We assume the update is also full of other bug fixes and enhancements though, those will remain unknown until HTC and AT&T spill the beans.

All in all, this is a crucial update for the HTC One X and one that owners should be overjoyed about.

Anyone seeing it just yet?


  1. Got update but menu bar feature doesn’t work when I change settings for recent apps button…

  2. Got the update. From notification to finish didn’t take more than 10 minutes.
    I love the new option to use the recent apps key for the menu button.

  3. My internet was running slow and my Youtube videos weren’t loading…I picked up my phone (2:10 AM) and it was downloading the update, right as I picked it up it gave me the notification to update my software lol…I have noticed that it runs MUCH smoother, and the install only took about 10 minutes or less…but the menu button shortcut by holding the multitask button doesn’t work….Oh well

  4. I am receiving the update also, but I hope it is still rootable afterwards because I have root access right now

  5. I hope they fix the sound problem. The speaker gets really, really low sometimes, even when it’s all the way up. I have to restart my phone to fix the problem.

  6. Cool little anesthetic effect now too, as you slide between your homepage screens, the screen (apps/widgets) both coming and going become less opaque. They were both solid the whole time before, and I actually noticed because I was once bored enough to try to sit my screen right in between two home screens lol…

  7. I received a notification on my phone about an att update, but it gave no specifics. The message just appeared; NOT a text message. It let me delay action up to 8 hours. Now it says it will install it in 8 hours, regardless. Is this message referring to THIS update?

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