Microsoft Surface Price Pegged at $199

The Windows RT Microsoft Surface could come in at the same price of the Nexus 7 when it comes to market on October 26.


According to Engadget Microsoft plans to release the Surface with a $199 price tag. The price comes from a source who attended Microsoft’s TechReady15 conference where the company discussed the launch plans for the tablet.

The possible price could explain why companies like Acer are asking Microsoft to think twice about the tablet. A $199 Surface with Windows RT would undercut tablets from almost every other manufacturer. It would place the base model at the same price as the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire.


If Microsoft does release the Surface at $199, it will undercut the iPad by $300, and occupy the price range normally reserved for 7-inch tablets. The price could mean more sales than if Microsoft priced it competitively with the iPad, which would mean more users have access to Windows RT.


Such a low price point would be a huge win for Microsoft and consumers, assuming consumers actually want to buy the Surface. The Surface will run every Metro app in the Windows Store, as well as a stripped-down version of Microsoft Office which Microsoft bundles with every Windows RT tablet. We know there are some users than want Office on a tablet, and to have the suite running on a 10-inch tablet for $199 seems like a great deal.


Microsoft may change its mind on the pricing, but we hope it doesn’t. A Surface that costs as much as an iPad, even an iPad 2, will run into trouble even with Office. A lower price puts it at almost impulse-buy level for some users, and makes the decision to buy one much easier.