5 Things to Do Before You Upgrade to iOS 6

On Wednesday, Apple not only announced the new iPhone 5, but it also showed off iOS 6 and gave it a release date, September 19th. And as that release date bears down on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners, we wanted to share some tips on how to best prepare yourself for the release of iOS 6.

Like iOS 5 before it, Apple is adding over 200 new features to the mix with iOS 6. Many of those features are ones that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have campaigned for for awhile.

Maybe the biggest change found in iOS 6 is the new Maps application from Apple which will replace Google Maps as the default navigation service on the iOS platform. The new Maps application features some nifty features including 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation, as well as many of the features iDevice owners are used to.

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ios 6
Make your iOS 6 installation easier with these quick tips.

iOS 6 also brings new features to Siri, Facebook integration, Passbook for use with airline tickets, coupons and more, as well as FaceTime Over Cellular and more functionality from the Phone app, just to name a few.


Of course, not all of those features will be coming to all of Apple’s devices so you’ll want to take a look and see what your device will be getting with iOS 6.

Additionally, iOS 6 won’t be coming for all of Apple’s devices. The free download will be coming to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad and the iPod touch fourth generation.

Clean Up Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Whenever Apple releases a new iOS update, I tend to use it as motivation to clean up my iPhone and iPad. With iOS 6, you should think about doing the same.

Over the past year, you’ve likely downloaded a bunch of applications that you hardly use anymore or content like music or shows that you don’t watch anymore.

These can take up a lot of space on your device and are especially problematic on device’s like 16GB variants where space is limited.

Be sure to trim your device of apps you don’t use.

So, before you download iOS 6, do a sweep through your device and get rid of aging content. Simply hold down the icon for the app, wait until it shakes, and delete it. For shows that you may have downloaded, open up the Videos application and slide your finger from left to right. This will delete the content from your device.

Before you do go ahead, you’ll want to make sure that Restrictions are disabled on the device. If they are turned on, your device may not be able to transfer purchases, backup or sync with the computer.

To do this head into Settings > General > Restrictions on your device and make sure they are disabled otherwise you might be greeted with an error when trying to perform some of these functions.

Transfer Your Purchases

Once you get iOS 6 up and running, you’ll be able to download all of your old applications but that process obviously is an extremely tedious one, especially for those of you who use tons of applications on your device.

After cleaning your device and deleting deadweight applications, you can easily transfer your applications to your computer which will make for a much easier transition from iOS 5 to iOS 6.

This is also an awesome opportunity to switch your device to a different computer of you prefer to use another device to sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

I recently switched from my PC to my laptop because I have used it a lot more. Once the device is connected, and the laptop or PC is connected to Wi-Fi, iOS will back up the content to your computer.

Backup Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Backing up your device is absolutely crucial before you upgrade to iOS 6. While it’s unlikely, there is a possibility that something could go wrong with the upgrade process and wouldn’t want to lose all the stuff on your device. To be safe, it’s smart to make a backup.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 3.25.24 PM
Make sure to backup your device before installing iOS 6.

The backup process begins after you plug your device into a computer. If it doesn’t happen automatically, you can force a backup to occur.

Simply go into iTunes, right click on your device, and select Back Up. I recently did this with my iPhone and while it takes a bit of time, it’s very worth it, especially when a new operating system is involved.

Download the Latest Version of iTunes

To use iOS 6, you’re going to need to download and install the latest version of iTunes. Right now, the current version is iTunes 10.7. It’s possible that Apple will release another version between now and September 19th but at the moment, iTunes 10.7 is what you want.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 3.18.10 PM
Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes before installing iOS 6.

There are two ways to get the latest version of iTunes. The first, get it through Apple’s website. There, you’ll need to download the proper version and install it on your computer.

The second way is to manually check for an update. Go to iTunes – Check for Updates… on Mac or Help – Check for Updates on Windows. If you don’t have the latest version, you’ll be prompted to download it.

Have Your Apple ID Handy

If you already own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you have an Apple ID. When you sign into iOS 6, you’ll need to have your ID information handy including your user name and password. Your Apple ID is necessary when linking up iTunes to your iDevices.

For those that are bad at keeping track of those two items, now would be a perfect time to recover them as they will be useful when you install iOS 6.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 3.28.28 PM
Have your Apple ID info in hand.

You can reset your password through Apple.com and if you aren’t sure if you have an Apple ID, you can check for your Apple ID there as well.

Apple still doesn’t let users merge Apple IDs so if you have two, be ready to choose only one to connect to your iPhone 4S, new iPad or fourth-generation iPod touch.


  1. I have a 3rd generation iPod touch, do you think there might be a way for me to upgrade to ios 6

    • Apple will NOT give you the iOS upgrade. But you can wait had see if the Jailbreak for iOS 6 supports 3rd gen iPod touch.

      • You goof….. It’s released to developers and there are even hacks already available. Is possible to get it. U just have to know how.

