Motorola Rep: Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out in September

It looks like Motorola is going to be rolling out the Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update in September.

According to a Motorola rep, who seems to be fairly knowledgeable about the Droid Bionic ICS update’s status, Motorola is currently planning on rolling out the update at some point in September.

No specific roll out date was given and seeing as how it’s August 29th, a September roll out date fits the mold.

The Motorola representative says that the Droid Bionic update is currently at it’s Development phase, which is a step above the testing phase for the update. We assume the testing phase encompasses both in-house testing and the soak test that generally rolls out to select users prior to the update’s roll out.

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Droid Bionic ICS Update
Motorola will likely roll out the Droid Bionic ICS update in September.

After the testing phase, the software will become available to all owners.

So, right now, it’s looking like September is the month that the Droid Bionic update will arrive. Motorola originally promised early Q3 for the update but now it looks like the update is just going to fit into the Q3 window. Q3 is comprised of July, August and September so it will be rolling out in the last month in the window.

Despite numerous leaks, the Droid Bionic ICS update is not yet official and to make matters worse, Motorola and Verizon have remained mum on a release date or its progress, even after the software missed “early Q3.”

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We heard that the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS bugs caused Motorola to push the Droid Bionic update back because neither company wanted to release the Droid Bionic software with those bugs on board.

Gotta Be Mobile also has heard that the Droid RAZR MAXX and Droid RAZR ICS bug fix updates are slated to roll out around Labor Day weekend which just so happens to be this weekend.

We aren’t sure which update, the Droid Bionic or the Droid RAZR’s, will roll out first but we have been told that they could possibly roll out around the same time.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Ugh!!! I have the DROID Bionic and have been checking for the ICS update daily since the end of June. This is just sad… Sorry to be negative but, I knew when I found out that my Bionic was going to get ICS it would be at the end of the quarter, instead of the beginning. I am just preparing myself to not see the update til the end of September if at all. I am starting to hate this POS Bionic and will probably be taking my boyfriend up on the offer of buying me a iPhone 5 in November for my birthday. Motorola and Verizon really dropped the ball on this…

  2. Um….
    “The Motorola representative says that the Droid Bionic update is currently at it’s Development phase, which is a step above the testing phase for the update. We assume the testing phase encompasses both in-house testing and the soak test that generally rolls out to select users prior to the update’s roll out.”

    The step “above” doesn’t mean the step beyond – it means the step before, at least according to the image presented. So it hasn’t been tested yet… .joy.

    • So when you’re walking up a flight of stairs and you take the next step “above” the last, you’re taking the step “before” it? Check your logic.

      • Steps in a process are different than steps on a staircase. Usually the first one you see, at the “top” is the first step you take. So I guess you could look at it as progressing down, not up, a flight of stairs.

        Ignoring the usual way things are presented, that is how it is presented in the image provided:
        Take a look at the image…

        Evaluation and Planning

        Somehow I doubt Evaluation and Planning come after it being Available.

        • Excellent point! I wonder if this ad-driven drivel is written by a bot sometime. Hello? Elbow. Hole in the Ground. Know the difference? I doubt it.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, IF the bionic gets the ics update it’ll be sept 30. And that’s a MASSIVE IF.

  4. Official response from VZW. This is a joke right, Darth?

    Hello Nathaniel, I am sorry that you are having issues with your Bionic. There is a known issue with the Bionic losing the data connection. Now we would not be able to replace the device with a replacement. The replacement would have the same issues. Now the Motorola is working on the issue with the Bionic. Now you can switch the network to CDMA (3g), or you can do what I do with my Bionic. What I do is put the Airplane mode widget on the front page of my phone. When I see that I have lost data connections I turn the airplane mode on then turn it right back off. This will restore the data connections.

    I hope that this information was helpful.

    Thank you for your time and for being the best part of Verizon Wireless.



    Verizon Wireless

    Customer Service

    Primary Subject: Internet and Data Products
    Secondary Subject: Broadband Access
    Message Body: I just got a response to an email I sent regarding my Bionic
    dropping its data connection. The solution presented was to switch
    to the CDMA network, that Motorola knows that there is a problem
    with this phone but has been unable to fix it. This sounds like
    something that is covered under the manufacturers warranty, and I
    want a replacement phone please. I paid for a 4G phone and it does
    not work properly. Please replace it.

    • verizon is so inconsistent. I called instead of writing as you did. I told the guy I knew it was a last update issue that caused the problem, and even though i was just waiting for them to wave my internet fees during the problematic time, they decided to just send me a new bionic. i told them i didn’t think that would make any different, but they sent it anyways. i got it, and of course, same connection problems.

      • I was having the same data connectivity issue on my bionic and called to have them document it. They told me to replace the sim card, after replacing the sim i haven’t had any data drops. They said if the problem continues, to call back and they would send me a replacement. I suggest getting a new sim, free at Verizon, and if that doesn’t work try calling customer service. Can’t wait for ICS, I hear this will improve data as well. Good luck

  5. A moto chat rep instead of official spokesperson? Not so much news here when we already know it will be September now.

  6. At this point, I just don’t care — I’ve been waiting forever. It’s ridiculous. Motoroloa never again… too late.

  7. It’s just an update… Jesus, everybody acts like it’s Dec. 21st or something. Every single manufacturer and carrier has issues. Life goes on.

    • I think it is a big deal when you buy a $299 phone, and a year after they push an update (the last one) that makes it not work anymore. My internet works just 30% of the time, and verizon doesn’t charge any less for the connection. I haven’t heard of any device other than motorola that this kind of issues happen.

