iPhone 5 off Contract Pricing Announced

iPhone 4S owners and users locked into a contract can upgrade to the iPhone 5 for an expensive price.

The normal $199 iPhone 5 pricing advertised on Apple’s homepage is only with a new two-year contract.

The iPhone 5 off contract pricing, or full retail price, starts at $649.

After logging in to check out iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility we found the following high prices waiting for us.

  • 16GB iPhone 5 – $649
  • 32GB iPhone 5 – $749
  • 64GB iPhone 5 – $849

iPhone 5 off contract prices

iPhone 5 off contract prices.


The iPhone 5 off contract prices are higher than Verizon’s $350 ETF for advanced devices, and it might be cheaper for some users to cancel a line and purchase a new iPhone 5 line. The prices above show a date, but that is when the user is able to update at a cheaper price. The iPhone 5 off contract prices will not likely change until the next iPhone launches.

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The AT&T iPhone 5 can be purchased at an early iPhone 5 upgrade discount price for many users. This discount is the iPhone 5 contract price plus $250. That’s a savings of almost $200 over the off contract price. The after November 8th price here shows the early upgrade pricing, but it isn’t available to all customer right now.

Users who ar e looking to upgrade early can offset some of this cost by selling the iPhone 4S to a trade in site for up to $500. Gazelle is buying about 15 used iPhones a second after the iPhone announcement and expects the iPhone 4S trade in price to decline by about 25% in the next week.

Users can check upgrade eligibility and iPhone 5 prices with Apple or direct with their carrier for detailed upgrade information.

AT&T iPhone 5

The AT&T iPhone connects to HSPA+ for faster than 3G download speeds.

The iPhone 5 features a larger 4-inch display, 4G LTE and other enhancements. Many of the software features are coming to the iPhone 4S on iOS 6.



  1. Ansu Komara says

    well, great phone but no different from iphone 4 and 4s. I wonder the marketing strategy..

    • MasterPFA (@masterpfa) says

      If still on a contract with an iPhone 4s, not worthy of an early upgrade IMO. If however not tied to a contract I would be tempted………….. to wait for the iPhone 6.
      Sorry this phone does not really grab me like the introduction of the iPhone 4 had

  2. Joey says

    are you stupid ansu? newly designed chip twice as fast, lte network, bigger screen, thinner, longer lasting battery.. how much more do you want?

  3. Chris says

    Nyahahahaha..i think ansu wants a phone that has a washing machine in it or a jacuzzi perhaps..hahaha

  4. Alex says

    Anyone knows why they states that after November 8 the iphone price will be as follows:
    16G $449.00 32GB $549.00 64GB $649.00–Does anyone knows what’s that about?

    Usually the prices are as follows : 16GB $649.00 32GB $749.00 64GB $849.00—Can someone answer my question please? Thanks.

    • Joey says

      it’s because apple’s marketing strategy is pretty genius. they suck in all the fanboys (like myself) that will pay top dollar right when it comes out, then after a couple months they slash the prices so that the people that were halfway interested think “oh ok now its much cheaper im gonna go for it”

    • tony says

      that MAY have been one persons price.. and after nov 8 he may be able for the free upgrade

  5. Marc says

    Alex, the lower price after a certain date is a partially subsidized by AT&T price. After you have an iPhone for 1 year they trim off some money towards a new one (but not all the way down to 199)

  6. Sagar Vagadia says

    Can anyone tell me what will be the penalty for the 3 carriers if the contract will be broken…??? plzzz can ny1 help me out..?

  7. Danial says

    Apple say this stuff but how often does it happen, we’ve been promised a decent battery for years.

  8. Jack says

    November 8th
    16G $449.00 32GB $549.00 64GB $649.00
    i think it not gonna happen, the iphone 5 still on pre order in America, some of countries like Thailand and India the iphone5 haven’t came out yet, if they came out they stil have to be on contract,
    In my opinon the price of the iphone5 will be decrease around begining of jan.
    Remeber steve jobs died, so tim cook take over his apple bussiness.
    i heard the iphone5 still have heaps of problems such as Bluetooth problems and screen problem.
    So I will stick with my iphone4s and wait for next year when the price is decrease and the problem fixed,
    i also heard the rumors that iphone5 imported from china not usa. because the material is cheaper.

  9. Richard says

    Start the battery on iPhone 5 freaking blows .. It sucks but that’s the only bad thing about the iPhone 5

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