iPhone 5 Is World’s Thinnest Smartphone?

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 on stage, the company made the claim that the smartphone is the world’s thinnest smartphone measuring at just 7.6 mm thin, or roughly 18 percent thinner than the previous versions, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While Apple’s design is impressive, Twitter became abuzz with Apple’s marketing claim shortly after the announcement as people are recalling that at the beginning of the year, Android smartphone-maker Huawei had announced the Android-powered Ascend P1 S smartphone boasting a slimness of just 6.68 mm.

Though Apple’s marketing didn’t specify if the smartphone claim was related to all smartphones, or to 4G LTE smartphones. Right now, the iPhone 5 may be the slimmest 4G LTE smartphone as the Huawei Ascend P1 S, which we saw at CES, is an HSPA+ model.


Thinness is only one element of judging a smartphone’s design, portability, and usability. While the race to thin is on, thin may not be as comfortable or ergonomic to use over extended periods. Even the slightly thicker iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is too thin for some users. Some users of current generation iPhone models indicate that they prefer using their iPhone with a Mophie battery charger case because it adds some grip and makes the phone more comfortable to hold.


    • SilverArrow says

      But, the Droid RAZR has a roll on the back for the camera, making it 11mm, just as xioawei said.

  1. xioawei says

    But the Droid Razr has a lump on the back that’s 11mm thick. So iPhone 5 is the thinnest!

  2. The Rhino says

    So whats the new innovation that they implimented in the iphone 5, I have seen all that in other phones and phones getting 100+ on verizon lte networks. I give it to them by making it thinner while adding lte and keeping the battery. Should have been much better like by adding fingerprint detection technology or wake your phone up by command without touching it, like “Iphone on”. I just produced a better iphone in 2 min then they did over a year.

  3. My Thoughts (@_8978) says

    The Huawei and the RAZR are much thicker. The measurements they give are at the thinnest point. Depth is not defined by the shallowest point!

    You don’t measure your waist at your neck!!

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