      • I’ve had the Samsung Droid charge (few replacement phones later), Verizon switched me out to the LG revolution (couple replacements later), Verizon switched me back to (Samsung Droid charge). After a few more replacement phones, I was finally switched to the Motorola Droid bionic in June of 2012. While I was dealin with dropped data amongst other issues, Verizons resolution was always bad SIM cards, bad SD card, bad apps, bad data transferred through emails, take out battery, do a hard reset on the phone. ……needless to say, 10 devices later, Still dropped DATA. I’m a believer its the 4g LTE SYSTEM. Remember, there was a delay in the 4g when it first came out.

        I’m sick of going to FedEx and dropping off replacement phones, calling customer service and hitting 0 or saying technical difficulties….and then hearing, before we transfer you, please tell us your problem so we can transfer you to the right person. Blah blah blah…

    • Well the DROID bionic is a dual core phone and marketed as such. However Gingerbread does not support dual core. It was marketed that ICS would be available very soon after the initial ICS release in order to utilize the full hardware capability.

      So no, it isn’t just an update… its an effective doubling of processor power. And being someone who is using a leaked version of ICS…. its a big jump in responsivness from Gingerbread. Motorolla advertised the Bionic as a dual core phone, but they have yet to deliver full support for their hardware.

      • What version of ics…….im on 232 and I love it bit it is slow laggy and my screen flashes while charging once in awhile and the phone gets hot

    • The issue that everyone is in arms about is the internet connectivity Cory. If you had a phone that was broken by a manufacturer update that was approved for release by your phone company and then not fixed for several months you’d be pretty ticked off too. The phone worked great for me and my wife (we both have the Bionic) until the update in January. It’s been since JANUARY with spotty internet connectivity if anything at all. Like Leandro said, I have internet about 30% of the time and yet I’m paying 100% of the bill.

  8. ICS two reasons for Big Red to halt updates as long as possible….

    1: After Gingerbread you can stop bloatware (which is a revenue stream EG: VZ NAV FOR BIONIC… I so want to stop the 18+ Apps to stop screaming for and update and munching data cycles!!! which are FREE FROM GOOGLE for the most part :} )

    2: To get you to upgrade before you are due to lock you out of Unlimited Data if you have been lucky enough to get it… I have had Unlimited Data since I got my OG Droid Day One which I just gave to my Son… That Share everything is a joke and tiered Data will not go away.

    So Relax your Phone is still as fast as needed and even with data drops you can still call someone or text.

  9. I still love my Bionic! After the last couple updates data has been rock solid on 3g and 4g. When ever I am around one of my friends with iphones my bionic runs circles around it. I love the removable battery and hdmi. I like that I can see the screen in the day light. And when it gets the ics it will be awesome! The sad thing is that this phone could have been so much better had verizon and moto actually tried and not kicked it to the curb so fast.

    • I feel the same about my Bionic. It’s a great phone which will be even better when the ICS OTA is released.

  10. Talked with both Verizon and Motorola last night, Verizon pushed me off to Moto…Moto told me that in as little as four days but no later than two weeks…he said “It is officially Released, it is being released in sections…” I took this with a grain of salt, since not a single news agency says this. I’m not satisfied with being promised one thing, and getting nothing.

  11. I’m not sure I even want ICS!

    How many of my apps will it break?

    I’ll probably be lost with all the ui change.

    • it is like having 6gb in a pc running windows xp 32bit (uses a max of 4gb)
      we have a good phone, but not being used to its full potential. ICS will unleash the dual core we craved about when the phone first came out. With gingerbread,the bionic is no better than a low end phone

  12. Actually, since I put the .232 ICS leak on my Bionic, I haven’t had 1 4G data connection issue, and it’s been running great. Haven’t lost the use of any apps. I like it and would be happy staying on this leak if the official never did come out…..

    • I agree with you Jerry. I also have the leaked .232 on mine . I love my Bionic. Most impressed with the hot spot improvement of signal…..

  13. Since it’s already the end of August and September is the following month, wouldn’t it be easier to say not August? It would clear up a lot of confusion when it’s not ready by September 30 and moto and Verizon wouldn’t have to lie to consumers again. Considering they lied about the release date, the specifications, selling a phone with 16GB storage and only allowing the user 8, and a well past the “early quarter three” ics update.

  14. I was browsing the VZW webstie and saw the Pantech Marauder has ICS. A PANTECH HAS IC BEFORE MOTO BIONIC!!!! So sad.

  15. Last Motorola phone. So quick to take your money, but take their time to answer questions or stay committed to dead lines.

  16. I don’t know how.much the people at Verizon know but I was having problems the with my service Friday and.called tech support and got to talking to them about ics update and they said the last update for bionic was in June and she looked ahead and said she didn’t see any updates for another 2 months and if that’s true this really sucks and I’m very seriously thinking about saying screw Android and go with apple

    • The “workers” @ verizon stores don’t know jack shit so take whatever they say or tell you with a grain of salt because they are talking out their asses

  17. So sick of Verizon and all of their lies. Motorola and Verizon should be sued by all Bionic owners for selling a POS.

  18. LOL, I would be satisfied if they would just fix the data drop problems. I LOVE my bionic runs everything just fine just have to do it on wifi.

  19. woke up and found my phone has been upgraded automatically. Now i have multiple issues such as i can no longer switch between input/keyboards, there’s only one web window (used to be able to open multiple windows). The more i use my phone, the more i dislike the upgrade. Why doesnt Motorola warn users, or send emails/doumentation as to what’s change, and/or how to get around things now. Very frustrating.

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