    • U bullshitting. You might have downloaded iU69 not iOS6. I don’t know, you might be calling next door servant Angelina Jolie

  2. Hey Adam,

    Thank you for your article and the tips before upgrading the system on iOS devices.
    However I have a question, how can I keep or backup the order of my icons and folders, in the different screens I have in my iPhone and iPad? Last time I upgraded, I had to arrange them again, and it took some precious time :(

  3. The new iTunes won’t be released until October sometime, I know this because I watched the apple blog last week when they announced the iPhone and all that. I’ve had the iPad when the iOS 5 came out and all I done was just went to settings/general- software update, and everything was on there and no error messages showed up. Some people doesn’t know what thy are talking about.

  4. can i upgrade to ios6 with 3g internet (cell data). if so how long will it take. i wont be home till late due to work commitments. cheers

    • It is still unclear on when it will be released. I have read one article stating it would be between 8a-8p. But I don’t know what time zone that is. I’m assuming Pacific because of Apple being located in San Fransisco. I hope the download works when every one attempts to download it. I wish they did it by region at least. So it would limit the amount of people downloading at a time

    • u know how just get itunes then plug your ipone or ipodtouch and then do what i did upgrade sofware and the sofware upgrade mi ios to 6.0

  5. It is still unclear on when it will be released. I have read one article stating it would be between 8a-8p. But I don’t know what time zone that is. I’m assuming Pacific because of Apple being located in San Fransisco. I hope the download works when every one attempts to download it. I wish they did it by region at least. So it would limit the amount of people downloading at a time.

  6. ios 6 will be released tomorrow that is 20th sept 2012 at 10.00hrs ST.. you can download it using itunes or over wifi and even 3g I think.. not suer about 3g..
    so while upgrading over a wifi or 3g see to it that u have battery above 80%..
    and u will not loose any data if you upgrade it over 3g but while upgrading over itunes just make sure to backup your iPhone first… so enjoy the most advanced ios guys..
    Thank You..!


  7. I am currently out of the country and will hopefully update using wifi. Does that mean all my data e.g apps etc. will be deleted from my iPhone after the upgrade. As it’ll be a month before I get back to my iMac to sync again. I don’t want to be left high and dry.

  8. I updated my phone to ios 6 today after updating my itunes, now the volume on my phone doesnt work. Someone calls, it rings. Someone texts, it does not ring. Unable to play my music unless headphones are in. Seriously very pissed off about this!

  9. would my iphone 4 applications deleted when i upgrade to iOS 6 , specially the ones downloaded from installous?

  10. Thanks for this :) Now I’m at least prepared if something still goes wrong (I hope not but well, you never know)

  11. I download iOS 6 for my iPod, will it actuallly take up the 2.3GB on my ipod? Just wondering because I only have an 8GB iPod! :)

  12. How do you download iSO6 onto iPad 2 without a computer & iTunes? I haven’t got iSO5 on my iPad 2, so can’t upgrade.

  13. I am having so much trouble updating. I am in wifi with excellent signal and the damn phone will not update! :-( and it wont update from my iTunes. Is it really worth it???

  14. When you upgrade to IO6 most of your apps will automatically be deleted. Your contacts and previous messages won’t. Just did it and that’s what I got. Suck it.

  15. Upgraded to I06 on IPad 2 and lost 3G connection. I know it’s suppose to be 4 g now but I have neither. Wifi works fine. I reset network settings, still nothing. Any ideas?

  16. Bob. I lost several phone and Facebook features when I upgraded. I guess I have to go to the apple store to fix it yuck!!!!!

  17. do u need 2 turn off restrictions bcuz i4got da passcode i put on da restrictions, but i backed it up b4 wiff out errors, soooo is it nessisary?

  18. Don’t upgrade the maps suck it lacks street view. It breaks most of the functionality of air play. No YouTube app so you can’t play them over air play properly. Looking to reset my iPad back to ios5 to gain back the lost functions.

  19. Hey Adam can you please explain why I have to pay for every app I want to download even if it is free (this is after I upgrade ios 6) before I didn’t have to pay for free apps. Can somebody explain to me

    • I would imagine the App Store is simply requesting you to update your payment information and not to actually pay for a free app. If it says free its free. Settings > iTunes and app stores > select your apple id > view apple id > payment information > choose “none” or enter payment info

  20. i updated my iphone 3 with ios and now i can’t send or recieved picture messages.. how do i uninstall the ios update , or can I?

  21. Another question….ever since updating to ios 6 I cannot open Facebook links in notifications, How can I get that back so I know what people are commenting on in regards to my posts.

  22. what programs have you used to jailbreak your iPhone4??? I am looking at doing it and cydia seems to be the best.

    And what programs do you use for “unlocking” the phone from providers to use with another provider??

  23. Hey guys, I’ve been with iOS5 until now but, I have to change to iOS6, I can’t stay any more attached to iOS5, maybe I’ll cry but, It has to be done.. so here I go….

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  24. Siri for iPhone 4? (Yes I have iOS 6.13 and just bought this phone a couple of days ago.)

    Holding down the button does start some form of voice command, but it sure isn’t what I’ve seen as “Siri” on YouTube.

    Is Siri available as a downloadable App?

    • I found the answer to this, which involves “jailbreaking” your phone and then using “Cydia” to download Siri. Also saw a youtube vid of “Siri” being used on an iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 5 native application.

      Ummm … I’m not sure it’s worth the risk and bother.

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