HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out Slowly

The HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich roll out has begun with users reporting the update and Verizon itself confirming it.

Verizon, in a blog post, has confirmed that today is the first day that HTC Rezound owners will begin to receive the update. The carrier says that it has begun pushing the software today which means that many owners won’t see the software hit their HTC Rezound until later.

The carrier did something similar with the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates. It announced the roll out but it took a few days for the update to start hitting the masses.

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Today, we have heard from many HTC Rezound owners who have received Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and we’ve heard fro others who have yet to receive the software. We’ve also heard from owners who have received a separate, smaller update that prepares the device for the full-on ICS update.


The HTC Rezound ICS update has started to roll out.

The smaller update should arrive first followed by the larger update which is Ice Cream Sandwich.

Again, the update is likely going to roll out relatively slowly at first and pick up speed at the days go on. So those that don’t see it today will want to remain patient.

At the very least, the good news is that the update is finally here, an update that was rumored to be close many times in the past and an update that was originally supposed to be out in June or July.

HTC and Verizon missed the deadline that HTC imposed by a couple of days though we suspect that many owners will quickly forget now that the update is pushing.


Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich is a huge improvement over Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it should only stand to make the HTC Rezound an even better smartphone.

Now, owners can turn their attention to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is Google’s latest piece of mobile software and one that has not yet been confirmed for any Verizon devices other than the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

How many of you are seeing the update/

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  1. I got the update and my rezound not only seems slower but the browser won’t even let me click on more than 2 search results! WTF!!! I tried rebooting my phone twice and its still screwed up! I WANT GINGERBREAD BACK!!!

  2. I got the update at 14:00 EST.
    my recommendations is set to wifi instead of 4G. this way you can do a continuous update.

  3. ICS fucked my phone up. dammit. constant reboots and overheating. even after factor reset. fuck you htc and fuck you verizon. waiting nine months for garbage

  4. Got ics this afternoon… I was impressed by its smoothness. But now sometimes it says that my messages are unavailable or when I click on settings its unavailable. Very weird.

  5. I have run into some problems with this update. I initially have my storage and my sd card encrypted. gearing the update it asked me to decrypted and then it asked me to encrypted again, and it seemed like it was going to keep all the programs and the files on the SD card.
    To my surprise though when the phone finished updating, I got an error that might SD card needs to be reformatted.
    So now it seems like the phone went back to a full reset and I lost everything on it….
    My question is was this supposed to happen?, I have the feeling that I ran into a glitch. It seems initially that the update was going to decrypt and then again encrypt the storage and the SD card

  6. When mine first updated, it was slow and when i unlocked it the HTC logo was stuck on the screen.
    It was customizing my settings, don’t interrupt it because it takes like 25 minutes to finish!

    it also made me verify my accounts again. Now it is lightning fast! Not alot different in the look and feel so far but super fast!

    No reboots or issues here! Thanks HTC!

  7. Received both updates in series with no interruptions. It takes about 30 mins. to do both and for the configuration steps it does after the install as mentioned by others. I did not lose any data or formatting, even my HD Widgets were in place, wallpaper (a photo I took), etc. all unchanged.

    I am experiencing no issues whatsoever and best of all, a smoother, faster experience which feels less laggy. Sense 3.6 is a subtle improvement to the previous version. Transitions are simpler and therefore seem more instantaneous.

    • Sorry, forgot to mention the update was done yesterday morning so I’ve had just over 24 hours experience so far. Also, my phone was bone stock prior to the update (still is! : )

    • Yeah the transitions are smoother but they seem slower to me. I don’t know whether they are actually slower or if its the subtle fade-out/fade-in effect that gives the impression of my phone being slower. In either case, my rezound feels slower.

  8. Got the.first update.last night. It.screwed up some of my texts. Now I have playstore icons in upper left of screen. Babe no more notification tab in info so cant get rid of icons.
    Does.anyone have any.advice?

  9. Battery life is signicantly improved. Not sure if things are any faster, but the improved battery life is a welcome improvement.

  10. well its ok kinda but one thing that i’m not so sure about is that the new download now allows for a president alert, i heard about this several weeks or months ago about the gov. doing things like a phone takeover if they wanted to and there it was in the alerts….
    that isn’t something i like. would it still happen to it stock? i mean even if i didn’t have the new ics would they still do the alert breakthru? these things completly shut down your phone and or takes over and you can’t do anything about it?

  11. Got mine yesterday and so far seems quite good. It’s funny seeing everyone complaining about every little thing. It always takes a little time for all the bugs to be worked out. People give it a chance and wait at least 2-4 wks. before complaining. Always do factory reset when problems occur and if it continues be patient for the 2-4 wks I was talking about…Thank You HTC I love the Ice Cream Sandwich!

  12. ICS sucks! Granted, it does have a FEW perks, but my messages won’t show up half the time, the notification sound doesn’t go off unless I am on the phone, I can’t set my lock screen options, and my browser force closes every time I try to get on the web! Bring back Gingerbread!!!!

  13. I still havent received mine yet. I been continuously manually checking for software updates but no luck. What’s the deal?

  14. I got the update on 8/8/2012 and now my phone is no longer working properly. Every time I go to my home screen it takes 10 seconds to load, I can no longer attach pictures to text messages or email photos. I am constantly getting error messages when I get incoming phones calls, and when using the keypad for texting there are many times where my words do not appear and I have to close out the messaging and reopen it.

    I am very frustrated and upset

    • Quain, If you are having that many problems you should back up your phone and factory reset your phone.

      Since my last post I have had 2 reboots while playing Pandora. Other than that still much faster/better.

  15. I downloaded the update nearly 2 weeks ago when it first came out. Since then my Rezound froze twice. After that it runs great. No problem.

  16. I got the update on 8/10 – browser is definitely faster however it has shut itself down at least 6 times now without rebooting – simply shuts down. Also the Htc sense for Facebook keeps needing to be authenticated as apparently it keeps losing my setting. The worse feature change is that they have linked the ringtone and message notification so you cannot turn off email & text notifications at night without also turning off your ringer. The only solution to that at this time is an app called Sound Profile. Overall I give ICS a 2 out of 5 stars so far.

  17. I thought ics was supposed to improve hotspot stability but my hotspot was fine on gingerbread. Now on ics my rezound’s hotspot function doesn’t work at all! This is BS!!!

  18. i updated last night and since then the ics wont load my texts had to download an app it runs so much slower now and it deleted all of my music and photos

  19. I just got my update on Saturday and since then it’s been running horribly. Now as of this morning my test messages are all screwed up and I cannot see the thread. The only way I can send a text is to compose a new message and to see the reply I have to look in the notification line at the top to read the message as it is coming in or I cannot read the text. I HATE it!!! This has happened to me twice before, only have had the phone (brand new since February) and this is the third time I will have to factory reset. What’s the point if I have to factory reset every couple months? It’s getting old and I’m about ready to go back to my basic flip phone.

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