Motorola Promises Jelly Bean Updates for Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Droid Bionic and More

Motorola, earlier today at is Droid RAZR HD press event, announced a new Android update program that will allow owners of older devices not getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean to trade their phone in for $100. However, Motorola has now revealed exactly which devices might get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it includes all of its devices that were released in 2011 or later, a list that includes the Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX and Droid Bionic.

The company launched a new Jelly Bean site for customers that offers not only information about the program but a place for customers to sign up to be notified about Jelly Bean updates.

Motorola says that all phones released in 2011 or later are slated to get Jelly Bean at this point but it also leaves open the possibility that some may not get it. Device owners that don’t get it will instead receive $100.

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Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 1.54.12 PM
Motorola has promised Jelly Bean updates for all of its 2011 and 2012 devices.

So, that means that if Motorola pulls an HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update move on Droid Bionic owners, Droid Bionic owners will be entitled to $100.


This also means phones like the Droid RAZR MAXX and Droid RAZR could get the upgrade to Jelly Bean at some point. And it also means that owners could be given $100 instead.

As for the sign-up, Motorola says this:

Leave us your email address and product information, and we’ll let you know when a Jelly Bean upgrade is available for your phone. If we don’t upgrade you, we’ll send you instructions on how to trade in your phone for a select new Motorola smartphone and get $100 back on your purchase.

Of course, Motorola won’t provide the most up-to-date information, owners of Motorola devices will have leaks to thank for that, but it will be providing official details in regards to the updates.

Hopefully, those updates are informative and frequent and not vague and sporadic. Only time will tell.


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All three new Droid RAZR devices will launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Motorola has not confirmed any specific release dates for Jelly Bean updates as of yet.


  1. Thought we would see the ICS bug fix update by now. Droid Razr Maxx performance is now an issue, frustrating.

    • Lee, your right the ICS bug fix that alot of us have needed since ICS was installed was supposed to come out by the middle of August then by the end of August and finally by Labor Day. But, as usual as of September 8th still no fix.

  2. Talk about an open ended commitment. Get Jelly Bean or $100 bucks….whats the deadline? If my device, which is bionic, doesnt get jelly bean…. by what date? Do I have to wait till sometime in 2013 to get Jelly Bean?

    • My guess/hope is that the comment is more directed to earlier devices such as the Atrix 4G. Those buyers *should* be up for upgrades by early next year, when the self-imposed end-of-year deadline expires, unless they bought a cheaper old model phone late in 2011 (went for the free model instead of getting the current gen).

  3. ouch. another poke in the eye. they are getting more stupid rather thanhelping customers,they give more demands and think we will bite. 100.00 trade in on a phone less than a year old and cost 299.00. and we will lose our unlimited plan. hmmmm.

    • I agree, I can eBay my Bionic (once it has ICS) and get more than a hundy for it. I want the JB update not the $100. Otherwise it’s “Bye, Bye Moto”.

    • When i upgraded my phone in February, iwasable to keep my unlimited plan, they can’t take it from you as long as you don’t change plans.

          • Nope… sorry…. buying a phone at full price will not allow you to avoid this. I recently broke my screen on my Maxx, decided to buy a new Galaxy S3 at full price, until I found out it would ixnay my unlimited plan. So I put the brakes on that and fixed the screen on my Droid Maxx.

  4. Ok, I’m going for overly optimistic here, but maybe that’s why ICS updates have been delayed for Bionic and Atrix 2? Maybe Google sent the directive to skip ICS and move to Jelly Bean? I know, not extremely likely, but it’s possible, especially if they’re aiming for the end of the year…

    • I just called Verizon and told them about the data drops on the bionic, and they sent me a free RAZR maxx, you should try too.

      • How did they sent you a free Razr max, I called them and they offered to sent me a replacement not another phone can you give more details how you got that offer.

          • Thank you I did that and verizon sent me razer maxx nd after 3 devices still having issues with the they sent me the galaxy S3 and two weeks now it is going well…

  5. ok, here is what is going on, any phones released between 2011-2012 will either get the update by end of 2012 or trade in for a $100 credit toward a “select” new phone (sounds fishy). My guess is _if_ we get jelly bean (droid razr, razr maxx, and bionic owners) it will be released with the update for the newer phones around the same time because they all have similar source codes, hardware, and software. This is all theoretical… but in terms of the razr and razr maxx they most likely will update these because it would cost them alot not to and the hardware is ready to go as the galaxy nexus for jelly bean… that is all.

    • Probably unless you buy the phone outright ($500+), if they give you $100 to upgrade and you use it to get a new phone on Verizon w/contract you will lose the unlimited data. This is the reason I bought my Razr MAXX outright so I wouldn’t lose the data and be restricted to 2G a month for $30.

  6. I want something! From what I comprehend it was going to happen in July, August and now September with…….still nothing! We’ve waited so long that now they are on to something new!!I really wanted ics but now I want jelly bean! Just get me away from gingerbread! I have a Droid bionic. /:

  7. As a marketing manager, I would have to believe Motorola wouldn’t make such a claim unless they’re already anticipating that some of these phones won’t get Jelly Bean. Offering a $100 rebate towards a new phone is of no expense to them. After all, the price of the phones are usually artificially inflated to compensate such rebates. I would also have to question if such an offer could also be used in conjunction to any promotional offer by Verizon Wireless.

  8. The link to the “motorola” website you provided looked a little fishy especially after examining the certificate. Where did you get your information about this website? It looks like a hoax to me. I hope nobody provided their email on that website. Can you confirm without a doubt that website is owned by Motorola?

  9. Don’t let this be another lie, or a scam by Verizon to get us bionic owners to trade in our phones to loose unlimited plan.

  10. ICS on my RAZR is perfection! I’m really hoping for a Jelly Bean update though. If not, I’m ROOTING! I’m not trading in my phone for the $100. First of all, I could get more for it than $100. Second of all, I’M NOT GIVING UP MY UNLIMITED DATA! Nice try Verizon!

  11. As i do work for verizon there are loop holes on the whole unlimited data. If you have multiple lines on your account then do an alternate upgrade then switch the phones around its really easy. And if someone tells you that you cant do it they are full of shit i do it everyday

  12. I bought the Maxx outright due to Verizon cancelling unlimited data when going to 4g. Anyways, my history with Motorola told me not to. I should’ve listened to my gut. I am going to get the S3… I kinda wanted the Maxx HD but I wont deal with Moto, lack of updates, and locked devices anymore after this thing gets scooped up on craigslist lol

  13. Jelly bean on the Bionic? Kinda like they promised ICS on the Bionic? I seriously want to stab whoever is responsible for this monumental fuckup–saying bullshit like this is just adding insult to injury.

  14. Believe it when I see it. You take our money and then you screw us so we will buy a new phone. You sux! Man up! Stop jackin your jaws!

  15. To all the Bionic owners,……just root and sbf an ICS leak. I’m on MAXX and rooted. I installed an ICS leak almost 3 months before any razor got an update. I even had problems with the data connection and got a replacement MAXX it came wIth ICS and sent my other back rooted on the ISS leak. No fuss or hassle. tells you all about how to do this. Don’t give up on motorola. It is about the only manufacturer’s phone that you can simply recover from hard brick or anything really. I should no 11 bricks later on 1 device

    • Ok, what are these mysterious ways? Seriously, I have refused to upgrade hardware because of it and I am attempting to pay full price, but no go with the sales rep, they still say it is required that my unlimited data be pulled.

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