Nokia Lumia 920 Beats iPhone 5 With Video Image Stabilization

Smartphone-makers are adding more features that make handhelds a sufficient replacement for a digital video or still camera while on the go, including better sensors, better optics, and now image stabilization. Nokia unveiled its Lumia 920 flagship first and promised that its optical image stabilization for capturing non-shaky video is among the best in the industry and Apple followed up with its iPhone 5 announcement promising a sapphire glass crystal lens cover and video image stabilization. Given Nokia’s OIS and sensor-shift technology for image stabilization, the Lumia 920 beats the iPhone 5‘s software-based image stabilization.

Engadget editor Myriam Joire visited Nokia headquarters in Finland and pitted the iPhone 5 up against the Lumia 920 and finds that the Lumia performed significantly better. Using a foam holster, Joire and the Engadget crew ran through the parking lot with both devices side-by-side and video was more stable when recorded using Nokia’s stabilization technology compared to Apple’s device.

The Lumia 920 is still currently a pre-production unit so hopefully Nokia will be able to fine-tune the smartphone further before it launches with Windows Phone 8.


The Lumia 920 is built on Nokia’s PureView technology. While the Nokia 808 PureView focused on megapixel count and a large sensor, the Lumia 920 is based on taking better low light images and stabilized videos.

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  1. If the test was flawed in favor of the iPhone, it was still an epic fail. I’ve had every iPhone since day one, and I’m stoked about the Lumia 920.

  2. The iphone video looks zoomed because of some factors: 1.) nokia has wider lens than iphone, 2.)iphone looks cropped because of Digital Optical Stabilization, which uses outside parts of the sensor to compensate for the shake….so the test wasnt flawed….Lumia 920 wins

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